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Transgender Christians Slam 'Hurtful' New Vatican Document

Declaration approved by Pope Francis says surrogacy, gender-affirming surgery are affronts to human dignity

(Newser) - The Vatican on Monday declared gender-affirming surgery and surrogacy as grave threats to human dignity, putting them on par with abortion and euthanasia as practices that violate God's plan for human life. The Vatican's doctrine office issued "Infinite Dignity," a 20-page declaration that's been in...

Settlement Clears Up Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' Bill

Teachers can talk about sexual orientation, gender identity, just not as part of instruction

(Newser) - Students and teachers can discuss sexual orientation and gender identity in Florida classrooms, provided it's not part of instruction, under a settlement reached Monday between Florida education officials and civil rights attorneys who'd challenged a state law that critics dubbed "Don't Say Gay." The settlement...

For Green Sea Turtles, a Big Problem: Too Many Girls
Pollution Has Unexpected
Effect on Green Sea Turtles
new study

Pollution Has Unexpected Effect on Green Sea Turtles

Researchers say it's helping create too many females

(Newser) - For male green sea turtles, it's the second part of a double whammy they could ill afford. A new study suggests that ocean pollution is contributing to a serious gender imbalance—way too many females are being born and way too few males, reports Science Alert . As the Washington ...

Trans Teen, Family 'Run Out of Town on a Rail'
Trans Teen, Family
'Run Out of Town on a Rail'

Trans Teen, Family 'Run Out of Town on a Rail'

'New Yorker' piece dives into how laws in Tennessee, and in South in general, have affected LGBTQ youth

(Newser) - Tennessee has passed nearly 20 anti-LGBTQ+ laws since 2015, among the highest in the nation, per the Human Rights Campaign. For Kristen Chapman, that number is more than just a statistic—it proved to be the death knell for her family's future in the Volunteer State, as her 17-year-daughter,...

Man Accuses 9-Year-Old Girl of Being Boy at Track Meet

'Let's keep calling out transphobia,' says BC premier after grandparents banned from future events

(Newser) - A Canadian school's track-and-field meet turned distressing for one young athlete after an attendee accused her of being a boy. The incident, first reported in Castanet , took place Thursday at Kelowna's Apple Bowl Stadium, where Heidi Starr's 9-year-daughter was preparing to compete in the meet's fourth...

Pol Predicts 'Violence From Dads Like Me' on All-Gender Bathrooms

Illinois state Sen. Neil Anderson: I'd 'beat the living piss' out of men in unisex bathrooms with my child

(Newser) - An Illinois lawmaker is making headlines for his reaction to a bill that would greenlight mixed-gender bathrooms in his state. On Thursday, Illinois senators debated HB 1286 , which would allow for the creation of public multi-occupancy restrooms that individuals of any gender can use. Per the Washington Post , these bathrooms...

Florida Extends 'Don't Say Gay' to All Grades in Public Schools

Educators in grades 4 to 12 banned from teaching about sexual orientation or gender identity

(Newser) - Florida's Board of Education has extended the rule critics call "Don't Say Gay" to cover all grades in public schools. The amended rule says teachers in grades 4 to 12 "shall not intentionally provide classroom instruction" on sexual orientation or gender identity, the Orlando Sentinel reports....

God May Not Be Called 'He' Forever in Church of England

Church says it's mulling using gender-neutral pronouns, though such a change isn't imminent

(Newser) - There may be a big change coming on how the Church of England refers to God, though worshippers shouldn't necessarily expect that change anytime soon. The centuries-old religious institution is considering using gender-neutral language, including pronouns, when referring to God in prayers—what Reuters calls "the latest attempt...

Virgin Atlantic's Uniform Update Lets Crew Show 'True Identity'

Virgin Atlantic introduces gender-neutral skirts/trousers

(Newser) - Airlines are known for their often-rigid rules around the uniforms their crew members wear, often leading to complaints that the garb is impractical, uncomfortable, and outdated. Virgin Atlantic is now attempting to remedy the "outdated" part by releasing a new policy that gets rid of "gendered uniform" requirements...

Man Pleads Guilty to Threatening Merriam-Webster

Jeremy Hanson was reportedly upset by changes involving gender identity

(Newser) - Update: A California man has pleaded guilty to sending repeated death threats to Merriam-Webster in October of last year because he was upset with its definitions on gender identity. His actions caused the company to shut down its offices for five days. The US Attorney’s Office for the District...

28 Arrested in Viral Video of Men Beating Women in Restaurant

Footage of women brutally attacked put gender-based violence back in spotlight

(Newser) - Update: Twenty-eight people have been charged in the June assault on multiple women at a restaurant in China that sparked outrage regarding violence against women in the country. Authorities say the incident and charges are connected to gang activity in the area, the Washington Post reports. Authorities had previously said...

New Data Sheds Light on Adults Who Say They're Transgender

More than 5% of those surveyed between ages of 18 and 29 identify as trans or nonbinary, per Pew

(Newser) - According to new data from the Pew Research Center , more people than ever before say they identify as or know someone who's transgender (meaning their gender doesn't match the sex they were assigned at birth) or nonbinary, meaning someone who doesn't identify within the confines of just...

'X' Marks US Passport in a Big First
'X' Marks
US Passport
in a Big First

'X' Marks US Passport in a Big First

United States has issued one with 'X' gender designation instead of 'male' or 'female'

(Newser) - The US has issued its first passport with an "X" gender designation—a milestone in the recognition of the rights of people who don't identify as male or female—and expects to be able to offer the option more broadly next year, the State Department said Wednesday. The...

League Said She Was Too Young to Go Pro. Judge: Nope
League Said She Was Too
Young to Go Pro. Judge: Nope
in case you missed it

League Said She Was Too Young to Go Pro. Judge: Nope

National Women's Soccer League can now sign Olivia Moultrie, 15

(Newser) - A federal judge has overruled the National Women's Soccer League, at least temporarily, finding its rule barring players under 18 is a form of gender discrimination. Olivia Moultrie—a 15-year-old who debuted with the Portland Thorns' under-19 team at age 14 and signed a nine-year endorsement deal with Nike...

Demi Lovato: Call Me 'They'
Demi Lovato
Changes Their

Demi Lovato Changes Their Pronouns

Singer reveals they are non-binary

(Newser) - Singer Demi Lovato made a big announcement Wednesday, revealing they are non-binary and are changing their pronouns to they/them. In a tweet , they said they'd been "living for those on the other side of the cameras." But "over the past year and a half, I've...

Bill Would Bar Stores From Having 'Boys' and 'Girls' Toys

California lawmakers say the practice is outdated

(Newser) - A California lawmaker said that when she was a child, she sometimes was steered away from playing with Lincoln Logs because they were thought by adults to be for boys. The issue is more than fun; such activities can develop spatial ability, notes the Los Angeles Times . That can help...

Greene Mocks Colleague's Trans Flag With 'Gender' Sign

Congresswoman goes after House neighbor Marie Newman, whose daughter is transgender

(Newser) - Rep. Marie Newman, a freshman Democratic congresswoman from Illinois, has been going to bat to get an LGBTQ rights bill known as the Equality Act passed. Newman has shared that her daughter, "the strongest, bravest person I know," identifies as transgender. So Newman wasn't pleased when Georgia...

Emily Ratajkowski Won't 'Know' Baby's Gender Till Age 18

Supermodel announces pregnancy, says she won't impose an identity on her soon-to-arrive child

(Newser) - Emily Ratajkowski's "pumpkin spice" hair is making headlines , but that isn't the biggest news of the week for her. In an essay for Vogue , the 29-year-old supermodel reveals she's pregnant, but if you're tempted to ask if she's having a boy or a girl,...

Trump on Language Change In SEALs Ethos: 'Ridiculous'

President claims he's going to overturn alterations that get rid of words like 'brotherhood'

(Newser) - Although no women have yet qualified to become Navy SEALs, the elite US combat unit recently changed the language in its official guiding beliefs in anticipation that female service members may one day join its ranks. As reported earlier this week by American Military News , the ethos and creeds of...

In This Wild Battle of Sexes, the Females Prevail
In Phenomenon
Seen Across Species,
the Ladies Have It
in case you missed it

In Phenomenon Seen Across Species, the Ladies Have It

Female mammals typically live longer, likely owing to genetics

(Newser) - It's not just in human populations that females tend to live longer than males. The same trend has been seen in mammals such as elephants, lions, and orcas, according to a new study. Indeed, demographic data for 134 populations of 101 mammalian species shows females outlive males in 60%...

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