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Report: 'Pharma Bro' Now in Solitary Confinement

Move follows claims Shkreli was still running a business

(Newser) - "Pharma bro" Martin Shkreli is no longer calling the shots at drug company Phoenixus AG—unless he's managed to smuggle a cellphone into solitary confinement. Sources tell Forbes that Shkreli, who is serving a seven-year sentence in federal prison for defrauding investors, was moved to the Special Housing...

Guzman Likely Bound for 'Escape-Proof' Prison

'He'll never be allowed on the yard,' former warden says

(Newser) - Joaquin Guzman has a history of spectacular prison breaks—but this time, he's not going to be able to climb through an escape hatch in his shower and ride away on a motorbike. Experts say "El Chapo," who faces a mandatory life sentence after being found guilty...

Senate Passes Sweeping Criminal Justice Overhaul

Trump says he looks forward to signing it

(Newser) - The Senate passed a sweeping criminal justice bill Tuesday that addresses concerns that the nation's war on drugs had led to the imprisonment of too many Americans for non-violent crimes without adequately preparing them for their return to society. Senate passage of the bill by a vote of 87-12...

Inmates Killed Bulger the Day After Prison Transfer: Report

Sources say he was beaten to death in cell

(Newser) - James "Whitey" Bulger was 89 years old and in poor health after multiple heart attacks—but he didn't die from natural causes. Sources tell the New York Times that the Boston mob boss, who was found dead in his cell early Tuesday, was beaten to death by at...

Martin Shkreli Is Now in Federal Prison

'Pharma bro' wanted to go to minimum-security camp but was denied

(Newser) - Martin Shkreli wanted to serve out the remainder of his seven-year sentence at a minimum-security federal camp, but that request was denied and the 35-year-old "pharma bro" was transferred Tuesday to a federal prison in New Jersey. Shkreli, the infamous former pharmaceuticals company head convicted of defrauding hedge-fund investors...

After 2-Year Mystery, Location of Colo. Theater Shooter Revealed

James Holmes is being held at federal prison in Pennsylvania

(Newser) - Aurora theater shooter James Holmes is being held at a high-security federal prison in Pennsylvania, the Colorado Department of Corrections has announced following a nearly two-year effort by victims and family members to get the information. Months after Holmes was assaulted in October 2015, he was moved from Colorado State...

Pork Off the Menu in All Federal Prisons

It wasn't that popular, Bureau of Prisons says

(Newser) - Life in federal prison now means life without bacon—or pork chops, or ham, or any other pork product. Pork was completely removed from the menu for all 206,000 federal prisoners with the beginning of the new fiscal year this month in a move that the Bureau of Prisons...

Obama to Visit Prison, First Time for a President

It's for an HBO documentary

(Newser) - President Obama will visit the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in Oklahoma next week, which will make him the first sitting president to visit a federal prison, reports CNN . While there on Thursday, he'll meet with inmates and be interviewed by Vice for a documentary about the criminal justice...

Thousands of Drug Offenders Get New Shot at Clemency

White House calls for 'justice, fairness, proportionality'

(Newser) - Thousands of nonviolent drug offenders now serving long sentences in federal prisons could receive clemency from President Obama under a major Department of Justice overhaul. Attorney General Eric Holder announced yesterday that "a larger field of eligible individuals" will be eligible for clemency under new guidelines and the administration...

Money Is Driving End of &#39;Draconian&#39; Drug Sentences
Money Is Driving End of 'Draconian' Drug Sentences

Money Is Driving End of 'Draconian' Drug Sentences

Brad Plumer looks at the DOJ's budget

(Newser) - In announcing yesterday that it planned to do away with "draconian" mandatory minimum sentences for low-level drug offenders, the Justice Department is righting an injustice, right? As Eric Holder explained it, "Too many Americans go to too many prisons for far too long, and for no truly good...

Many Innocent NC Men Sit in Jail on Gun Charges
'Innocent' NC Men Sit in Prison on Gun Convictions

'Innocent' NC Men Sit in Prison on Gun Convictions

Justice Department won't release scores who didn't technically break law

(Newser) - The Justice Department refuses to release scores of North Carolina inmates that it acknowledges are innocent—lack of guilt that many of the inmates themselves aren't even aware of. A USA Today investigation identified more than 60 men who essentially became innocent overnight last year, when an appeals court...

Rod Blagojevich Seeks Prison Rehab
 Blago Seeks Prison Rehab 

Blago Seeks Prison Rehab

Ex-gov granted extra month of freedom

(Newser) - Rod Blagojevich is seeking to join a substance abuse program in federal prison, but some suspect the disgraced former Illinois governor is trying to shave time off his sentence rather than deal with a genuine drug or alcohol problem. Under federal guidelines, Blagojevich is likely to serve just under 12...

Drug Lords Sneak Strippers Into Federal Jail

Lawyers simply list them as 'legal assistants' according to report

(Newser) - It may sound like the plot of a porn movie, but lawyers say drug lords in Miami’s maximum security Federal Detention Center are getting regular visits from pole dancers, right under officials’ noses. How? Their lawyers simply list the girls as “legal assistants,” and the FDC lets...

Hispanics Now the Majority Sent to Federal Prison

Big demographic shift attributable to immigration offenses

(Newser) - With immigration offenses on the rise, more than half of those sent to federal prison for felonies this year are Hispanic. Though Hispanics already outnumbered other ethnic groups in that category, this is the first year they have been the majority of such offenders, the AP reports. A new government...

Cop in BART Killing Gets Out After a Year

Former transit officer Johannes Mehserle served one year behind bars

(Newser) - A former Oakland transit cop convicted of shooting and killing an unarmed man on a subway platform last year was freed today after a year in prison, reports CNN . Johannes Mehserle was sentenced to two years for involuntary manslaughter, but he received one day of good conduct credit for each...

Inmate Sued for Suing Stevie Wonder, 3,799 Others
Inmate Sued for Suing
Stevie Wonder, 3,799 Others

Inmate Sued for Suing Stevie Wonder, 3,799 Others

Feds want flood of frivolous suits to end

(Newser) - Federal inmate Jonathan Lee Riches has sued Stevie Wonder. He's sued George W. Bush. He's sued Michael Vick and Martha Stewart. He's sued the philosopher Plato and the ex-planet Pluto. Riches has filed more than 3,800 lawsuits while in jail—many of them against people or entities that can't...

Vick Repeats as Biggest Sports Villain

 Vick Repeats 
 as Biggest 
 Sports Villain 
no. 4: tiger

Vick Repeats as Biggest Sports Villain

Forbes list of most disliked athletes has a new name: Tiger Woods

(Newser) - Michael Vick has been out of federal prison for almost a year , but the Eagles quarterback still has some image-polishing to do: For the second straight year, he tops the Forbes list of most disliked people in sports . New for 2010 are Ben Roethlisberger and how-the-mighty-have-fallen poster child Tiger Woods,...

Madoff Has $9B Secret Stash: Fellow Inmate

Former partner knows where it is, may cut deal

(Newser) - Bernie Madoff has a secret stash, and his partner in crime knows where it is. The Ponzi schemer has told fellow federal prisoners he funneled $9 billion to three people—“I think it was personal friends,” the source tells the New York Post —and he suspects Frank...

Prisoner Madoff: 'F*** My Victims'

Ponzi schemer serving 150-year sentence becomes celeb in prison

(Newser) - Bernie Madoff isn't wasting time fretting over the lives he ruined and the fortunes he destroyed. Shortly after he arrived at a federal prison in North Carolina last summer, another inmate was pestering him about the people he had duped, and the Ponzi schemer lost his patience. "f--- my...

Madoff Was Beaten in Prison
Madoff Was Beaten in Prison

Madoff Was Beaten in Prison

Burly fellow inmate broke his nose, fractured his ribs over apparent debt

(Newser) - Bernie Madoff suffered a broken nose, fractured ribs, and cuts on his face in a prison beating in December, a fellow prisoner tells the Wall Street Journal . One prison source said the assailant thought Madoff owed him money, and another said the assailant was a muscular man serving time for...

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