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Germans Squawk About Fanatic Crow Killers

Massive killings by 'Crowbusters' have even hunting groups concerned

(Newser) - They are the "Crowbusters," a group of bird-killing fanatics in Germany that dresses in paramilitary gear and uses military-grade weapons to kill as many crows as possible, reports Der Spiegel . The reason for the massive attacks on crows, according to the Crowbusters, is that crows are "feathered...

Triple-Tool Crows Stun Scientists
 Triple-Tool-Wielding Crows 
 Stun Scientists 
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Triple-Tool-Wielding Crows Stun Scientists

Problem-solving ability rivals that of primates

(Newser) - The crows of New Caledonia are astounding masters at making and using tools and can solve problems that would flummox many primates, say researchers. Three wild crows, presented with a problem requiring them to use a short tool attached to string to retrieve a larger tool from a box and...

Crows Recognize Human Faces: Study

Birds distinguished friendly and unfriendly masks, squawked at perceived foe

(Newser) - If you ever offend a crow, don’t expect it to forgive and forget. University of Washington researchers found that the birds recognize human faces long after an encounter, the New York Times reports. Participants wore specific masks when they captured campus crows; after their release, the birds angrily scolded...

No Bird Brains, Crows Reveal 'Human-Like' Reasoning

Use multiple tools to solve challenge

(Newser) - Crows on a South Pacific island showed human-like reasoning in solving a complex problem that required two tools, according to a study. The birds used a short twig to access a longer twig which could then be used to reach a treat. "What's most amazing is that most of...

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