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State Bill Would Give Workers the 'Right to Disconnect'

It's the brainchild of California Democrat Matt Haney

(Newser) - Emailing an employee during their time off could become punishable by law in California, the first state in the US weighing employees' " right to disconnect ." Such laws are already on the books in 13 countries and just over the US-Canada border in Ontario. California could potentially become the...

These Are America's Top 10 Big Employers

Glassdoor is out with its list of the best US companies to work for

(Newser) - Glassdoor has come out with its list of the best American companies to work for in 2024, as rated by employees. The workplace ratings website separated employers into large, small, and medium and ranked 100 top large companies and the 50 top small or medium companies. The No. 1 big...

Glassdoor Must ID Person Who Wrote 'Toxic' Reviews

Judge sides with New Zealand company that was the subject of scathing critiques

(Newser) - Glassdoor is a website where users can look for future jobs, as well as post reviews about companies they've worked for to help others determine if a company might be a desirable employer or one to avoid. What allows reviewers to be as brutally honest as possible is the...

Bosses Nab Intimate Details on Workers—via Fertility Tracker

Data is so useful, some employees are paid to use Ovia: 'WaPo'

(Newser) - Some of the 10 million users of Ovia's health apps, including women trying to conceive via period tracking and expectant mothers recording everything from bodily functions to sex drive, are sending some of that data straight to their bosses. That's according to the Washington Post , which reports employers...

10 Best US Companies to Work For
10 Best
US Companies
to Work For

10 Best US Companies to Work For

The top firm boasts employee 'mindfulness' rooms and 56 paid hours yearly for volunteering

(Newser) - Finding a place to punch in where no one watches the clock all day is every employee's dream, and Fortune has compiled a list of the US companies that just might fit the bill. The magazine looked at feedback from more than 315,000 employees of companies that have...

Report: 200K Jobs Added by US Employers in January

And wage growth is at fastest rate in 8 years

(Newser) - US employers added a robust 200,000 jobs in January, and wages rose at the fastest pace in more than eight years. The pay gains suggest employers are competing more fiercely for workers. Raises stemming from Republican tax cuts and minimum wage increases in 18 states also likely boosted pay....

The 10 Worst US Employers
The 10 Worst
US Employers

The 10 Worst US Employers

Alorica hasn't really charmed its employees

(Newser) - Companies focused on keeping customers happy should perhaps focus a bit more on their own employees. According to 24/7 Wall St. , some of the worst US companies to work for are customer-oriented. The site used Glassdoor reviews from employees to give US employers a rating out of five. The 10...

April Jobs Report: Job Gains Smallest in 7 Months

But unemployment rate stays at same low of 5% it's been at since the fall

(Newser) - US employers pulled back on hiring in April after a streak of solid monthly gains, adding 160,000 jobs, the fewest in seven months, the AP reports. The unemployment rate remained at a low of 5%, roughly the same level it has been since the fall. The job gain was...

6 Companies That Are Awesome to Part-Timers

At UPS, they get same benefits package as full-time workers

(Newser) - Extras aren't just exclusive to full-time positions anymore. With a part-time job with one of these big companies, you're in for some pretty awesome benefits. Wisebread , via Christian Science Monitor , identifies nine companies; here are six standouts:
  1. Starbucks: Workers who log at least 20 hours a week enjoy

Obama: Time for New Moms to Get Paid Leave

But funding maternity leave is a major problem

(Newser) - It's time for America to lose its status as the only industrialized country where new mothers don't get a single day of paid leave, President Obama says. "Many women can't even get a paid day off to give birth—now that's a pretty low bar,...

IRS: Employers Can't 'Dump' Workers on Health Care

Large businesses still have to pay employee health costs

(Newser) - The IRS has sent a message to employers—that they can't just hand workers cash and "dump" them into insurance exchanges. Spelled out in a Q&A document , the ruling says employers will be taxed an extra $100 a day for each worker sent into the marketplace to...

Employers May Charge You for Being Fat, Smoking

More firms planning to use surcharges under ObamaCare

(Newser) - If you don't meet your employer's health requirements, you may soon be paying more for health insurance. One survey found that as of next year, 40% of major US firms will be instituting surcharges on workers who fail to meet such requirements—things like quitting smoking or meeting...

Big Part of ObamaCare Postponed One Year

Employers won't be required to provide coverage until 2015

(Newser) - ObamaCare is still going into effect in 2014, but one key component of it is being temporarily shelved. The White House today postponed by one year a rule requiring employers to either provide coverage to employees or face hefty fines, reports the Wall Street Journal . The rule will take effect...

Smokers: You Cost Your Boss an Extra $6K a Year
Smokers: You Cost Your
Boss an Extra $6K a Year
study says

Smokers: You Cost Your Boss an Extra $6K a Year

Study is first comprehensive look at the costs

(Newser) - As more employers decide not to hire smokers , a new study underscores why: Puffers cost employers $5,816 more per year than non-smoking employees. The author, an expert in public health law, teamed up with economists and dug into the topic after realizing there "wasn’t any really good...

No One Cares About Your College Degree Anymore
No One Cares About Your College Degree Anymore

No One Cares About Your College Degree Anymore

Thomas Friedman: Employers care only about whether you can add value

(Newser) - Thomas Friedman makes the case today that employers don't much care anymore about what kind of degree a person has or where it's from. Online university? Ivy League? Self-taught? It doesn't matter, writes Friedman in the New York Times , as long as applicants can answer affirmatively the...

New on W-2s: Cost of Your Health Plan

Disclosure aimed at raising awareness of costs

(Newser) - The W-2 forms workers are receiving this month contain new information many are likely to find eye-opening: The cost of their employer-sponsored health coverage. ObamaCare requires disclosure of the information, which appears in Box 12 of the standard W-2 form, the New York Times reports. The disclosure, proposed by a...

Facebook to Employers: Stop Demanding Passwords

Company warns of possible legal action

(Newser) - Facebook has taken note of the recent trend of employers demanding that prospective or current employees hand over their passwords, and it issued a clear warning to such companies today: Knock it off. "As a user, you shouldn’t be forced to share your private information and communications just...

Just What Is a ‘Good Job’?
 Just What Is 
 a ‘Good Job’? 

Just What Is a ‘Good Job’?

This essential question needs to be answered, but it's complex

(Newser) - We toss around the phrase all the time, but how do we define what makes a “good job” good? It’s a key question—and a complex one—as we look to the future of our economy, writes Michael Lind in Salon . Among the factors:
  • Unions: We often call

13 Companies That Offer Amazing Perks

 13 Companies 
 That Offer 
on-site tanning

13 Companies That Offer Amazing Perks

On-site gyms, wine bars, and more ... prepare to be jealous

(Newser) - There are impressive employers, and then there are impressive employers. These go above and beyond by bestowing much more than just a paycheck on their (we're guessing appreciative) employees. Fortune lists the best in professional perks:
  • Chesapeake Energy: There's no need to go far to work on looking good. This

Your Boss Reads Your IMs... and 9 Things He Won't Admit

But fear not, you're not likely to get fired for online shopping

(Newser) - Ever wonder if your bosses are snooping on you at work? They probably are. On SmartMoney , Catey Hill reveals 10 things they’ll never tell you:
  • They read your emails and IMs: Some employ monitoring software that flags certain keywords or types of messages; one company estimates reading 5% to

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