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US Cycling Team Tried to Pass Off Mechanic as a Rider

Cynisca director accused of making another team member pose as missing required competitor

(Newser) - The American women's cycling team Cynisca was hit with sanctions Monday after the sport's governing body found they'd misrepresented who was set to ride during an international competition last summer. Cycling News reports that at the one-day Argenta Classic held in Belgium in July, the US' Continental...

Cops: He Hit 2 Cyclists, Then Made the Next Hit a Fatal One

Juvenile in Huntington Beach, California, charged with homicide after 70-year-old cyclist died

(Newser) - A juvenile driver in Huntington Beach, California, is accused of running down three cyclists within 45 minutes on Sunday, killing one. The cyclists were struck in separate incidents less than a mile apart, KTLA reports. The first incident occurred around 10pm when a cyclist was struck in a crosswalk by...

The Crash Into 20 Cyclists Appears to Have Been Accident

Driver allegedly told police his steering locked

(Newser) - The crash of a truck into a group of 20 bicyclists on a bridge that killed two and injured nearly all the rest of a Phoenix area cycling group appears to have been an accident, police said Monday. The driver told officers his steering locked, the AP reports. Goodyear Police...

Driver Held After Truck Hits Group of Bicyclists

Arizona crash killed 2 riders and left 11 hospitalized with injuries

(Newser) - The driver of a pickup truck that police say crashed into a group of bicyclists, killing two people and sending 11 to hospitals, has been arrested and is being held in a Maricopa County jail. Pedro Quintana-Lujan, 26, was booked on two counts of manslaughter, three counts of aggravated assault,...

California Group Slams 'Targeted' Attacks on Riders

Series of 'dooring' incidents, other attacks by drivers have sent at least 2 to hospital in East Bay

(Newser) - What should've been an enjoyable end to the workweek with leisurely bike rides around California's East Bay turned into terror for one cycling group, after multiple cars appeared to intentionally go after the riders. East Bay Bike Party, a local group that describes itself as "a mobile...

Two Stats Illustrate a Problem With Bike Helmets
Two Stats Illustrate a Problem
With Bike Helmets

Two Stats Illustrate a Problem With Bike Helmets

US riders use them more than others, but also suffer more traffic fatalities

(Newser) - Marion Renault thinks bicyclists should wear helmets, and she always wears one herself. But in a story at Slate , she writes that "helmets are simply not the road-safety panacea we want them to be." The point is brought home with a combination of two stats: American riders tend...

Cycling Is Healthy. So Why the Deep Connection to Beer?
Bike Culture May Have
a Problem—Alcohol

Bike Culture May Have a Problem—Alcohol

In 'Bicycling,' Gloria Liu suggests the cycling world drinks too much

(Newser) - A few years ago, Gloria Liu wrote a story in Bicycling magazine about how great the "post-ride beer" is in the parking lot, especially with a group of riding friends. Now comes a story in the same magazine with a different bent and a headline asking, "Does Cycling...

He Mountain Biked an Iconic 27-Mile Trail—Uphill

Inside Braydon Bringhurst's wild feat on the Whole Enchilada

(Newser) - "Oh my gosh, dude. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done." That's how Braydon Bringhurst put it to his camera man after completing a challenge that's all but unfathomable to almost every human on the planet: biking up the Whole Enchilada. As...

Police Reject Account of Gruesome Bicycle Accident

New Mexico man lost a foot, but how remains a mystery

(Newser) - A story at Cycling Weekly sums it up as "mysterious but horrific," and it's hard to disagree. What's not in dispute is that 28-year-old Dillen Mauer—a former pro bicyclist who is now a renowned frame builder in New Mexico—lost a foot over Labor Day...

Tour de France Racer Hits Fans, Suffers Broken Neck

Incredibly, Italy's Daniel Oss got up and finished that leg, but he later pulled out of race

(Newser) - An elite racer from Italy has been forced to withdraw from the Tour de France, due to a broken neck suffered after he collided with spectators on a particularly tricky part of the course. Daniel Oss of Team TotalEnergies was cruising along Wednesday during Stage 5 of the race, on...

Suspect in Star Cyclist's Murder Is Caught

Kaitlin Armstrong is arrested in Costa Rica

(Newser) - A woman accused of killing a star cyclist is in custody after six weeks as a fugitive. US Marshals say Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, was tracked to a hostel in Costa Rica and taken into custody, reports KVUE . She is now awaiting deportation to the US. Investigators say Armstrong fatally shot...

Biden OK After Fall Off Bike
Biden OK After
Fall Off Bike

Biden OK After Fall Off Bike

President took a tumble while riding Saturday in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

(Newser) - President Biden fell when he tried to get off his bike at the end of a ride Saturday at Cape Henlopen State Park near his beach home in Delaware, but he said he wasn't hurt. "I'm good," he told reporters after US Secret Service Agents quickly...

After Star Cyclist's Murder, a Love Triangle Emerges
Woman Accused of Killing
Star Cyclist Is at Large
the rundown

Woman Accused of Killing Star Cyclist Is at Large

Police say Anna Moriah Wilson was killed by Kaitlin Armstrong as part of a love triangle

(Newser) - The murder of one of the best cyclists in the nation, if not the world, shocked the riding community earlier this month in Texas. Now, authorities say a love triangle is at the heart of the killing of 25-year-old Anna Moriah Wilson. Coverage:
  • Suspect: Police and federal agents accuse Kaitlin

Bicyclist Dies After Drawbridge Rises as She Crossed
After Woman's
Death, Bridge
Operator Is

After Woman's Death, Bridge Operator Is Charged

Pedestrian was killed when Florida span was raised

(Newser) - Update: A Florida bridgetender who raised a drawbridge before a 79-year-old woman walking her bicycle reached the other side has been has charged with manslaughter in her death, police said. West Palm Beach police arrested Artissua Lafay Paulk, 43, at her home on Thursday, per the AP and Palm Beach ...

It Was a 'Stupidly Hard Ride.' That Was Before the Bull

3 cyclists attacked on course Saturday in California

(Newser) - "The world famous Bianchi Rock Cobbler is a stupidly hard ride bordering on a race ... conceived by drunken madmen," explains the website for the ride . But while those "drunken madmen" designed a roughly 80-mile California off-road course with as much as 6,500 feet of elevation gain,...

Woman Behind Spectacular Tour de France Crash to Pay

The 31-year-old was issued a fine

(Newser) - Update: The French woman who caused one of the worst crashes in Tour de France history by stepping into the road to hold up a sign will have to pay for that choice. The 31-year-old was ordered to pay a roughly $1,350 fine, as well as what the BBC...

Experienced Cyclist Falls in Worst Possible Place

Man goes into water in Florida, is attacked by alligator

(Newser) - An experienced bicyclist's fall in Florida on Monday could have killed him, but not the for reason you might think. TCPalm reports the cyclist lost control while navigating a wooden bridge and tumbled into a small body of water some 6 feet down an embankment, where he was then...

Fan Causes Pileup During Tour de France

Search begins for the spectator, who seems to have fled

(Newser) - A fan who reached into the roadway to try to get a sign picked up by TV cameras caused a major pileup at the Tour de France, leaving a tangle of bikes and riders. Tony Martin of Germany had nowhere to go but into the sign, CNN reports. Other riders...

Police Shoot Driver After Pickup Strikes Bicyclists

At least 6 are critically wounded in Arizona race, as is the truck's driver

(Newser) - A pickup truck was driven into a benefit bicycle race Saturday in Arizona, leaving at least six people critically injured. Police chased down and shot the driver, a 35-year-old white man, who also was hospitalized in critical condition, CNN reports. The event was the 13th annual Bike the Bluff race,...

'It's Just the Worst Thing I Could Ever See'

5 dead, 4 injured after truck hits Nevada cyclists

(Newser) - Almost 20 cyclists were traveling through Nevada's open desert on Thursday when they were involved in the deadliest vehicle-cyclist crash in the state in at least 16 years. Around 9:40am a box truck plowed into the group along Highway 95 north of Searchlight, where the speed limit is...

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