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Chess Can't Shake Its Dark Side as Popularity Rises

Business Insider piece says sexism, cheating, abuse remain factors

(Newser) - Chess has been exploding in popularity of late, and Rob Price takes a deep dive into the culture for Business Insider . What he paints is not a pretty picture. Chess "is uniquely positioned to act as an accelerant for the internet's worst impulses: sexism , abuse, cheating, elitism, and...

Champ Hits 60 Hours in Attempt at Chess Marathon Record

Tunde Onakoya raises money for education of poor African children

(Newser) - Tunde Onakoya broke the world record for the longest chess marathon—56 hours, 9 minutes, 37 seconds of nonstop play—and kept going. The Nigerian chess champion reached his goal of 58 hours early Saturday in New York's Time Square, putting him comfortably past the mark set by Hallvard...

He's the Youngest Ever to Beat a Chess Grandmaster

'I feel very proud of myself,' says 8-year-old Ashwath Kaushik

(Newser) - On Feb. 12, Leonid Ivanovic of Serbia became the youngest chess player to beat a grandmaster in a classical game at 8 years, 11 months, and 7 days. His record stood only six days until Sunday, when an even younger chess prodigy stole the title. Ashwath Kaushik—aged 8 years,...

Teen's Viral Post Calls Out Sexism in Chess

Divya Deshmukh says she's 'disappointed' at what people are focusing on

(Newser) - A rising chess star took to social media to express her dismay at the sexist treatment she's received in the male-dominated sport. Per the BBC , Divya Deshmukh is an 18-year-old International Master from India who recently competed in the Netherlands-based Tata Steel Chess Tournament. Despite a successful event—she...

Chess Player Fined Over Her 'Sports Shoes'
Chess Player
Fined Over Her
'Sports Shoes'
in case you missed it

Chess Player Fined Over Her 'Sports Shoes'

Dutch player Anna-Maja Kazarian was forced to change them, despite ambiguous dress code

(Newser) - It's been a year of weird , even gross , controversies in the world of chess . And now comes one last one for the books: The International Chess Federation fined a player 100 euros ($111) for wearing "sports shoes" during a tournament in Uzbekistan and made her change them before...

Chinese Chess Champ Loses Crown Over Pooping Incident

Yan Chenglong, accused of cheating with anal beads, defecated in hotel tub

(Newser) - There's playing dirty, and then there's celebrating dirty, and allegations of both have gotten the newly crowned king of Chinese chess unceremoniously dethroned. As AFP reports, Yan Chenglong on Dec. 17 won the national title of "Xiangqi King," or king of Chinese chess, a hugely popular...

Girl, 8, Beats 39-Year-Old Chess Master at Tournament

Bodhana Sivanandan was named best female player at the blitz tournament

(Newser) - Bodhana Sivanandan won the title of best female player at the European blitz chess championships over the weekend—at age 8. In the penultimate round, the British girl beat her first international master, 39-year-old Lorin D'Costa, a chess coach. In the final round, she drew with grandmaster Vladislav Nevednichy,...

YouTube Is the New Chess Club
Is the New
Chess Club

YouTube Is the New Chess Club

Influencers like Levy Rozman are becoming the new face of the game

(Newser) - Levy Rozman ranks 6,689th in the international chess world, but on YouTube, he's No. 1. His GothamChess channel has accrued over a billion views, ranking first on YouTube in chess, according to the New York Times . Rozman's status eclipses the world's No. 4 ranked player (American...

Piers Morgan Confronts Chess Prodigy on Odd Cheating Theory

Talk show host asks Hans Niemann if he used anal beads to illegally win

(Newser) - Last year, accusations started flying against chess whiz Hans Niemann, with five-time world champ Magnus Carlsen alleging that his fellow grandmaster had cheated as they faced off in the Sinquefield Cup. Now, those accusations are being resurrected, with the 20-year-old Neimann defiantly insisting he's completely on the up-and-up. Niemann,...

Chess Feud for the Ages Is Over
Chess Feud for
the Ages Is Over

Chess Feud for the Ages Is Over will welcome back alleged cheater Hans Niemann, with Magnus Carlsen's toleration

(Newser) - The feud between Norwegian former world chess champion Magnus Carlsen and American grandmaster Hans Niemann, which hit its peak with the filing of a $100 million lawsuit , has been resolved., which banned Niemann for cheating and was cited in his defamation suit, announced Monday that Niemann would be...

Chess Federation Bans Trans Women Pending Review

Trans women have 'no right to participate' in female events ahead of FIDE ruling

(Newser) - The world's top chess federation has ruled that transgender women can't compete in its official events for females until an assessment of gender change is made by its officials. The decision by the Switzerland-based International Chess Federation (FIDE) was published on Monday and has drawn criticism from advocacy...

Hans Niemann Sues for $100M Over Cheating Allegations
Chess Upstart
Gets Bad News
on Huge Lawsuit

Chess Upstart Gets Bad News on Huge Lawsuit

Hans Niemann tried to go after Magnus Carlsen, for $100M

(Newser) - Bad news for the young US grandmaster accused of cheating in a scandal that rocked the chess world: A federal judge on Tuesday tossed the antitrust portion of his lawsuit against prominent chess figures including and former world champion Magnus Carlsen, and since it was dismissed with prejudice,...

By Day, He Sweeps School Halls. After That, a 'Noble' Coaching Gig

Dave Bishop has mentored Maine schoolkids in chess, helping them win state championships

(Newser) - When Dave Bishop was 50, he decided he'd had enough of his 30-year telecommunications career. He took a retirement package, and a job as a custodian in a Maine school district, figuring it would be a lot less stressful than what he used to do. Now, more than a...

Carlsen's Final Game as World Chess Champ Did Not Go Well

He 'mouse-slipped,' handing victory to rival

(Newser) - Magnus Carlsen's last game as world chess champion is not one that he is likely to remember fondly. Carlsen, who has held the title since 2013 but chose not to take part in the biennial World Chess Championship this year, was knocked out of the online Chessable Masters tournament...

Chess Prodigy Gets Early Holiday Gift From the US
Chess Prodigy, 12,
Is Granted Asylum

Chess Prodigy, 12, Is Granted Asylum

Nigerian Tani Adewumi, 12, can now travel globally for chess competitions

(Newser) - In 2019, 8-year-old Tanitoluwa "Tani" Adewumi defeated 73 of the best players in his age group at a New York state chess championship, breaking a record by doing so. Now, three years later, he "just won his biggest match" ever, per NPR : The now-12-year-old Nigerian boy and his... Probe: Niemann's Cheating Was Likely Rampant

Investigation finds grandmaster likely cheated in 100+ games, including some for prize money

(Newser) - carried out an internal investigation into Hans Moke Niemann, and the Wall Street Journal reports that the probe, which the newspaper reviewed, reveals far more extensive cheating than the American grandmaster has admitted. Niemann, whose alleged cheating started making big waves in the chess world after he beat...

Chess Champ Magnus Carlsen Accuses His Rival of Cheating
Chess Champ
Finally Unloads

Chess Champ Finally Unloads Cheating Allegations

Magnus Carlsen says Hans Niemann isn't owning up to extent of his trickery

(Newser) - After much speculation, world chess champion Magnus Carlsen officially accused fellow grandmaster Hans Moke Neimann of cheating on Monday. The Norwegian said the 19-year-old American, who's admitted to cheating twice in online matches at the ages of 12 and 16, had "cheated more—and more recently—than he...

Comments About Women Cost Chess Analyst His Job

Ilya Smirin said in live broadcast of tournament that a competitor was 'playing like a man'

(Newser) - Ilya Smirin didn't last a full day as a chess commentator. The Israeli grandmaster was making his broadcasting debut, live, on Tuesday at the Women's Grand Prix in Astana, Kazakhstan, when he expressed doubts about women's ability to compete. In discussing one competitor's play, the English-language...

Magnus Carlsen: I'll Explain More on Chess Cheating

Chess champ says a statement is coming

(Newser) - The reigning chess world champion has promised to say more regarding the game's ongoing scandal. Magnus Carlsen, who resigned a game last week after playing just one move against Hans Niemann (he also resigned from an entire tournament earlier this month after Niemann beat him in an upset), seems...

Carlsen Drops Hints About Chess Rival's Play

World's top player slips in name of opponent's mentor, for some reason, amid cheating allegations

(Newser) - Magnus Carlsen took questions about the suspicions consuming chess that Hans Moke Niemann cheated, but the answers from the world's top-ranked player only raised more questions. On Monday, Carlsen resigned in protest after making one move against Niemann in an online game. The flap began when Niemann beat Carlsen...

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