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Mistress Emails Look Bad for Survivor Producer

Murder suspect expresses fury at wife

(Newser) - Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman is the only suspect in his wife's murder and emails obtained by Radar —which beat TMZ in a bidding war over the cache from "a close friend" of the dead woman—make him look even more suspicious. Beresford-Redman lashes out at wife Monica in...

Survivor Producer Was Having Affair

Victim's sister says Bruce Beresford-Redman's arm is scratched

(Newser) - Monica Beresford-Redman, the Survivor producer's wife who was found dead in Mexico yesterday, had recently learned her husband was having an affair. “I know he was having an affair, and she found out," Monica's sister tells Radar , adding that she believes Bruce Beresford-Redman, who is being questioned by...

Survivor Producer Detained in Wife's Death in Cancun

Bruce Beresford-Redman is a suspect in Mexico

(Newser) - A former producer of Survivor and Pimp My Ride has been detained in Mexico as a suspect in his wife's death. The body of Monica Beresford-Redman was found in a sewer today near the resort hotel in Cancun where she was staying with husband Bruce. A witness saw the couple...

Facebook Trips Up High-Living Fugitive

Alleged bank fraudster caught in Cancun

(Newser) - Fugitives of the world, take note: If you’re having the time of your life hanging out in Cancun, you probably shouldn’t brag about it on Facebook. And you definitely shouldn’t add an ex-Justice Department official as a friend. Take it from Maxi Sopo, a 26-year-old who had...

Spread of Swine Flu 'Unstoppable': WHO

(Newser) - World Health Organization chief Margaret Chan told a summit in Mexico today that, though most cases of swine flu were not deadly, the virus cannot be stopped, the BBC reports. “With well over 100 countries reporting cases, once a fully fit pandemic virus emerges, its further international spread is...

Just in Time for Spring Break: Cancun Torture Probe

Cancun, like Mexico, 'is at war,' says local editor

(Newser) - Those headed to Cancun for spring break might want to hold off just a tad before slathering on Mexican suntan oil—while authorities investigate torture and murder charges against the ousted local police chief. Mexico's out-of-control drug war is seeping into nearly every community in the nation—including one of...

Cancun Police Chief Busted in Drug Czar's Torture-Murder

Just in time for spring break

(Newser) - Federal authorities have arrested Cancun's police chief in the recent torture and murder of a retired general who had just been appointed to a drug-fighting task force, reports CNN. The military has taken over the police force in the beach town popular with college students on spring break. In another...

Top Mexican Drug Fighter Murdered on First Day

Official tortured, shot 11 times within 24 hours

(Newser) - A retired army general appointed as Mexico's new top drug-fighting official spent his first day on the job being tortured and murdered, CNN reports. The corpses of the general, his aide and his driver were found in a pickup truck on a road near Cancun. The general's body showed signs...

Search for Missing Cruise Woman Suspended

Family believes she jumped from ship

(Newser) - The search for a woman missing from a cruise ship off Mexico since Christmas has been suspended, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Jennifer Ellis-Seitz of is believed to have gone overboard from the Norwegian Pearl near Cancun in what may have been a suicide. Her husband—arrested in April for...

FBI Joins Search for Missing Cruise Passenger

(Newser) - The FBI is looking into the disappearance of a Florida woman who was reported missing from a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico on Friday, Fox News reports. Jennifer Seitz’s husband reported her missing, and the Coast Guard says surveillance video shows a woman going overboard. Meanwhile, a...

Dean Lashes Mexican Coast
Dean Lashes Mexican Coast

Dean Lashes Mexican Coast

Category 5 storm packs severe winds, but leaves no immediate deaths, damage

(Newser) - Tearing into history as the most intense Atlantic storm to make landfall in two decades, Hurricane Dean today pounded the Yucatan peninsula, battering Mayan ruins and swinging toward oil rigs, the AP reports. Pummeling homes and trees in sparsely populated, mostly evacuated areas, the fierce Category 5 storm shrunk to...

Hotel Snubs Nobel Laureate
Hotel Snubs Nobel Laureate

Hotel Snubs Nobel Laureate

Oooops: Five-star Cancun resort mistakes Rigoberta Menchú for beggar

(Newser) - Staff at Cancun's five-star Coral Beach Hotel had egg on their faces after trying to throw out a woman in indigenous Mayan garb, assuming she was a beggar or street vendor. Turned out the person they tried to hustle out of their lobby was Rigoberta Menchu—Nobel peace prizewinner, Unesco...

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