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Another Big Republican Won't Vote for Trump

Carly Fiorina is OK voting for Biden instead

(Newser) - Carly Fiorina voted for Donald Trump in 2016 after running against him in the GOP primary, but he won't be getting her vote in 2020. "I've been very clear that I can't support Donald Trump," she tells the Atlantic . She was then asked if that...

Carly Fiorina Wants Trump Impeached, Would Vote for Him

She says impeaching the 45th president is 'vital'

(Newser) - Carly Fiorina is back in the headlines, with the former 2016 candidate saying she thinks it is "vital" that President Trump be impeached. But it's the remainder of what she said on CNN's Boss Files with Poppy Harlow that is grabbing headlines. Though she characterized the president'...

Our Presidential Candidates All Sound the Same

New research shows they're saying different things in basically the same way

(Newser) - Think there aren't a lot of similarities between a Trump speech and a Clinton speech? Think again. Rosario Signorello, who's spent two years studying what makes for charismatic speech, analyzed 36 speeches from Trump, Clinton, Sanders, and Fiorina, according to a press release . He found that politicians sound...

Fiorina Was Briefest VP Candidate in Modern History

She didn't even last as long as the guy receiving electroshock therapy

(Newser) - After Tuesday's Indiana primary, Carly Fiorina may not ever be vice president. But she does get to hold a slightly more ignominious title: briefest vice presidential candidate in modern US history. Fiorina was named Ted Cruz's pick for VP last Wednesday. On Tuesday, Cruz dropped out of the...

Fiorina Introduces Cruz Family, Falls Off Stage


(Newser) - Carly Fiorina's introduction of Ted Cruz and his family Sunday in La Porte, Indiana, didn't go exactly as planned, Mashable reports. "Welcome your next First Family—Heidi Cruz, your next First Lady, Caroline and Catherine, and the next President of the United States, Ted Cruz!" says...

Cruz's VP Pick Seen as 'Desperate Gambit'
 Cruz's VP Pick Seen 
 as 'Desperate Gambit' 

Cruz's VP Pick Seen as 'Desperate Gambit'

He's the first candidate since Reagan to name a VP early

(Newser) - In yet another unusual twist in an unusual campaign season, Ted Cruz named Carly Fiorina as his running mate on Wednesday, making him the first candidate from either party to name a veep pick before the convention since Ronald Reagan in 1976. But while Reagan's naming of Sen. Richard...

Ted Cruz Naming Fiorina as VP Pick: Sources
 Ted Cruz 
 Names Fiorina 
 as VP Pick 

Ted Cruz Names Fiorina as VP Pick

Yep, that's what the big announcement was

(Newser) - Ted Cruz's big 4pm announcement ? As sources told Politico in advance that he would, he named Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential running mate. "After a great deal of consideration and prayer, I have come to the conclusion that if I am nominated to be president of...

Cruz Looking at Fiorina for Veep Pick
Cruz Looking at Fiorina
for Veep Pick

Cruz Looking at Fiorina for Veep Pick

'She's one of the most talented business leaders of modern times'

(Newser) - Ted Cruz's campaign has confirmed that he's looking at potential VP picks, including a former rival who says she's "horrified " by Donald Trump: Carly Fiorina. "He is vetting a number of solid candidates, and certainly Ms. Fiorina is absolutely one of them," Cruz...

Fiorina: Vote for Ted Cruz
 Fiorina: Vote for Ted Cruz 

Fiorina: Vote for Ted Cruz

She's 'horrified' by Donald Trump

(Newser) - Another former presidential candidate is picking sides, and this time it's not in favor of Donald Trump. Carly Fiorina on Wednesday endorsed Ted Cruz at a rally in Miami, reports Politico . "I checked the box for Ted Cruz," she told his supporters, praising him as a "...

Carly Fiorina Is No Longer Running for President

She announced she was dropping out of the race Wednesday on Facebook

(Newser) - A day after placing seventh among the GOP candidates with 4% of the vote in the New Hampshire primary, Carly Fiorina announced she's dropping out of the 2016 presidential race, the New York Times reports. "While I suspend my candidacy today, I will continue to travel this country...

Carly Fiorina Doesn't Get Invite to Next GOP Debate

She's the only major candidate who won't be there

(Newser) - The GOP's only female presidential candidate will also be the only major candidate not on the debate stage Saturday in New Hampshire, the Hill reports. That's because Carly Fiorina failed to meet any of ABC News' criteria for the debate: She wasn't a top-three vote getter in...

Fiorina Snipes at Clinton in GOP Undercard Debate

'I actually love spending time with my husband'

(Newser) - Carly Fiorina came blazing out of the gate during the GOP presidential undercard debate Thursday, delivering backhanded compliments to her two male rivals and a not-subtle swipe at Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton for her husband's infidelities. She first said she is "honored" to be onstage with Mike Huckabee...

Fox Cuts Fiorina, Paul From Main GOP Debate

Rand Paul says he's going to skip undercard debate

(Newser) - Fox Business Network says it analyzed no fewer than 17 polls before delivering some bad news to Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul: The candidates have been relegated to the undercard for Thursday night's GOP debate. To make the cut, candidates had to place either in the top six in...

Pundit Sorry for Saying Fiorina Went 'Full Vagina’

Conservative radio host Steve Deace walks back debate comment

(Newser) - In her opening statement at Tuesday's debate, Carly Fiorina made the case that she has been tested as a leader, notes Mediaite . "I have beaten breast cancer," she said. "I have buried a child. I started as a secretary. I fought my way to the top...

CNN's GOP Debate Lineup: Good News for 2 Candidates

Christie returns as Paul saves himself

(Newser) - CNN has released the lineup for its debate Tuesday night in Sin City, and it's good news for two Republicans aspiring to sit in the Oval Office. Chris Christie, who failed to qualify for the main stage at Fox Business' debate last month, will make a return to...

The Presidential Candidates' Favorite TV Shows

Donald Trump answers pretty much as expected

(Newser) - People takes an in-depth look at the presidential candidates in its new issue—OK, fine, what it actually delves into is the candidates' favorite breakfast foods and what their grandchildren call them. Below, from those who participated, answers to the question, "What's your favorite guilty pleasure TV...

Fiorina Campaign Getting Bupkis From HP Employees

'She is a terrible leader ... as bad as they come'

(Newser) - Experts say Carly Fiorina needs to start bringing in major cash if she wants to seriously challenge for the Republican presidential nomination. But it appears there's one place those donations won't be coming from: her former company. The Daily Beast reports Fiorina hasn't received a single donation...

Fiorina Sings, Jabs Trump on Tonight Show

Trump has 'a lot in common' with Putin

(Newser) - Carly Fiorina impressed many with her strong performance in the second GOP debate as she railed passionately against Planned Parenthood and outlined her hard-line views on foreign policy. But she showed off a lighter side last night during an appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Fiorina, who has...

I'm Not Budging: Carly Fiorina Was an Awful CEO
I'm Not Budging: Carly Fiorina Was an Awful CEO

I'm Not Budging: Carly Fiorina Was an Awful CEO

In a column, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld explains why his opinion stands

(Newser) - Jeffrey Sonnenfeld got name-checked during the last GOP presidential debate, when Donald Trump noted that the Yale professor has called Carly Fiorina's time at Hewlett-Packard "one of the worst tenures for a CEO that he has ever seen." And Trump was right, Sonnenfeld writes in a Politico...

GOP's New No. 2 Candidate: Carly Fiorina

She surges in new poll to trail only Trump

(Newser) - Carly Fiorina's rave reviews in the latest debate are translating to the polls: She now trails only Donald Trump in a new CNN/ORC survey of Republican voters. Trump still leads with 24%, ahead of Fiorina at 15% and Ben Carson at 14%, but her numbers in that trio of...

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