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Alibaba Founder: US Spent $14T on the Wrong Thing

'You're supposed to spend money on your own people,' not war, Jack Ma said

(Newser) - Tempted to blame China for your economic woes, America? Take a look in the mirror instead. That was the message of Alibaba founder Jack Ma Wednesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he wagged a finger at the US for blowing $14 trillion on war efforts over...

Friedman: To Defeat Putin, Kick Him in the Wallet

Globalization can be used to our advantage: op-ed

(Newser) - Some may argue that Vladimir Putin's actions in Crimea prove globalization isn't all that it's cracked up to be; Cold War-style politics haven't been wiped out forever. But Thomas Friedman argues that in order to stop Putin, we need to view him in the context of...

2012's Forgotten Issue: Stagnant Income
 2012's Forgotten Issue: 
 Stagnant Income 

2012's Forgotten Issue: Stagnant Income

Candidates largely ignore causes of decade-long income slump

(Newser) - The economy has taken center stage in the race for the White House, but amid the chatter about government spending and taxes, the New York Times thinks one subject that hits close to home for many poor and middle-class Americans has been largely left out: the long-term stagnation of income....

Average Isn't Good Enough Anymore in America
Average Isn't Good Enough Anymore in America
Thomas Friedman

Average Isn't Good Enough Anymore in America

Globalization, technology have pushed out the average guy

(Newser) - Once upon a time, an average worker with average skills could expect an average lifestyle in America—but not anymore. "Today, average is officially over," writes Thomas Friedman of the New York Times . Average people can't expect the lifestyle they used to enjoy, because "employers have...

Strauss-Kahn Saga Would Make Great Movie

Would tell the tale of 'crisis of European dream': Ross Douthat

(Newser) - Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s story might seem like Law & Order fodder, but it would actually make for a “sprawling, complex, kaleidoscope-of-globalization” movie—something along the lines of Traffic or Babel, writes Ross Douthat, who summarizes the plot as he sees it in the New York Times . It would tell...

Multinationals Cut 2.9M US Jobs, Hired 2.4M Abroad

Skilled jobs oozed out of the States in the 2000s

(Newser) - The US Commerce Department released a report today throwing into sharp relief just how drastically US multinational corporations are shifting jobs overseas. During the 2000s, US companies cut 2.9 million jobs in the US, while hiring 2.4 million abroad—including an increasing number of highly-skilled workers, the Wall ...

KFC Looks to Conquer Africa With Fried Chicken
KFC Looks to Conquer Africa
With Fried Chicken

in case you missed it

KFC Looks to Conquer Africa With Fried Chicken

Chain to open hundreds of restaurants in a dozen countries

(Newser) - Kentucky Fried Chicken wants to take over Africa. Like McDonald's and other fast-food giants, KFC parent company Yum Brands has been countering the slowdown in American spending with expansion overseas. Having populated China with KFC outlets, Yum now plans to double the number of stores in Africa to 1,200,...

G20 Protests in Toronto Turn Ugly

Small group of vandals wreaks havoc on Canadian city

(Newser) - Black-clad demonstrators broke off from a crowd of peaceful protesters at the global economic summit in Toronto yesterday, torching police cruisers and smashing windows with baseball bats and hammers. Police arrested more than 150, reports the AP. Police used shields, clubs, tear gas and pepper spray to push back the...

Call Centers Return to US, With a Twist

More companies hire trained operators to work from home

(Newser) - It’s still not as cheap as outsourcing to India or the Philippines, but US companies are increasingly choosing homegrown telephone operators to handle their customer service needs. The trend is fueled by the advent of “phonesourcing” or “homesourcing,” which uses linkups to allow trained operators to...

Iconic Brands We've Outsourced
 Iconic Brands 
 We've Outsourced 
Not Made in usa

Iconic Brands We've Outsourced

Globalization has pushed a lot of Americana overseas

(Newser) - Baseballs are as American as Mom and apple pie, right? Well, hopefully they have parents and pastry in Costa Rica, too, because that’s where Rawlings’ factory is located now. Loads of other all-American brands aren’t so all-American anymore, Newsweek reports, singling out the companies seen in the slideshow...

At Summit, World Leaders Pledge to Help Haiti Rebuild

Gathering sees cooperation, reluctance to address endemic problems

(Newser) - World leaders at an international summit in Montreal today agreed that rebuilding Haiti will take decades. In fact, "rebuilding" is hardly the word—if successful, the state envisioned by envoys to the conference will bear little resemblance to pre-earthquake Haiti. Canadian PM Stephen Harper said the world community must...

Thank Inflation for Avatar 's Box Office Record
 Thank Inflation for 
 Avatar's Box Office Record 
burning questions

Thank Inflation for Avatar's Box Office Record

Gone with the Wind may trump Cameron's epic

(Newser) - Avatar will soon gross $1.85 billion worldwide, but becoming the box office champ doesn't mean it's the most successful movie of all time. Remember, a ticket to Gone with the Wind cost an average of only 23¢—45 times less than an Avatar ticket. This list ranks films...

In Battle With China, Google Stakes Out High Ground

Beijing can't fight openness forever: Roger Cohen

(Newser) - It's about time somebody took China to task for getting rich from globalization while resisting the openness that makes it possible, writes Roger Cohen. The confrontation between Google and China—"the behemoth of global connectedness and the behemoth of global growth"—exposes the paradox behind China's transformation, Cohen...

Developing Nations Were In on 'Danish Text'
 Developing Nations 
 Were In on 'Danish Text' 
CLIMATE summit

Developing Nations Were In on 'Danish Text'

China, India helped draft leaked agreement they railed against

(Newser) - The “Danish text”—the leaked climate change agreement that infuriated developing nations in Copenhagen and sparked accusations of bullying by rich countries—was actually drafted by a group that included China, India, and Brazil, among other countries. They had “input into the process and product” of the...

Post-Crash Ireland Becomes Luxury Bargain Basement

Fancy cars, wines, homes selling at deep discount

(Newser) - In the midst of its worst recession in modern history, Ireland has become a bargain hunter’s paradise, with high-end cars, homes, and wines selling for a song. “It’s a bit like old vultures over the carcass,” one shopper tells Bloomberg . “You’ll see all sorts...

Samoa Tops List of Fattest Countries
 Samoa Tops List 
 of Fattest Countries 
the world is round

Samoa Tops List of Fattest Countries

Also, Samoa is a US territory, so...yay?

(Newser) - From Pacific islands to Eastern Europe, the world is fat. The cause is the same almost everywhere, Laurie Cunningham writes for Global Post : increased access to processed foods and sedentary lifestyles. The top victims of "globesity:"
  1. American Samoa: Percentage of population that's overweight: 93.5. The tiny Pacific

Web Addresses Will Gain International Flavor

Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew domains, among others, will have support by 2010: ICANN

(Newser) - In the biggest change ever to the system, Web domains will soon be available in the native scripts of Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, and other non-Latin-based languages. A proposal expected to be approved this week means “Internationalized Domain Names” could be up and running as soon as mid-2010. China and...

Iceland Too Poor for McDonald's

With currency off 80%, golden arches fall

(Newser) - Soon there will be at least one country you can visit without seeing the golden arches. The financial crisis hit Iceland’s currency so hard that McDonald’s, which imports most of its ingredients, can’t afford to operate there anymore. “We would have to raise our prices by...

Count the US Dollar Down, But Not Out
Count the US Dollar Down, But Not Out

Count the US Dollar Down, But Not Out

Fears of a looming currency crash are overblown

(Newser) - With the US economy in a prolonged slump and the Fed likely to keep interest rates low for the foreseeable future, many worry that a dollar crash will be the next shoe to drop. Currency pessimists can point to a 6-month decline in the dollar; this week the currency hit...

Hey, America, Your Time Is Now: Bono

Obama's Nobel is world's way of saying it's ready to swoon

(Newser) - Conservatives sneered at European naivete and even liberals shrugged when Barack Obama won the Nobel, but for U2's Bono, "the virtual Obama is the real Obama, and the man might deserve the hype." The humanitarian rock star lays out the difficult tasks Obama faces, from religious extremism to...

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