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As Plane Taxied for Takeoff, a Part 'Rolled Off the Runway'

'One of your nose tires just came off,' pilot of Delta's Boeing 757 was informed in Atlanta

(Newser) - It's definitely better to discover a part fell off a passenger plane before it takes off rather than once it's in the air, but an incident in Georgia over the weekend has still spurred an FAA investigation after recent headlines over aircraft issues. A Delta Air Lines plane...

Loose Bolts Found on 'Many' Boeing Planes: 'I Am Angry'

CEOs of Alaska Airlines, United Airlines suggest they may be done with Max model jets

(Newser) - Alaska Airlines has been examining its entire fleet of Boeing 737 Max 9 planes ever since a terrifying incident earlier this month, when a panel on one of its jets flew off, leaving a gaping hole in the side of the aircraft. On Tuesday, the airline's "incredulous" CEO...

FAA Investigates Ground Collision of 2 Boeing Planes

Aircraft wing clipped rear of another jet Sunday at Chicago O'Hare International Airport

(Newser) - A plane taxiing for departure clipped another aircraft at Chicago O'Hare International Airport on Sunday evening, the Federal Aviation Administration said Monday. No injuries were reported. The FAA says it will investigate the incident, which involved two Boeing aircraft, the AP reports. The left wing tip of Flight 11...

This Is the Least Surprising Lawsuit of 2024

Complaint filed on behalf of passengers who were on Alaska Airlines flight when door plug blew off

(Newser) - There was bound to be fallout from the Alaska Airlines plane that lost a door plug last week , and the first of it is here in the form of a lawsuit. As Axios reports, a Seattle firm has filed a proposed class-action complaint Thursday on behalf of six passengers and...

Cockpit Recording Was Lost After Alaska Airlines Incident

Recording was overwritten after just 2 hours

(Newser) - Investigators looking into last week's door plug blowout on an Alaskan Airlines flight aren't getting any help from the aircraft's cockpit voice recorder: It was overwritten after just two hours, a time limit that some officials consider woefully inadequate. The National Transportation Safety Board has long pushed...

Alaska Airlines Incident Exposes Another Scary Vulnerability

Cockpit door flew open when plane rapidly depressurized

(Newser) - Following the September 11, 2001, attacks, aircraft manufacturers and federal regulators worked together to secure airplane cockpits so bad actors would not be able to gain access to the controls. An exception was put in place, however, for the rare case of a rapid depressurization; in that case, it was...

United Says It Found Loose Bolts on Grounded Jets

Discovery adds to Boeing's woes

(Newser) - United Airlines says it has found loose bolts on door plugs on several of its Boeing 737 Max 9 jets during inspections carried out after one of the panels blew out during an Alaska Airlines flight. "Since we began preliminary inspections on Saturday, we have found instances that appear...

NTSB: 2 Phones Sucked Out of Plane Found

Man says iPhone he found was still working

(Newser) - The National Transportation Safety Board said in a briefing Sunday that two phones sucked out of an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 had been found—and Vancouver, Washington, resident Sean Bates said the one he found was still working. In a post on X , Bates said he found an...

Missing Piece of Boeing Jet Found in Backyard
Plane That Lost Door Plug
Had Previous Issues
the rundown

Plane That Lost Door Plug Had Previous Issues

Alaska Airlines restricted its use over water because of pressurization warnings

(Newser) - The missing piece of a Boeing 737 Max 9 passenger jet has turned up in a backyard near Portland, Oregon. Sunday's discovery of the large piece, called a door plug, should help investigators better understand the stunning incident on Friday in which it blew off mid-flight, endangering an Alaska...

If You Think You've Had a Scary Flight, This May Beat It

Alaska Airlines plane makes emergency landing in Oregon after panel flies off, leaving huge hole

(Newser) - A flight from Oregon took a frightening turn as the weekend kicked off, though no one was hurt. KING 5 reports that the Alaska Airlines plane out of Portland International Airport on Friday afternoon—a Boeing 737 Max 9 jet headed to Ontario, California—was forced to turn around and...

Watchdog: Engineers Urged Grounding 737 Max Faster

Inspector general's report says FAA bosses wanted more data

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration rejected the recommendation of engineers to immediately ground Boeing's 737 Max after two fatal crashes, preferring to wait for more data, a new inspector general's report says. It was March 13, 2019, three days after the second crash, before the airliner was grounded, CNN...

Say Adieu to the Plane That 'Shrunk the Globe'

Boeing has made its last 747, though the plane could fly for decades more

(Newser) - The last Boeing 747 is about to roll off the lot. No. 1,574, made for cargo operator Atlas Air, will be handed over in a live webcast ceremony at 4pm ET Tuesday, marking the end of an era in aviation, per CNN . When Boeing 747 test flights began in...

End of an Era: Boeing's Last 747 Rolls Out of Factory

Tuesday night marked the end of the production of the iconic jumbo jet

(Newser) - After more than half a century, the last Boeing 747 rolled out of a Washington state factory on Tuesday, the AP reports. The 747 jumbo jet has taken on numerous roles—a cargo plane, a commercial aircraft capable of carrying nearly 500 passengers, and the Air Force One presidential aircraft—...

Boeing Crashes: Judge Rules Relatives Are Crime Victims

As such, they should have been told about private negotiations between DOJ, Boeing

(Newser) - A federal judge ruled Friday that relatives of people killed in the crashes of two Boeing 737 Max planes are crime victims under federal law and should have been told about private negotiations with the Justice Department over a settlement that spared Boeing from criminal prosecution. The full impact of...

Boeing Agrees to Pay $200M in SEC's 737 Investigation

Allegations involve misleading statements to company's investors

(Newser) - Boeing will pay the federal government $200 million to settle an investigation into statements the company and its chief executive made to investors after two fatal crashes of its 737 Max jetliners. The Securities and Exchange Commission also announced Thursday that Dennis Muilenburg, the former CEO, agreed to pay another...

Delta Orders 100 737 Max Jets
Airline Places
Big 737 Max Order

Airline Places Big 737 Max Order

Boeing wants federal certification before rules in response to crashes kick in

(Newser) - Delta is ordering 100 737 Max 10 airplanes, the largest of the line produced by Boeing, potentially giving the manufacturer momentum after a rollout of its most advanced aircraft that included two fatal crashes. Delta has an option to purchase 30 more of the aircraft as the airline looks to...

Boeing Launches Starliner Capsule on Test Do-Over
Boeing's Starliner
Makes It Home

Boeing's Starliner Makes It Home

'On a scale of one to 10, I think I’d give it a 15'

(Newser) - Update: Boeing moved a giant step closer to being able to send astronauts to space on Wednesday with the successful return of its Starliner spacecraft—which had a spacesuit-clad mannequin aboard. After spending five days at the International Space Station, the spacecraft detached from its port and touched down in...

Ryanair CEO Has Some (Bleeped) Words for Boeing

Michael O'Leary is fed up with delays

(Newser) - It might be a bit of an understatement to say Ryanair is not happy about the delays it's experiencing with the planes it's ordered from Boeing. In what CNN describes as a "scathing," "expletive-ridden," "obscenity-laden" tirade Monday, the discount airline's CEO, Michael...

Boeing Plans to Move HQ to Virginia

Office will be near the Pentagon, a major customer

(Newser) - Boeing Co., a leading defense contractor and one of the world's two dominant manufacturers of airline planes, is expected to move its headquarters from Chicago to the Washington, DC, area, according to two people familiar with the matter. The decision could be announced as soon as Thursday, according to...

Trump Really Did Strike a Good Deal for the 'American People'

Word to the wise: think twice about long-term, fixed-cost contracts

(Newser) - It seems these inflationary times have taught Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun a lesson about fixed-cost contracts. He may have also learned a thing or two about negotiating with Donald Trump. Four years after Boeing agreed to convert two 747s into suitable Air Force Ones, Calhoun openly regretted the deal in...

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