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California Phasing In Historic Water Restrictions

Municipal suppliers must start cutting back or face big fines

(Newser) - California has imposed temporary water restrictions on cities and towns over the years as it battled prolonged droughts. Now, for the first time in its history, the state is imposing permanent restrictions in some areas, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . Water regulators have approved a plan to order municipal water...

Popular Italian Hot Spot Bars Tourists Amid Water Issue

Glitch in water delivery system on Capri has sent island into a water emergency

(Newser) - A water emergency prompted the mayor of Capri—one of Italy's most popular islands—to order a halt to the arrival of tourists on Saturday, in a crisis that has deprived some areas of any water supply. Without a water supply, it's impossible to guarantee essential services to...

China's Tallest Waterfall Gets an Odd Boost

Footage recorded by drone shows pipes in the rock face

(Newser) - China's Yuntai Falls trumps Niagara Falls when it comes to height, at roughly 1,000 feet to the latter's 188 feet. But when it comes to powerful natural flows, Niagara appears to have it soundly beat. It turns out the towering Chinese waterfall—the country's highest (see...

This City Just Got Way Too Wet
This City Just Got
Way Too Wet

This City Just Got Way Too Wet

Businesses, attractions in downtown Atlanta closed due to water main breaks

(Newser) - Downtown Atlanta businesses and attractions were closed Saturday as the city tried to repair water main breaks that led to water outages and low pressure. Water gushed into the street where three large water mains intersect, causing water problems at two downtown hospitals, a city jail, a county jail, and...

EPA: Iran, China, Russia Are Targeting Water Utilities

Agency urges utilities to step up cybersecurity

(Newser) - Cyberattacks against water utilities across the country are becoming more frequent and more severe, the Environmental Protection Agency warned Monday as it issued an enforcement alert urging water systems to take immediate actions to protect the nation's drinking water. More, from the AP :
  • About 70% of utilities inspected by

California's Water Tunnel Grows More Controversial

It's set to cost an estimated $20B, though city officials say benefits will be worth double

(Newser) - The tunnel is designed to capture and store more rainwater in California in anticipation of long periods of drought and the dangerously low water levels drought brings. The cost, however, is hard to swallow. Gov. Gavin Newsom's administration said Thursday that the proposed tunnel beneath the Sacramento-San Joaquin River...

Overflowing Texas Water Tower May Be a 'Worrisome Escalation'
In Texas, an
Water Tower
Points to Russia
in case you missed it

In Texas, an Overflowing Water Tower Points to Russia

Russian hackers have claimed responsibility, in what may be nation's first attack on US water

(Newser) - A water tower in a small Texas town overflowed in January, spilling tens of thousands of gallons into the streets. Now, Google-owned cybersecurity company Mandiant says the incident in Muleshoe may be the first hack into US water systems by Russia after infiltrators tied to one of that country's...

In Welcome Spot on Mars, Frozen Water Apparently Hides
Massive Reserve of Ice
Found Near Equator of Mars

Massive Reserve of Ice Found Near Equator of Mars

Huge deposits detected near a likely landing spot of future astronauts

(Newser) - Deep beneath Mars' equator lies what is believed to be a supply of frozen water that, if melted, would cover the entire planet in an ocean of at least 5 feet deep. That's according to the European Space Agency , whose Mars Express spacecraft discovered the suspected reserve of water...

California OKs Drinking Recycled Wastewater

Wastewater to be treated for all pathogens and viruses before reaching tap

(Newser) - When a toilet is flushed in California, the water can end up in a lot of places: An ice skating rink near Disneyland, ski slopes around Lake Tahoe, farmland in the Central Valley. And—coming soon—kitchen faucets. California regulators on Tuesday approved new rules to let water agencies recycle...

They Thought Their Drinking Water Was Safe. Now, a Lawsuit

Wisconsin city of Wausau sues PFAS makers, insurance firms over groundwater contamination

(Newser) - A Wisconsin city has filed a lawsuit against more than a dozen manufacturers of so-called forever chemicals, claiming the contaminants have polluted the city's groundwater. The complaint filed Thursday on behalf of Wausau is against 15 makers of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), as well as 61 insurance companies,...

Historic Lead Pipe Overhaul Has a Big Loophole
Historic Lead Pipe Proposal
Is a 'Pediatrician's Dream'
the rundown

Historic Lead Pipe Proposal Is a 'Pediatrician's Dream'

EPA wants utilities to replace them all in 10 years, but there's a 'loophole' over private property

(Newser) - The Biden administration proposed a historic and ambitious rule on Thursday that would require water systems across the US to replace virtually all their lead pipes in 10 years, reports Reuters . The idea behind the EPA proposal is to avoid any repeats of the public health disaster that unfolded in...

Along the Mississippi, a 'Serious Situation'

Saltwater intrusion could mean salt water for close to 1M people in Louisiana

(Newser) - A summer of high heat and low rainfall has created a serious risk to New Orleans' drinking water. In the coming weeks, water levels on the Mississippi River are expected to reach historic lows for the second year in a row . That means salt water flowing north from the Gulf...

A Texas Mystery: Water Barrels for Migrants Are Disappearing

Human rights groups have long maintained them as life-saving measure in desperate heat

(Newser) - As one of the worst heat waves on record rolls through much of the southern United States this summer, authorities and activists in South Texas found themselves embroiled in a mystery in the arid region near the border with Mexico. Barrels of life-saving water that a human rights group had...

Florida City Famous for Its Water Now Has Water Woes

Zephyrhills is using a lot of it thanks to a booming population

(Newser) - Zephyrhills, located inland from Tampa, Florida, is famous for its water. In fact, it calls itself the "City of Pure Water." But thanks to a population explosion—13,000 residents in 2010 ballooned to 20,000 in 2022—there are growing concerns that the city's water allowance...

Supreme Court Sides Against Navajo Nation in Water Case

Biden administration feared similar fights with other tribes

(Newser) - The Supreme Court ruled against the Navajo Nation on Thursday in a dispute involving water from the drought-stricken Colorado River. States that draw water from the river—Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado—and water districts in California that are also involved in the case had urged the court to decide for...

There's Water All Over the Moon
There's Water
All Over the Moon

There's Water All Over the Moon

Researchers in China find H2O can be pulled from heated impact beads

(Newser) - New research suggests trillions of gallons of water are spread across the moon—which should be great news for those planning a lunar colony. Though NASA plans to search for water ice at the lunar south pole, there are signs that water isn't restricted to the poles but is...

Philly Residents May Want to Drink Bottled Water for a Bit

Drinking water thought to be OK through Monday after chemical spill in Delaware River

(Newser) - Philadelphia residents were told Sunday that they may want to drink bottled water following a chemical spill into the Delaware River in a neighboring county. Bucks County health officials said Sunday that a leak late Friday evening at the Trinseo Altuglas chemical facility in Bristol Township spilled between 8,100...

UN: 26% of People Don't Have Safe Drinking Water

'10% of the global population lives in countries with high or critical water stress'

(Newser) - A new UN report says 26% of the world’s population doesn’t have access to safe drinking water and 46% lacks access to basic sanitation. The World Water Development Report 2023, released Tuesday, painted a stark picture of the huge gap that needs to be filled to meet UN...

Research Questions Advice on Water Intake
Research Throws Water on
8-Glasses-a-Day Advice
new study

Research Throws Water on 8-Glasses-a-Day Advice

The 64-ounces guidance might have been taken too literally

(Newser) - The advice to drink eight glasses of water a day is so engrained that it might be difficult to dislodge it. But some researchers are trying to, the Washington Post reports. A new study published in the journal Science finds issues with that guidance, which might have been misunderstood all...

Ex-Michigan Governor Catches Big Break in Flint Case

Judge dismisses criminal charges against Rick Snyder, 8 years after water issues began

(Newser) - A judge dismissed criminal charges against former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder in the Flint water crisis, months after the state Supreme Court said indictments returned by a one-person grand jury were invalid. Snyder, a Republican who left office in 2019, had been charged with two misdemeanor counts of willful neglect...

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