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L'Oreal Heiress Is First Woman With $100B

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers is the world's richest woman, 12th richest person

(Newser) - Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, heiress to the L'Oreal cosmetics empire and the world's richest woman, is now also the first female to amass a $100 billion fortune. L'Oreal's stock rose 35% this year to hit a record high, which CNN attributes to shoppers "splurging on luxury...

L'Oreal: No More Words Like 'Whitening'

Will remove 'white/whitening, fair/fairness, light/lightening from skin evening products'

(Newser) - French cosmetics giant L’Oreal said Saturday that it will remove words like “whitening” from its skin care products, reports the AP , a move that comes amid global protests against racism sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The company said in a statement Saturday that it...

The World's Richest Woman Is Dead at 94
The World's Richest
Woman Is Dead at 94

The World's Richest Woman Is Dead at 94

Liliane Bettencourt was worth an estimated $39.5B

(Newser) - Liliane Bettencourt, the L'Oreal cosmetics heiress and the world's richest woman, has died at her home in a chic Parisian suburb. She was 94. Bettencourt's daughter, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, said in a written statement Thursday that her mother "left peacefully" overnight in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Liliane Bettencourt was...

L'Oreal Fires Transgender Model Who Called Out Racism

Many are siding with Munroe Bergdorf

(Newser) - Munroe Bergdorf was L'Oreal's first transgender model to appear in a British advertising campaign, but she's been fired after a Facebook post from last month. In the Aug. 27 post, which appears to have now been deleted, Bergdorf reportedly said, "Honestly I don’t have energy...

Former Monk Sues L'Oreal Over Anti-Aging Formula

Says he was selling it to raise money for the poor until cosmetics giant came along

(Newser) - A former Roman Catholic monk has filed a federal lawsuit against cosmetics giant L'Oreal, accusing the company of stealing patented technology in an anti-aging wrinkle cream that his charity was selling to raise money for the poor. Dennis Wyrzykowski and his company, Carmel Laboratories LLC, have been joined in...

Paid to Promote L'Oreal, Helen Mirren Does the Opposite

She quips that moisturizer is probably useless, but uses it anyway

(Newser) - Helen Mirren is known for her candor and sass, and she brought all of it—maybe slightly unfortunately—to a L'Oreal panel she recently sat on while in Cannes, France. The 72-year-old actress is a brand ambassador for the skincare company, and had this to say, per the Telegraph ...

World Cup Fan Catches L'Oreal's Eye
World Cup Fan Catches L'Oreal's Eye—Briefly

World Cup Fan Catches L'Oreal's Eye—Briefly

Belgium's Axelle Despiegelaere gets famous, then infamous, in a hurry

(Newser) - Argentina may be playing Germany in the World Cup final this weekend, but Australia's News Network is already anointing a different tournament winner: 17-year-old Axelle Despiegelaere of Belgium. The teen got famous in classic Internet fashion as photos of her cheering on her team went viral around the world....

Magazine Admits 'Slimming Down' Kate

It was an accident, claims Grazia

(Newser) - If even Kate gets airbrushed, there's little hope for any of us. The mesmerizing Duchess of Cambridge apparently wasn't svelte enough for a magazine that digitally shaved several inches off Kate Middleton's frame in a wedding day photo for its cover. Grazia fashion mag showed off an...

UK Bans 'Too Perfect' Julia Roberts L'Oreal Ad

Over-airbrushed Roberts—and Turlington—ads yanked

(Newser) - Julia Roberts looks like she hasn't aged a day in her new makeup ad. Now British advertising authorities have told L'Oreal it went too far touching up Roberts'—and Christy Turlington's—face. The cosmetics firm was ordered to pull two overly airbushed magazine ads featuring the...

Sarkozy Denies Taking Illegal Donations

France outraged over alleged cash handoffs from L'Oreal heiress

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy went on TV last night to defend himself and his party against allegations that they took illegal cash donations from Liliane Bettencourt—the richest woman in France, and heir to the L’Oreal fortune. Sarkozy said he’d attended Bettencourt’s parties, but said nothing untoward had occurred...

Stella McCartney Wins a Very Naked Lawsuit

Judge refuses to block NUDE perfume over rival's copyright beef

(Newser) - Looks like it's OK for Stella to be nude in public: A British judge has declined to stop the release of a new Stella McCartney perfume in a dispute over the right to use the word "nude." High Court Judge Christopher Floyd denied today a bid by Nude...

Generosity Earns L'Oréal Heiress, 86, Date With Shrink

(Newser) - The grand dame of L'Oréal will submit to psychiatric tests after her daughter complained in court about the $1.5 billion in gifts she has lavished on a 61-year-old male friend, the Guardian reports. Liliane Bettencourt, 86, agreed to testing to prove she's mentally competent. An angry Bettencourt told...

L'Oreal Denies Lightening Beyonce's Skin in Ad

(Newser) - L’Oreal says it didn't lighten Beyonce’s skin tone for an ad for its Feria hair color brand, the AP reports. Media outlets have been abuzz since TMZ juxtaposed the ad—running in ElleAllure, and Essence magazines—with a photo of the star in which she seems...

Gray Goosed: Color Shines in Spring Fling

From gallery to runway to makeup, shade is now chic in all seasons

(Newser) - An unexpected shadow has fallen over runways this spring: Gray is the neutral shade of the moment, W magazine reports. Once a seasonal look, gray—be it silvery, smoky, or tinged with brown—has become a year-round staple, replacing “black in fashion and beige in makeup,” says Chantecaille’...

Lead Warning Issued for Lipstick
Lead Warning Issued
for Lipstick

Lead Warning Issued for Lipstick

Moms' cosmetics could affect children, expert cautions

(Newser) - More than half of all lipsticks tested in a recent study contained some level of lead, a new report warns. The amounts weren't high enough to cause lead poisoning in healthy adults, but could affect small children, raising concerns for pregnant women and mothers. "There are hazardous levels of...

Body Shop's Roddick Dies
Body Shop's Roddick Dies

Body Shop's Roddick Dies

(Newser) - Dame Anita Roddick, who as founder of the Body Shop championed socially and environmentally responsible business practices, died tonight of a massive brain hemorrhage at age 64. The plucky Brit saw her lone natural-ingredient shop grow into more than 2,000 stores worldwide, and she sold her share of the...

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