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Skype Blackout Hits Millions Worldwide

Firm says service slowing returning

(Newser) - Millions worldwide have been hit with a Skype outage that began yesterday, the BBC reports. The online communications service says that failed “supernodes,” which “act a bit like phone directories,” are at fault. Now, Skype is trying to build “mega-supernodes” to fix the issue. The...

Husband Accidentally Divorces Wife on Skype

Tells clerics he didn't mean it, to no avail

(Newser) - A Qatar man is paying a heavy price for a joke he made in a Skype chat—his marriage. He jokingly wrote "talak, talak, talak" ("I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee") to his wife. He then apparently got worried and wrote to Islamic authorities...

Skype Partners With Facebook
 Skype Partners With Facebook  

Skype Partners With Facebook

You can now call 'friends' via Skype, video chat in groups

(Newser) - Skype just got a lot more social. The voice and video calling service has announced a new partnership with Facebook, reports CNN . The new service will allow you to see your Facebook "news feed" while you Skype, and give users the ability to call 'friends' who use "Facebook...

Calls Made Via Gmail: 'Loud and Mostly Clear'
Calls Made Via Gmail:
'Loud and Mostly Clear'
tech review

Calls Made Via Gmail: 'Loud and Mostly Clear'

Also, the real target is Facebook, not Skype

(Newser) - With Google rolling out an initiative to allow Gmail users to make and receive calls , Jessica Dolcourt of CNET decided to give it a spin and found that it was ... pretty good. "We were pleased with the call quality, overall, which we tested with other US callers using landlines...

Google Takes on Skype With Free Gmail Calls

Search giant rolls out email-linked phone service

(Newser) - Google took a bold stride onto Skype's turf yesterday, announcing that Gmail users will now be able to call landline and cell phones directly from their email. The company says Gmail users will be allowed to call phones in the US and Canada free for at least the rest of...

Murdoch Firm: We Own the 'Sky' in Skype

Court fight over 'confusingly similar' names

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB satellite TV company is fighting to force Skype to change its name, according to newly released legal documents. The Murdoch company argues that Skype's name and logo are too close to its own, and is seeking to prevent it from registering trademarks, the Independent reports. BSkyB has...

See You Soon, But Not on Skype
 See You Soon, 
 But Not on Skype 

See You Soon, But Not on Skype

If you're looking at a person, ignoring the conversation is tough

(Newser) - When Joel Stein is on the phone with you, here’s what happens. “As soon as you begin to talk, I feel trapped and desperately scan the room for tasks I can do to justify the enormous waste of time that is your talking. I wash dishes, I file...

AT&T Reverses, Will Allow Skype on iPhones

(Newser) - AT&T has had a change of heart—perhaps prompted by an ongoing FCC inquiry into competition—and will now allow iPhone users to connect with Skype and other Internet phone services over its 3G wireless network. Previously, AT&T had allowed such services in only a limited capacity—through...

On Net Neutrality, Feds Go With Google, Against ISPs

Proposed new rules wouldn't allow bandwidth-hogging services to be blocked

(Newser) - Consumers stand to benefit under a proposal, coming Monday, from the Federal Communications Commission that would mandate so-called net neutrality, forcing Internet service providers to treat all Web content equally and not restrict access to sites and services that take up more bandwidth. The Obama administration is siding with the...

Skype Sale in Doubt as Founders Sue eBay

Techies alleges copyright violation costing them $75M a day

(Newser) - The founders of Skype are suing eBay and the investor consortium buying the Internet phone company, accusing them of copyright violation, reports the Wall Street Journal. The suit is only the latest bump in eBay's disastrous ownership of Skype and may complicate the planned $2 billion sale. Janus Friis and...

EBay to Unload Skype for $2B
 EBay to Unload Skype for $2B 

EBay to Unload Skype for $2B

Private investors bring end to auction site's troubled ownership

(Newser) - EBay is selling Skype, the audiovisual chat service it calamitously bought in 2005, to a group of private investors, sources tell the New York Times. Although the price is unknown, eBay recently said it wanted about $2 billion for the the company, which is expected to pull in $600 million...

Why One Mom Drew the Line at Skype
Why One Mom Drew the Line
at Skype

Why One Mom Drew the Line at Skype

Technology that brings us together can pull us apart, she writes

(Newser) - Today’s world of cellphones, tweets, and texts makes it possible to stay constantly in touch—but where do we draw the line between contact and privacy, connection and independence? When it comes to family intimacy over distance, that question comes into sharp relief, Peggy Orenstein reflects in the New ...

EBay to Spin Off Skype in IPO Next Year

Company aims to end 'marriage from hell' through stock offering

(Newser) - Ebay plans to end its uneasy relationship with Skype by offloading the ill-fitting acquisition through an IPO early next year, Bloomberg reports. Analysts say the move could raise up to $1 billion for eBay, depending on how much equity the auction powerhouse wants to give up. The company declined to...

Skype Guys Trying to Buy It Back From eBay

(Newser) - The European wunderkinds who gave the world Skype have been approaching private equity firms in an attempt to buy their creation back from eBay, the New York Times reports. Niklas Zennstrom of Sweden and Janus Friis of Denmark sold the Internet phone service for $2.6 billion in 2005, but...

Skype Expands to iPhone, iPod Tomorrow

Internet phone service plans May Blackberry launch

(Newser) - Skype is launching service for the iPhone tomorrow, expanding its popular internet phone operation from computers to the lucrative mobile market. Users of iPhones as well as iPod Touches—which have wifi but no cell connection—will be able to make free calls to fellow Skype users and pay for...

Skype Could Hit iPhone as Soon as Next Week

Voice-over-IP firm may announce its client at CTIA Wireless

(Newser) - Skype is putting the finishing touches on a version of its VoIP client for the iPhone, and may debut it as soon as an industry conference next week, GigaOm reports. Skype is looking to the mobile market to keep growing as its PC usage starts to plateau. Skype already offers...

Skype Rolls Out New Biz Service

Internet calling company aims to boost revenue

(Newser) - Internet calling company Skype is introducing new software for businesses that lets workers on corporate phone systems make calls using regular office phones instead of computer headsets, the Wall Street Journal reports. Domestic and international calls to cellphones and landlines will start at 2.1 cents a minute, and computer-...

Google Voice Buggy but Brilliant
Google Voice Buggy
but Brilliant

Google Voice Buggy but Brilliant

Impressive new VoIP service could soon sideline Skype

(Newser) - Google's new VoIP service could be more of a "life-changing experience" than a mere Skype substitute, Larry Magid writes in CNET. Google Voice—currently only available to former GrandCentral users but expected to soon cause sleepless nights for the whole telecom industry—offers users a single number to which...

Skype Plans Voicemail-to-Text Service

Users will fork over 25 cents per message

(Newser) - Internet-telephone firm Skype will offer a service that converts voice messages into texts in any one of four languages, the company plans to announce today. But at 25 cents per text message—and with long voicemails running up to three texts—users’ costs could add up. And if a poor...

Skype Pushes Video Calls
 Skype Pushes Video Calls 

Skype Pushes Video Calls

Version 4.0 will make seeing who you're talking to more integral

(Newser) - The newest version of Skype is designed to make video calls easier and more widespread. Skype 4.0, which begins public testing today, detects bandwidth and attached devices to make it simpler to use a computer to add video to calls, Reuters reports. Skype's president says that the resolution of...

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