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Reporter Must Pay $5K for Mocking PM's Height

Italy's Giorgia Meloni went after journalist in court over slam

(Newser) - For the record, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is somewhere around 5-foot-3, notes the BBC . She is not, as an Italian journalist jokingly suggested on social media, 4 feet tall. And now the journalist has been ordered by an Italian court to pay 5,000 euro, or about $5,500,...

Brett Favre Is Not Letting Suit Against Shannon Sharpe Go

Former Packers star is seeking to revive defamation lawsuit

(Newser) - Lawyers for retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre will ask a federal appeals court on Tuesday to revive a defamation lawsuit Favre filed against fellow Pro Football Hall of Fame member Shannon Sharpe, amid the backdrop of a Mississippi welfare scandal. A federal judge in Mississippi threw out the lawsuit in...

Judge: Man Was Defamed in Film About Finding King's Body

University official filed lawsuit over The Lost King

(Newser) - A former university official who complained that he was depicted as an "arrogant villain" in a movie about the discovery of King Richard III's remains under a parking lot has scored a win in his defamation lawsuit. A British judge ruled Friday that the portrayal of former University...

Trump's Memorial Day Post Spurs Response From Carroll Lawyer

After ex-president attacks writer again online, her attorney says 'all options are on the table'

(Newser) - Donald Trump spent part of the long weekend doing what he often does on major holidays—"launching CAPS-littered attacks on his perceived enemies," per Intelligencer . After wishing even the "human scum" of the US a happy Memorial Day on his Truth Social platform on Monday, the former...

Juror to Drag Perfomer: 'Sorry You Went Through This'

Eric Posey wins $1.1M in defamation suit against blogger who falsely claimed he exposed himself

(Newser) - A jury has awarded more than $1.1 million to an Idaho drag performer who accused a far-right blogger of defaming him when she falsely claimed that he exposed himself to a crowd during a Pride event in June 2022. The Kootenai County District Court jury unanimously found Friday that...

Biden Lawyers Warn of Suit if Fox Doesn't Meet Demands

President's son threatens litigation against network over 'intimate images,' debunked coverage

(Newser) - Fox News has been slammed with multiple big lawsuits over the past few years, and now, a new possible complaint—this one from Hunter Biden, with a letter from his legal team noting that he plans to sue if Fox News doesn't meet certain demands regarding past coverage of...

Netflix Unable to Get Inventing Anna Suit Axed

Lawyer says Netflix defamed Rachael Williams after she sold her story to rival HBO

(Newser) - Netflix has failed to deflect a defamation lawsuit alleging it falsely portrayed one of the subjects of the Inventing Anna miniseries as a heartless, greedy mooch. Rachel DeLoache Williams, a former Vanity Fair staffer who penned a book about her friendship with con artist Anna Sorokin , filed the lawsuit in...

Convicted Marvel Actor Now Sued by Ex-Girlfriend

Jonathan Majors is sued by Grace Jabbari for assault, harassment, defamation

(Newser) - Jonathan Majors was "shocked" when he was convicted late last year of assault and harassment of an ex-girlfriend. That erstwhile lover, Grace Jabbari, is now suing the former Marvel Studios actor as well, reports the AP . The lawsuit, which is seeking at least $75,000 in damages and other...

Trump Sues ABC, Stephanopoulos
Trump Sues ABC,

Trump Sues ABC, Stephanopoulos

Alleges defamation in interview with Rep. Nancy Mace

(Newser) - Former President Trump had a busily litigious Monday, filing court documents saying that he can't raise the enormous bond in his civil fraud case, and as the Hill reports, suing ABC News and George Stephanopoulos for defamation. The lawsuit stems from an interview Stephanopoulos did with GOP Rep. Nancy...

Trump's Latest Attack Catches the Ear of Carroll's Lawyer

Despite losing lawsuit, former president renewed criticism at rally

(Newser) - An attorney for a longtime advice columnist who won an $83.3 million defamation award against Donald Trump suggested Monday that a new lawsuit is possible against the ex-president after he resumed verbal attacks against her at a campaign rally. Roberta Kaplan, who represents 80-year-old writer E. Jean Carroll, noted...

Judge Won't Grant Trump Delay for Posting Bond in Carroll Case
Trump Pays $91.6M Bond
in E. Jean Carroll Case

Trump Pays $91.6M Bond in E. Jean Carroll Case

A judge rejected his request for more time

(Newser) - Donald Trump has filed an appeal of the judgment against him in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case—and posted the required $91.63 million bond. On Thursday, US District Judge Lewis Kaplan rejected the former president's request for more time to pay the bond, which covers the $83....

Trump Demands New Trial in E. Jean Carroll Case

He complains he couldn't defend himself, penalty is too high

(Newser) - Former President Trump says he deserves a new trial in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case because he wasn't able to defend himself. Trump briefly testified during the January trial that focused on the damages to be awarded to Carroll for defamatory statements Trump made as president, but was...

Sandy Hook Families Vote to Liquidate Alex Jones' Assets

Liquidation plan, requiring judge approval, favored over offer of $55M over 10 years

(Newser) - The families of the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting have rejected Alex Jones' offer to pay them $55 million over 10 years. The families, who won $1.5 billion in defamation damages against the bankrupted Infowars host, have instead voted in favor of liquidating Jones' assets as...

Carroll Plans to Spend Money on 'Something Trump Hates'

'If it'll cause him pain for me to give money to certain things, that's my intent'

(Newser) - On Saturday, E. Jean Carroll said she planned to do "something good" with the $83.3 million a jury has ordered former President Trump to pay her. She expanded on that Monday, saying she'll use the money for "something Donald Trump hates," ABC News reports. "...

Carroll Says She Wants to Use Windfall to Bring 'Real Changes'

Writer says fear of confronting Trump in court disappeared when she took stand

(Newser) - It will take time to decide the best use of the $83.3 million in damages a jury awarded her Friday in her claim against Donald Trump, but E. Jean Carroll has reached a couple of conclusions. "I'm not going to waste a cent of this," she...

Jury Decides Trump Must Pay Carroll Another $83M

Trial decided punitive damages after former president had lost defamation case

(Newser) - A jury has awarded $83.3 million in additional damages to advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, who argued that Donald Trump damaged her reputation by calling her a liar after she accused him of sexual assault. The verdict was delivered by a seven-man, two-woman jury after about three hours of...

Judge Threatens Trump Lawyer With Jail, Trump Storms Out

More drama in a Manhattan courtroom in defamation damages trial for E. Jean Carroll

(Newser) - A Manhattan federal courtroom got testy Friday during the damages portion of writer E. Jean Carroll's defamation trial against former President Trump. Trump was there for closing arguments—as he'd been on Thursday, when he briefly testified —and the AP notes that he seemed "agitated all...

Trump Takes the Stand: 'Just Wanted to Defend Myself'

Former president testifies briefly in damages trial after E. Jean Carroll's defamation win

(Newser) - After much anticipation, Donald Trump took the stand in the damages trial that followed his loss in a defamation case brought against him by E. Jean Carroll —and he was done in a few minutes. When his attorney Alina Habba asked him if he had ever instructed anyone to...

Giuliani's Comments Bring Another Lawsuit

Former election workers go back to court after defendant repeats accusations

(Newser) - Fresh from winning $148 million in damages from Rudy Giuliani, two former Georgia election workers have sued him again over a fresh round of public comments he made Friday. Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman on Monday asked a court to permanently prohibit the former personal lawyer to Donald Trump from...

Trump Loses Bid to Claim Immunity in Defamation Trial

January trial will address damages payable to E. Jean Carroll

(Newser) - A federal appeals court has turned down former President Trump's attempt to present an immunity defense in the second defamation lawsuit brought against him by E. Jean Carroll. He'd have had to invoke it when the writer first sued him, the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled...

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