Need a Reason to Move to Italy? Would $2,175 Do It?

Mayor of quaint Italian village will pay you to move there
By Michael Harthorne,  Newser Staff
Posted May 10, 2017 12:54 PM CDT
Mayor of Quaint Italian Village Will Pay You to Move There
Want to get away from it all? (And who could blame you at this point?) The mayor of the Italian village of Bormida is offering more than $2,000 cash to anyone who moves there.   (Google Maps)

It seems almost too good to be true: the opportunity to move to a quaint village in the mountains of Italy—and be paid to do so. Consumerist reports Daniele Galliano, mayor of Bormida, is offering about $2,175 in cash and rent as cheap as $54 per month to anyone who moves to his village. The population of Bormida has dwindled to just 394 residents as young people flee to the city, and Galliano wants to keep it from disappearing altogether. According to USA Today, Galliano has actually added a net of four people to the population since becoming mayor in 2014—which is more impressive knowing that 54 people died or moved away in that time. Population stability can be a victory for a place like Bormida.

Should you take Galliano up on his generous proposal—which still needs to be approved by the local board—here's what Bormida offers: four restaurants, a library, a pharmacy, a post office that's open three times a week, a corner store, a bed and breakfast, one main street, and a doctor who visits a few times a week, Cosmopolitan reports. The nearest big city, Genoa, is about 50 miles away. "Life is so simple and natural," the manager of one of the restaurants tells the Guardian. "We have forests, goats, the church, and plenty of good food. Life would definitely be free of stress." Though, he admits there isn't much to do in the village. (Not quite ready to move? Here are the 10 best countries for a vacation.)

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