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Supreme Court Gives Big Win to Gun Rights Advocates
Supreme Court Gives Big Win
to Gun Rights Advocates
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Supreme Court Gives Big Win to Gun Rights Advocates

Justices strike down New York law restricting who can carry concealed weapons

(Newser) - The Supreme Court handed advocates for gun rights a major victory on Thursday with a ruling expected to make it easier for people to carry concealed handguns:
  • Decision: The court struck down a New York law requiring that people who want to carry concealed weapons must show a "proper

She Hit the Wrong Pedal, but a Teen Saved Her Life

Anthony Zhongor, 17, rescued Mia Samolinski, 18, from Long Island's Patchogue Bay

(Newser) - A scary moment led to a heroic one this week at Long Island's Patchogue Bay. A 17-year-old named Anthony Zhongor rescued 18-year-old Mia Samolinski after she hit the gas instead of the brake on her SUV and plunged into the bay from a parking lot, reports NBC News . The...

Punches Were Thrown on the Ice—and Then Off

New York Rangers fan facing assault charges after sucker punch caught on video

(Newser) - Thursday's hockey game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and New York Rangers ended with punches on and off the ice. Shortly after players traded blows to mark the end of the Lightning's 3-1 victory over the Rangers at Madison Square Garden, which put the Lightning up 3-2 in...

Cryptomining Poised to Take a Hit in This State

Landmark environmental measure slowing down operations passes New York state Legislature

(Newser) - A milestone environmental measure designed to tap the brakes on the spread of cryptocurrency mining operations burning fossil fuels in New York has passed the state Legislature. The closely watched bill approved Friday by the state Senate would establish a two-year moratorium on new and renewed air permits for fossil...

NYPD: This Couple Tried to Make Off With a Basquiat

But police say they left gallery without the painting

(Newser) - It was an audacious and nearly successful move: Police on Wednesday said a man and woman entered a Manhattan gallery on May 14, took a $45,000 painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat from the wall, and began to walk out. They were stopped before making it out of Taglialatella Galleries, however....

New Yorkers Bid Fond Farewell to Once-Iconic Street Staple

City's last public pay phone is yanked from its perch on corner of 49th Street, 7th Avenue

(Newser) - You can save those quarters for laundry—New York City's last freestanding public pay phone is no more. The Big Apple's "planned long goodbye" for these technological relics came to a close Monday, as the last unit was yanked from the ground at the corner of 49th...

Cops Seek Man in Connection With NYC Subway Murder
Suspect in NYC Subway
Killing Gives Himself Up

Suspect in NYC Subway Killing Gives Himself Up

Andrew Abdullah, 25, surrendered on Tuesday

(Newser) - Updated: The man wanted in a seemingly unprovoked fatal shooting on a New York City subway turned himself in to police on Tuesday. WABC reports Andrew Abdullah, 25, surrendered to police at a Manhattan precinct after his Brooklyn-based pastor first went to the Fifth Precinct and "worked out the...

Man Fatally Shot on NYC Subway in Unprovoked Attack

Sunday shooting appears to be random, police say

(Newser) - As a 48-year-old man was seated in the last car of a subway en route from Brooklyn to Manhattan Sunday morning, he was fatally shot by another subway rider in what appears to have been a random attack. Witnesses told police that as the train crossed the Manhattan Bridge, the...

Monkeypox May Have Made Its Way to 2nd US State

Massachusetts had already reported a case of rare disease; now, a suspected case in New York City

(Newser) - The UK , Portugal, and Spain have all recently reported a small number of confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox, and on Wednesday, Massachusetts phoned in its own report , as officials tried to see if it was linked with the ones overseas. Now, a possible second case in another US city:...

In Court, Victim&#39;s Relative Calls Buffalo Suspect a &#39;Coward&#39;
'Payton, You're a Coward!'

'Payton, You're a Coward!'

Suspected Buffalo shooter makes court appearance, is jeered by relative of a victim

(Newser) - The legal case against the accused gunman in Buffalo's mass shooting advanced on Thursday, but not before Payton Gendron got a message from a relative of one of the victims. "Payton, you're a coward!" shouted the family member as the 18-year-old was being led from a...

Grubhub's Free-Lunch Idea Flops: 'I Hate You'

Chaos ensues in NYC as restaurants are overwhelmed by thousands of orders

(Newser) - Turns out "there's no such thing as a free lunch" is sadly accurate after all, at least for thousands of New Yorkers who recently tried to take advantage of a scrumptious-sounding Grubhub promotion. NPR reports that the food delivery service, after finding out via an internal survey that...

Buffalo Shooting Raises Questions on Red-Flag Law

Suspected gunman was able to buy a weapon despite writing threats at school

(Newser) - New York has a "red-flag" law that prohibits a person who presents a threat to themselves or others from buying or possessing a gun. So how did the suspect in Saturday's mass shooting in Buffalo legally buy a semi-automatic rifle in the state less than a year after...

11-Year-Old Walking With Her Family Shot in Bronx

Girl was shot as 2 people on a motorized scooter chased a man running down the sidewalk

(Newser) - A "senseless" shooting has claimed the life of an 11-year-old girl in New York City after a stray bullet hit her during a chase among strangers. CBS New York reports on the Monday afternoon shooting, which took place in the Longwood neighborhood of the Bronx around 5pm as the...

Latest Shooting Puts Focus on &#39;Great Replacement&#39;
Buffalo Shooting Puts
'Great Replacement' in Spotlight
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Buffalo Shooting Puts 'Great Replacement' in Spotlight

There's really 2 versions of it floating around, one more extreme than the other

(Newser) - The phrase "great replacement" has been in wide circulation in the media since Saturday's mass shooting in Buffalo because authorities say the suspected gunman embraced it in a 180-page racist screed posted online before the attack. Lots of outlets are providing primers:
  • Definition: One hard-core version has been

Official: Suspect Had Plans 'to Shoot More Black People'

Possibly at 'another large superstore' in Buffalo, per the city's police commissioner

(Newser) - As more details trickle out on the victims of Saturday's mass shooting in Buffalo, NY, more on the alleged gunman is also emerging, including a chilling glimpse at what he'd possibly planned to do if he hadn't been stopped. Joseph Gramaglia, the city's police commissioner, told...

What We Know About the Buffalo Shooting Victims

The 10 killed and 3 injured have been identified

(Newser) - Aaron Salter was a beloved community member and security guard who knew the shoppers of Tops Friendly Market by name. When they came under attack from a gunman with a rifle, he sprang into action. The retired Buffalo police officer fired multiple times at the attacker, striking his armor-plated vest...

Police Took Shooting Suspect for Evaluation Last Year

Police say he made a threat about carrying out a shooting at his high school

(Newser) - Police became aware of the suspect now being held in the mass shooting Saturday at a Buffalo supermarket last year, after they said he threatened an attack at his high school. State troopers were called to Susquehanna Valley High School in Conklin, New York, last June, the AP reports. They...

Biden Says Nation Must 'Address the Hate'

President addresses Buffalo shooting at ceremony for fallen officers

(Newser) - President Biden on Sunday condemned the mass shooting in Buffalo, calling the killer a "hate-filled soul" while acknowledging the wearying effect of such crimes on the nation. "We must all work together to address the hate that remains a stain on the soul of America," the president...

Security Guard Killed in Shooting Is Hailed as Hero

Police say retired cop Aaron Salter exchanged gunfire with shooter in Buffalo supermarket

(Newser) - One of the 10 people killed in Saturday's mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket was a retired police officer who worked there as a security guard. He's a "hero in our eyes," says Buffalo police chief Joseph Gramaglia, per WKBW . The station identifies him as Aaron...

What We Know About the Buffalo Mass Shooting
What We Know
About the Buffalo
Mass Shooting
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What We Know About the Buffalo Mass Shooting

Police say an 18-year-old white man killed 10 people, most of them Black, at a supermarket

(Newser) - The details are filling in quickly after Saturday's mass shooting in Buffalo that claimed 10 lives at a supermarket. And one of those details already has become clear: “It was straight up, a racially motivated hate crime," says Erie County Sheriff John Garcia. The white gunman shot...

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