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Man Once Named One of Our '10 Best Senators' Has Died

Carl Levin, 87, was Michigan's longest-serving senator

(Newser) - Former Sen. Carl Levin, a powerful voice on military issues in Washington and a staunch supporter of the auto industry back home in Michigan during his record tenure in the US Senate, has died, the AP reports. He was 87. The Harvard-educated civil rights attorney and former taxi driver, who...

Bank's 'Spy Novel' Tactics Hid US Tax Dodgers' Billions

And Justice Dept. did little to respond, per Senate report on Credit Suisse

(Newser) - Swiss bank Credit Suisse helped thousands of Americans keep as much as $12 billion in assets tucked away from the eyes of the IRS, a Senate report out yesterday alleges—and the bank used some unconventional techniques in the process, including once hiding bank statements in a copy of Sports ...

Senate Kills Plan for Military Rape Prosecutors

Carl Levin leave commanders to handle cases

(Newser) - A proposal that would have appointed independent prosecutors, rather than unit commanders, to handle sexual assault cases in the military will be MIA from the Defense Authorization Act. Senate Armed Services Committee Chair Carl Levin has decided to kill the provision, siding with military brass who complained that the measure...

Apple Case Cinches It: We Need Tax Reform Now
Apple Case Clinches It:
We Need Tax Reform Now

Apple Case Clinches It: We Need Tax Reform Now

Don't blame the company, blame the tax code, say critics

(Newser) - So what can we take away from Apple chief Tim Cook's testimony on Capitol Hill yesterday about the company's byzantine tax strategy ? Not that Apple did anything illegal, only that it's savvy enough to employ "smart accountants and tax lawyers," says the editorial board...

Democrat Levin Won't Seek Re-Election in Senate

Michigan senator retiring; libertarian Amash seen as challenger

(Newser) - Democrats will have another Senate seat to contest in the 2014 elections: Carl Levin said today he won't seek re-election, reports the Detroit News . The 78-year-old has been in the Senate since 1979 and currently serves as chair of the powerful Armed Services Committee. "I can best serve...

McCain, Hagel Spar Over Iraq
 McCain, Hagel Spar Over Iraq 

McCain, Hagel Spar Over Iraq

Defense nominee says he's still not sure the surge was worth it

(Newser) - Chuck Hagel got into a testy verbal sparring match with John McCain at his Armed Services Committee hearing today, with McCain demanding that Hagel admit he was wrong when he warned against the "surge" in Iraq. Hagel tried to prevaricate: "I would defer to the judgment of history,...

Senate Launches Zero Dark Thirty Investigation

Both to look into classified disclosures and torture scenes

(Newser) - The Senate Intelligence Committee is launching an investigation into the CIA's ties to Zero Dark Thirty, both to see if intelligence officials gave filmmakers access to classified material, and to see if they're responsible for the film's controversial depiction of torture as essential to Osama bin Laden'...

Senators Take Zero Dark Thirty Gripes to Sony CEO

Feinstein, McCain, Levin send letter to Sony CEO

(Newser) - Zero Dark Thirty, Kathryn Bigelow's film about the Osama bin Laden raid, was already quite controversial , and it just got more so. Three senators sent a letter to the chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment yesterday accusing the fictionalized film of being "grossly inaccurate and misleading in...

Goldman Won't Be Charged Over Financial Crisis

Not enough evidence to pursue fraud cases, feds decide

(Newser) - Looks like Goldman Sachs is off the hook for its role in the financial crisis. The Justice Department and Securities Exchange Commission have ended two investigations into the bank's role in the crisis, concluding that "there is not a viable basis to bring a criminal prosecution with respect...

HSBC Exec Quits in Front of Senate Panel

Bank's anti-money laundering chief admits failure

(Newser) - Six people with top jobs at HSBC went before a Senate panel yesterday to answer charges of money laundering —and five left with those jobs intact. David Bagley, the British banking giant's head of compliance since 2002, announced his resignation in front of lawmakers, BusinessWeek reports. "I...

More US-Pakistan Woes: Peeved Senators, Drone Strike

Strike kills 10, aid gets threatened over Shakil Afridi's sentence

(Newser) - The sun still is not shining on US-Pakistan relations. A US drone strike targeting suspected militants in northwest Pakistan killed 10 today, a move that will likely further inflame tensions between the two countries, reports Reuters . Pakistan has demanded an end to the strikes, which it considers a violation of...

Congress Is Done for the Year
 Congress Is Done for the Year 
yep, it's only Feb. 16

Congress Is Done for the Year

Don't expect any major legislation in 2012

(Newser) - It's only February, but most lawmakers expect the payroll tax holiday extension be the last major piece of legislation Congress passes all year, as election year politicking brings the 112th Congress —not exactly known for its blistering pace —to a screeching halt. What will Congress do about...

The New Obama Gives 'em Hell
 The New Obama Gives 'em Hell 

The New Obama Gives 'em Hell

Democrats rejoice as president goes on the attack

(Newser) - On Labor Day, Carl Levin gave President Obama the text of a speech by Harry Truman—who won reelection despite a bad economy by attacking Republicans so viciously that he earned the nickname “Give ‘Em Hell Harry.” Ever since, Obama’s been giving Republicans hell, the Washington ...

Pentagon: Wait Til Fall 2012 to End Afghanistan Surge

Military pushes for slow withdrawal as Obama weighs next move

(Newser) - The military has called on President Obama to keep the Afghanistan troop surge in place until the fall of next year, ensuring that many of the 33,000 extra troops remain in the country for the next two fighting seasons, when the weather is warm. The military wants to avoid...

Goldman Expects Barrage of Subpoenas

Move could presage criminal charges

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs officials believe federal prosecutors are about to slap them with a series of subpoenas as it follows up on the scathing report on the company from the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that they expect the Justice Department to come knocking within...

Sen. Levin: Pakistan Has Tough Questions to Answer

Senators wonder how much nation's intelligence services knew

(Newser) - Pakistan is going to have to answer some tough questions about whether members of its military and intelligence services knew where Osama bin Laden was, warns Sen. Carl Levin. The Democrat, chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, suggested that the security arms of the Pakistani government may have known...

Senate Probe: Goldman Sachs Shafted Clients, Lied to Us

Recommends perjury charges for Blankfein

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs may have criminally misled its clients when it sold them mortgage-backed securities without mentioning that Goldman itself would profit if they failed, the Senate’s Subcommittee on Investigations has concluded, recommending that the Justice Department and SEC consider pressing charges. The panel also recommended perjury charges against CEO...

Fox's Chris Wallace Torqued By Hillary Clinton-Robert Gates Appearances on Other Sunday Shows
 Fox Torqued By 
 Clinton-Gates 'Diss' 

Fox Torqued By Clinton-Gates 'Diss'

Of course, secretaries skipped CNN, too

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates were talking up Libya on the talk show circuit today—except on Fox, and don't you think that host Chris Wallace didn't notice, reports Politico. “Of course we wanted to get the White House view on Libya,” Wallace told his viewers. “However,...

Carl Levin: Um, Let's Not Impeach Obama

Because if this is impeachable, so is every war since WWII

(Newser) - A top Senate Democrat tried to throw some cold water on the talk of impeaching President Obama over the military action in Libya, saying that if what Obama did was impeachable, so was every US military operation since World War II. “That one-day kind of story, which is all...

Army Ordered Psych Team to Manipulate Senators
Army Ordered Psych Team
to Manipulate Senators
rolling stone expose

Army Ordered Psych Team to Manipulate Senators

Sought to gain war support through propaganda techniques: Rolling Stone

(Newser) - In an illegal effort to build support for the war, a top US general in Afghanistan ordered troops trained in "psychological operations" to manipulate visiting lawmakers, reports Michael Hastings for Rolling Stone . Over a four-month period last year, Gen. William Caldwell reportedly pushed the psy-ops team to focus their...

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