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After Those CPAP Lawsuits, a $1.1B Payout

Philips settles hundreds of personal injury lawsuits over faulty breathing machines

(Newser) - Medical device maker Philips said Monday it will pay $1.1 billion to settle hundreds of personal injury lawsuits in the US. As the AP reports, the Dutch manufacturer did not admit any fault and said it reached the agreement to resolve any uncertainty over the cases. The payout also...

Philips to Halt Sales of CPAP Devices, Could Lose $400M

Global recall of 5M sleep apnea machines came about from risk of users inhaling particles, fumes

(Newser) - The company behind a global recall of sleep apnea machines said Monday it will stop selling the devices in the US, under a tentative agreement with regulators that could cost it nearly $400 million. Device maker Philips has recalled more than 5 million pressurized breathing machines due to risks that...

Recall of Sleep Apnea Device Is Not Going Well

Millions affected by exposure to potentially harmful chemicals

(Newser) - A massive recall of millions of sleep apnea machines has stoked anger and frustration among patients, and US officials are weighing legal action to speed a replacement effort that is set to drag into next year. Sound-dampening foam in the pressurized breathing machines can break down over time, leading users...

He Invented the Cassette Tape. There Were 'Mixed Emotions'
Guy Who Invented
the Cassette
Tape Had One
Big Regret
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Guy Who Invented the Cassette Tape Had One Big Regret

Philips engineer Lou Ottens, dead at 94, said he wished Philips, not Sony, created Walkman

(Newser) - Sad news today for anyone who ever recorded a mixtape off the radio (complete with DJ interruptions and cut-off songs) or knows what this picture means. Lou Ottens, a Dutch engineer who invented the cassette tape, has died at the age of 94, per NPR . Local media reports Ottens died...

20-Year Light Bulb Goes on Sale
 20-Year Light Bulb Now on Sale 
in case you missed it

20-Year Light Bulb Now on Sale

Energy-saver hits stores for Earth Day

(Newser) - An energy-saving light bulb capable of staying in service until 2032 hit the market yesterday to coincide with Earth Day. The LED light bulb—which won a $10 million US government eco-bulb prize —originally had a hefty $60 price tag but manufacturer Philips has arranged discounts and rebates to...

$10M Prize for Affordable Eco-Bulb Goes to ... $50 Bulb

US government funded contest for low-energy light bulb

(Newser) - The US government's $10 million "L Prize" was supposed to go to a manufacturer that developed an affordable low-energy light bulb, but the Philips LED bulb that won—now available for purchase—will set you back $50. LED bulbs similar to the "L Prize" winner can cost...

Video of Man in Bear Suit Sparks Singapore Bear Hunt

Electronics giant Philips may face charges over viral marketing stunt

(Newser) - Electronics giant Philips has apologized for sending police, zoo officials, and wildlife groups in Singapore on a wild bear chase. Dozens of people searched an area of the city-state after a hoax video supposedly showing a bear rummaging through a garbage can surfaced on social media. The company says the...

Race for Better Light Bulb Heats Up

Philips bids for US government's $10M 'L Prize'

(Newser) - Dutch electronics giant Philips has created an LED light bulb that, if it lives up to its billing, could claim the US government’s coveted “L Prize.” More important, the new bulb could inherit the 60-watt bulb’s throne. The Energy Department is offering $10 million—and a...

North American TV Sales Drag Philips Down

Profits off 28% in first quarter as electronics giant feel pinch

(Newser) - An expanding health-care sector in China couldn’t help Royal Philips Electronics offset poor television and video sales in North America, as the world’s leading lighting company reported core profits fell 28% in the first quarter, Reuters reports today. The company said it expects the global economic slowdown will...

FCC to Re-Test Wireless Internet Devices

Companies seek to broadcast web over unused TV airwaves

(Newser) - After a series of unsuccessful tests, the Federal Communications Commission is heading back to the lab to assess a new round of devices for broadcasting high-speed Internet in the white space available in between TV airwaves. The prototypes come from a coalition of top-tier bidders, including Microsoft, Philips, and Intel,...

Philips to Buy Sleep Therapy Firm for $5B

Respironics deal latest in expansion into US health-care sector

(Newser) - Electronics giant Philips will buy Respironics, an American maker of sleep therapy products, for $5.1 billion, Reuters reports, its most expensive foray yet into the health-care sector. That plan has seen Philips purchase lighting firm Genlyte for $2.7 billion and medical systems provider Visicu for $430 million within...

LEDs Light Up Europe, As Bulb Makers Switch

An Italian village goes LED, and Philips makes a multi-billion bet

(Newser) - Europe is going low-e with LEDs, presaging a trend about to spread worldwide. The Italian village Torraca, for example, just switched all of its streetlights for light-emitting diode fixtures, and Dutch electronics giant Philips has snapped up an American firm in a plan to push similar changes in the states....

The CD Turns 25
The CD Turns 25

The CD Turns 25

Wired salutes the 'obsolete form of optical media,' which turns 25 today

(Newser) - The compact disc, which Wired calls an "obsolete form of optical media," has been spinning for 25 years today, according to a press release from Philips. The first disk, a recording of ABBA’s “The Visitors,” was produced in Hanover, Germany in 1982. A stunning 200...

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