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Raid Turns Up What Could Be a Precious Painting

If the unknown Jackson Pollock work is authentic, it could be worth $54M

(Newser) - A previously unknown painting by Jackson Pollock, worth upwards of $54 million, has been found during a raid on alleged international art smugglers. The painting turned up in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia during an operation targeting an organized criminal group known to operate across Greece, per Art News . Five...

He Bought the Painting for $180K. It Just Sold for $92M

Seattle Art Museum won't get Edward Hopper's 'Chop Suey' after all

(Newser) - When the gavel came down, an anonymous bidder was out $92 million and the art world was up in confidence. The scene unfolded Tuesday at Christie's in New York as work from the estate of late Seattle-area luxury-travel executive Barney Ebsworth was sold, per the Wall Street Journal . In...

LA Lakers Poster Led Man to What Could Be a $10M Painting

What is thought to be a Jackson Pollock uncovered in Arizona

(Newser) - What does Kobe Bryant have to do with the possible discovery of a "lost" Jackson Pollock painting? Something, it turns out. An Arizona auction house says it was contacted by a Sun City resident who wanted someone to take a look at a 1992 LA Lakers poster signed by...

Fake Jackson Pollock? Software Lets You Know

And it goes to show how unique painter's work is

(Newser) - How do you tell whether a canvas splattered with paint is the work of Jackson Pollock—or a fake? Collectors have been tricked in the past, but a new computer program could prevent such misfortune, the Smithsonian reports. The software, created by a researcher at Lawrence Technological University , was at...

Jackson Pollock: Master of Physics?

Artist's paintings exploited paint as non-Newtonian fluid

(Newser) - Jackson Pollock's remarkable works have long mesmerized art lovers and scientists alike. Scientists were particularly impressed to learn back in 2011 that Pollock's work took advantage of fluid dynamics even before physicists studied the principle. Now, using an experimental technique, researchers in Mexico City have been able to...

How a Queens Man Forged Modern Masterpieces

Heat, tea bags used to "age" Pei-Shen Qian's paintings

(Newser) - A painter in Queens and his co-conspirators reportedly managed to trick experts for years with forgeries of Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and other masters—and the techniques they used were, it seems, surprisingly simple. For instance: An art dealer in the $33 million scheme, one Jose Carlos Bergantiños Diaz,...

Art Dealer Admits Her Role in 15-Year Scam

Sold Pollocks, Rothkos, Motherwells ... painted by guy in Queens

(Newser) - An art dealer scored some $33 million selling works supposedly by 20th-century greats like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko—but yesterday she admitted they weren't real, the Wall Street Journal reports. In fact, they were all painted by a Chinese immigrant living in Queens; he hasn't been named...

Sotheby's Sets Record Thanks to $75M Rothko

$375M total for contemporary-art auction is biggest in house's history

(Newser) - What is it about Rothko that drives auction-goers wild ? One of the painter's works went for $75 million at a contemporary-art auction yesterday, helping make the evening's total haul—$375 million—a record-setter in the category for Sotheby's, reports the Wall Street Journal . A multinational group...

Modern Art Auction Shatters Records

Rothko painting stars with $86.9M final price

(Newser) - The modern art market is boiling hot right now. For evidence, take a gander at the results from last night's Christie's auction, which saw a Mark Rothko painting sell for nearly $87 million, shattering the gallery's $35 million to $40 million estimate. The sale is a record...

Scientists Find Physics in Jackson Pollock's Art

He had an intuitive grasp of fluid dynamics: study

(Newser) - The work of Jackson Pollock has been, and will continue to be, a divisive style of abstract painting inspiring to some and endlessly confusing to others. This might not help the latter camp: A physicist, a mathematician, and an art historian teamed up to analyze Pollack's trademark drips and...

Iran Guards Hidden Art Trove
Iran Guards Hidden Art Trove

Iran Guards Hidden Art Trove

Top modern art collection kept in the basement of Iranian museum

(Newser) - A basement chock full of Picassos, Monets, and almost every important Western Modernist painter—surely the Louvre? Au contraire, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. That’s where the LA Times’ Kim Murphy found a treasure trove of painstakingly cared-for paintings that have seen the light of day but once...

Are They Pollocks or Bollocks?
Are They Pollocks or Bollocks?

Are They Pollocks or Bollocks?

Scientist says pigments on the paintings weren't patented while artist was alive

(Newser) - Paintings dug out of an old Hamptons locker might light up the art world with multi-million dollar sales or prove to be utter fakes, Newsweek reports. Marked “Pollock Experiments” and dribbled in the American artist’s style, the small pictures on cardboard will be drawing crowds in Boston next...

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