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Israel PM: Ben & Jerry's Will Face 'Serious Consequences'

Naftali Bennett promises to 'act aggressively' against boycott actions

(Newser) - Israel's prime minister has warned Ben & Jerry's that there will be "serious consequences, legal and otherwise" for its decision to ban sales of its ice cream in what the company calls "Occupied Palestinian Territory." Naftali Bennett said Tuesday that Israel "will act aggressively...

Israel Has Bad News for Pfizer Vaccine

Its efficacy drops against Delta variant, but it was still 93% effective at preventing severe disease

(Newser) - Israel's Ministry of Health says the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine isn't offering the same level of protection against COVID-19 now that the Delta variant is dominant. In May, when the Alpha variant dominated Israel, the vaccine was found to be 95.3% effective against infection, per CNN . But in a...

Israel: 'We Are Seeing a Doubling Every Few Days'

Country brings back mask requirement just 10 days after it was lifted

(Newser) - With COVID cases surging, Israel has reimposed a mask mandate in indoor public spaces just 10 days after it was lifted. The country—which had the world's fastest vaccination program and lifted all other restrictions earlier this year—recorded two consecutive days with zero new cases earlier this month,...

Netanyahu Moving Out Weeks After Being Voted Out

Israel has no established protocol for handing over official residence

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu says he and his family will move out of Israel's official prime minister's residence by July 10, nearly a month after he was ousted from office following a record 12-year reign. That's not nearly soon enough for critics who have long accused the Netanyahus of...

After Incendiary Balloons Launched, Israel Breaks Ceasefire

The balloons, in turn, were launched from Gaza in response to an Israeli march

(Newser) - Israeli aircraft carried out a series of airstrikes at militant sites in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday, the first such raids since a shaky cease-fire ended the war with Hamas last month, the AP reports. The airstrikes targeted facilities used by Hamas militants for meetings to plan attacks, the Israeli...

Netanyahu Gets Booted, Then Makes Seating Faux Pas

He sat down in prime minister's chair after getting booted, though it appears to have been inadvertent

(Newser) - Israel has a new prime minister , but the old one seems rather resistant to leaving his post. Naftali Bennett officially took over the job on Monday from Benjamin Netanyahu, after the latter's 12-year rule, and the friction surrounding Netanyahu's ouster was apparent. First, there was no traditional handing-over...

Netanyahu's Long Tenure Officially Over in Israel

Naftali Bennett will be sworn in Monday morning

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu is leaving office after 12 straight years, 15 years total. Naftali Bennett's coalition government survived—barely—a confidence vote Sunday, the New York Times reports. The Knesset, Israel's parliament, was closely split, with a 60-59 majority favoring Bennett, who will be sworn in as prime minister...

Israel Coalition Reaches Deal to Oust Netanyahu

Yair Lapid, Naftali Bennet would take turns as PM

(Newser) - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s opponents on Wednesday announced they have reached a deal to form a new governing coalition, paving the way for the ouster of the longtime Israeli leader. The dramatic announcement by opposition leader Yair Lapid and his main coalition partner, Naftali Bennett, came shortly before a...

Parties Strike Deal to Oust Netanyahu

Naftali Bennett would lead power-sharing government

(Newser) - Opposition parties in Israel announced Sunday that they have assembled enough support to form a unity government and replace longtime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The negotiations have gone on for weeks, the Washington Post reports. Netanyahu has failed to decisively win four elections in the past two years. "We...

Blinken Says US Will Reopen Jerusalem Consulate

Secretary of State makes first official visit to the region

(Newser) - Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday announced plans to reopen a key diplomatic outreach office to the Palestinians and pledged nearly $40 million in new aid—reversing key policies of the Trump administration as he moved to bolster the embattled Palestinian government in the West Bank. On his first...

White House Making Biggest In-Person Push Yet on Mideast

Secretary of State Blinken is heading to the region

(Newser) - Secretary of State Antony Blinken is heading to the Middle East to press the Israelis, Palestinians, and regional players to build on last week’s Gaza ceasefire by laying the groundwork for an eventual resumption in long-stalled peace talks, per the AP . President Biden announced Blinken would depart on Monday...

With Cease-Fire, Biden to Stick With 'Quiet Diplomacy'

Aides say administration officials have been on the phone to other leaders 80 times

(Newser) - President Biden has said little to the nation about the Israeli-Palestinian fighting, and he's heard about that, from people who wanted him to do or say more. With the cease-fire announced Thursday, Biden stepped to the White House microphone to praise everyone involved and to offer assurances that he'...

Israeli Cabinet Approves Cease-Fire
Israel's Netanyahu
Announces Cease-Fire

Israel's Netanyahu Announces Cease-Fire

Hamas calls the development a victory

(Newser) - Israel on Thursday announced a cease-fire in the bruising 11-day war against Hamas militants that caused widespread destruction in the Gaza Strip and brought life in much of Israel to a standstill, per the AP . Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced the cease-fire after a late-night meeting of...

Israel Is Trying to Assassinate a Man It Just Can't Kill

There have been at least 8 attempts on Mohammed Deif's life over the years

(Newser) - The conflict between Israel and Hamas has now hit day 10, and there have been four calls between President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in that time. CNN describes the latest as "a signal that Biden is losing patience" with a leader he has known for some...

US Shoots Down UN Statement Condemning Violence in Gaza

The only country on the Security Council to do so

(Newser) - The UN Security Council was considering a statement condemning the violence in Gaza, which has left hundreds of Palestinians dead including dozens of women and children, and calling for a ceasefire—but the US blocked it Monday, the Wall Street Journal reports. According to Al Jazeera , that's the third...

As Gaza Death Toll Rises, Biden Supports Cease-Fire

Israel launched another wave of airstrikes Monday

(Newser) - The Israeli military unleashed another heavy wave of airstrikes Monday on the Gaza Strip, saying it destroyed militant tunnels and the homes of nine Hamas commanders. International diplomacy to end the weeklong war that has killed hundreds appeared to make little headway. Israel has said it will press on for...

Biden Calls Netanyahu, Abbas With Concerns About Gaza

President raises the safety of journalists with Israeli leader

(Newser) - President Biden called both sides Saturday in an effort to get them to dial back the heavy fighting in the Gaza Strip. One of the concerns he expressed to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a White House release, was about the safety of journalists there. The president "...

Israel Plays Media By Announcing Invasion
Israel Plays Media By
Announcing Invasion

Israel Plays Media By Announcing Invasion

Spokesman says it was an honest mistake, but local reports say it was planned to flush out Hamas

(Newser) - When Israel announced early Friday that it had sent ground troops into Gaza, journalists immediately relayed the news around the world. The move was an escalation, indicating the battle—largely limited to rockets and bombing so far—could quickly become a full-fledged war. Until Israel said it was all a...

Israeli Airstrikes Hit Building Housing Associated Press

'We narrowly avoided a terrible loss of life,' says news organization's president

(Newser) - An Israeli airstrike on Saturday targeted and destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City that housed offices of the Associated Press and other media outlets. AP staffers and other tenants safely evacuated the building after the military telephoned a warning that the strike was imminent within an hour. Three heavy...

Amid Deadly Israeli Airstrike, Fears of an 'Intifada'

10 family members, including 8 children, die in Gaza City, raising concerns of Palestinian uprising

(Newser) - An Israeli air raid in Gaza City killed at least 10 Palestinians, mostly children, early Saturday in the deadliest single strike since the battle with Gaza's militant Hamas rulers erupted earlier this week. Both sides pressed for an advantage as ceasefire efforts gathered strength. The latest outburst of violence...

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