Don Imus

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Don Imus, Outrageously Popular Radio Host, Dies

Pioneering 'Imus in the Morning' began in 1971 and ended last year

(Newser) - Don Imus, a pioneer of shock jock radio with his hugely popular but often widely offensive Imus in the Morning, died Friday at 79. He was hospitalized Tuesday in Texas; a cause of death was not released. Imus had retired just last year, NBC reports, signing off on March 29....

Imus: Limbaugh a 'Fat, Gutless, Pill-Popping Loser'

Fellow radio host not impressed with Sandra Fluke apology

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh's not the only one who can call people names : Don Imus expressed his, shall we say, disappointment with the conservative radio host today, calling Limbaugh's Sandra Fluke apology "lame," particularly because it was not given in person. On Fox Business Network's Imus In ...

Meghan Joined 'Dark Side' at MSNBC: McCain

She'll need to be 'feisty' at new job

(Newser) - John McCain isn’t a fan of his daughter’s new bosses. Taking a job at MSNBC , Meghan “went over to the Dark Side, I guess,” he told Don Imus on the Fox Business Network. Still, “I am very proud of her,” he added. “She'...

Paterson: I'm Blind, But 'Not a Dope'

 Paterson: I'm  
 Blind, But  
 'Not a Dope' 
sees plot against him

Paterson: I'm Blind, But 'Not a Dope'

But they won't succeed, he tells Imus; 'I'm black, I'm blind, and still alive'

(Newser) - Beleaguered New York Gov. David Paterson lashed out today at a mysteriously “well-orchestrated” conspiracy to run him out of office, but maintained that he wasn’t going anywhere. “I’m black, I’m blind, and still alive,” he told Don Imus on his radio program. A New ...

Imus Psyched to Join Fox

 Imus Psyched to Join Fox 

Imus Psyched to Join Fox

He cracks at Fox, 'we’re better people' with 'a much closer relationship with our Lord'

(Newser) - Don Imus is returning to TV today, and it doesn’t bother him at all that it’s on Fox Business Network. “The perception is that even their news is skewed toward opinion—not when I watch it. It's a fair news organization,” he tells Howard Kurtz of...

Imus Joins Fox Business
 Imus Joins Fox Business 

Imus Joins Fox Business

Fox deal returns host to cable news after 2007 race controversy

(Newser) - Don Imus has completed a deal to simulcast his radio show on Fox Business Network TV beginning Oct. 5, Mediabistro reports. Imus has gotten out of his simulcast deal with RFD-TV. On FBN, he'll add more business news, and Fox Business Morning hosts Jenna Lee, Connell McShane, and Ashley Webster...

Imus in Talks With Fox Business

(Newser) - Don Imus is negotiating with Fox Business to broadcast a video simulcast of his morning talk show, the Los Angeles Times reports. Imus had a simulcast deal with MSNBC when his radio show was on CBS, before he referred to the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos....

Don Imus Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Radio host tells audience of diagnosis

(Newser) - Shock-jock Don Imus, best known for stirring near-universal ire with his "nappy-headed hos" comment, announced on-air this morning that he has stage 2 prostate cancer, WCBS-TV in New York reports. Imus, 68, voiced confidence that "his doctors will beat it," Fox News reports, and speculated that the...

Why Liberals Like Joe Scarborough

Conservative pundit takes relaxed, questioning attitude on new morning show

(Newser) - Joe Scarborough was a conservative Republican congressman who gained office in the 1994 House sweep that launched Newt Gingrich. His MSNBC show Scarborough Country was initially devised as a like-minded answer to Bill O’Reilly. But, as Mark Binelli puts it in New York magazine, "Scarborough never quite mastered...

I Was Being Sarcastic, Not Racist: Imus

Latest comment was misunderstood, shock jock says

(Newser) - Don Imus was just making a “sarcastic point” when he asked “what color” oft-arrested cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones is, he said on his show today.  When informed that Jones was black, Imus replied, “There you go. Now we know.” The rejoinder sparked  complaints against...

Imus Reinserts Foot in Mouth

 Imus Reinserts 
 Foot in Mouth 

Imus Reinserts Foot in Mouth

Shock jock steps in it again with Pacman comment

(Newser) - Don Imus may have stepped in it again, Politico reports. While bantering on this morning's show about Adam "Pacman" Jones, who’s been arrested six times in his NFL career, the scandal-shadowed shock jock asked, “What color is he?” A sidekick dutifully informed him that Jones is African-American....

Forget Video: Radio Killed the Radio Star

Industry scrambles to keep listeners in post-Howard Stern era

(Newser) - With Howard Stern gone and Don Imus chastened, today's commercial radio is fighting to be heard, the Wall Street Journal reports. What's more, consolidation is depriving stations of a local touch and squelching chances for would-be stars. Plus there aren’t as many “heirs apparent,” said one analyst,...

Wright 'Would Not Have Been My Pastor': Clinton

She'd have left church over racial remarks by Obama's ex-preacher

(Newser) - After a week’s silence, Hillary Clinton spoke today on the Jeremiah Wright flap, saying the ex-minister at Barack Obama's church “would not have been my pastor,” the Washington Post reports. She said “getting up and moving” would have been the right choice for Obama. “You...

Imus Bounces Back After Scandal
Imus Bounces Back After Scandal

Imus Bounces Back After Scandal

Advertisers and former guests happy to be part of Big Mouth redux

(Newser) - The once-axed radio host Don Imus has re-emerged on the airwaves largely unscathed by his racially and sexually disparaging remarks about Rutgers' female hoop stars, the New York Times reports. Both advertisers and call-in guests—including John Kerry, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mike Huckabee—have nearly...

Sharpton Insists He Still Has a Role to Play

Civil rights leader not threatened by new wave of black politicians

(Newser) - Is there a place for Al Sharpton in a Barack Obama world? The first black politician with a serious shot at the Oval Office hardly mentions race, whereas Sharpton is, as one historian puts it, “kind of a racial ambulance chaser.” But Sharpton isn’t worried. “They...

Muslims See Hypocrisy on Hate Speech

Radio host's slur seen as evidence of US double standard

(Newser) - After radio host Michael Savage took potshots at Islam, the relatively muted response has left Muslim Americans with a question: Where's the outrage? A handful of advertisers have pulled out, but the reaction is nowhere near as strong as it was, say, when Don Imus made an anti-black slur, the...

Contrite Imus Returns to Air
Contrite Imus Returns to Air

Contrite Imus Returns to Air

Other than 2 black cohorts and a new policy on race, 'not much has changed'

(Newser) - Don Imus was broadcasting again this morning, eight months after being fired for calling the Rutgers women’s basketball team you-know-whats. His new cast sports two black comedians, and while Imus promised not to joke about racism, other than that “not much has changed,” he said. “Dick...

Stern Extols the Pleasures of Satellite

Funny man finds the troubles at CBS Radio the best joke of all

(Newser) - It's been almost two years since Howard Stern switched to satellite radio, and the never-modest shock jock is reveling in his success on Sirius—and the woes of his former network, CBS, and rival, Don Imus, back in terrestrial radio. In a sit-down with the AP, Stern crows that his...

Imus Will Return to Airwaves
Imus Will Return to Airwaves

Imus Will Return to Airwaves

Shock jock reinstated six months after 'nappy-headed hos' comment

(Newser) - Don Imus, the radio host taken off the air in April after referring to the Rutgers women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos," will be back on the air Dec. 3 on a New York radio station. The New York Post reports Imus has signed a five-year deal that...

Is National Discourse Too Darn Crass?

Imus and Coulter highlight need for action, critics say

(Newser) - Shock jock Don Imus is coming back, but humbled; Ann Coulter got press for anti-Semitism, but lost support; could this be a backlash against crass punditry? Hardly, say the experts, but some see rays of hope. "We're caught right now between extreme political correctness on one end and crude,...

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