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Tech Writer Kara Swisher Blasts the 'Boy-Kings'
Tech Writer Kara Swisher
Blasts the 'Boy-Kings'
the rundown

Tech Writer Kara Swisher Blasts the 'Boy-Kings'

Her memoir 'Burn Book' is out this week

(Newser) - Veteran tech journalist Kara Swisher is out with a highly anticipated memoir about her life and the internet revolution she covered from its earliest days. Burn Book is released Tuesday, but early coverage provides a taste:
  • Excerpt: You can read one via Intelligencer here . Included is a moment when she

Report: Mark Cuban Looking to Unload Dallas Mavericks
Casino Family Confirms
Dallas Mavericks Buy

Casino Family Confirms Dallas Mavericks Buy

Mark Cuban is selling majority stake to Miriam Adelson

(Newser) - Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has entered into an agreement to sell a majority stake in the NBA franchise to the family that runs the Las Vegas Sands casino company, it was announced Wednesday. The company controlled by Miriam Adelson, widow of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, announced earlier Tuesday it...

Mark Cuban Just Did What Elon Musk Could Not

Billionaire gets teen tracking private jets to stop tracking his, promising future business advice

(Newser) - Elon Musk tried to get a Florida teen to stop tracking his private jet , to no avail. Mark Cuban, on the other hand, appears to have been successful. Insider reports that 19-year-old Jack Sweeney has stopped sharing data on his Cuban-dedicated Twitter account after the Dallas Mavericks owner reached out...

Mark Cuban Goes Into Generic Drug Business

Online pharmacy cuts out the middleman, company says

(Newser) - Mark Cuban's latest venture is a play designed to go around a segment of the health care industry. The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, an online pharmacy, will sell generic drugs at the manufacturer's price plus a flat 15% markup and pharmacist fee, NPR reports. In a...

NBA to Require Playing Anthem Before Games

'We are good with it,' Mark Cuban says

(Newser) - A day after Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban confirmed that he made the call to stop playing the “Star Spangled Banner” at the team’s home games, the NBA announced that it will require all teams to play the national anthem ahead of games.The move to require the...

NBA Team Drops the National Anthem
NBA Team Drops
the National Anthem

NBA Team Drops the National Anthem

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban ordered the change at beginning of season

(Newser) - The Dallas Mavericks have played 13 preseason and regular-season games at home this NBA season, and not once has the national anthem played. It was absent even as a limited audience of 1,500 fans took in Monday's game at American Airlines Center, and it's not likely to...

Mark Cuban's Errand at Dallas Gas Station Was No Regular One

Dallas Mavericks owner picked up troubled ex-player Delonte West, with hopes to help get him to rehab

(Newser) - It started out last week with a distressing scene: former NBA player Delonte West standing in the rain on the side of a Dallas street, holding up a sign asking for help. Someone snapped a pic, and concerned parties started trying to track the 37-year-old down. This week, a big...

NBA Player's Family Escapes Puerto Rico on Team Plane

Mark Cuban approved JJ Barea's request to send aid, pick up his family

(Newser) - It usually carries very tall men from city to city across the continental US, but the Dallas Mavericks team plane made an important detour to Puerto Rico ahead of the team's first day of training camp Tuesday. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban gave the thumbs up for the plane to...

Trump Says He's Bringing Bill Clinton's Mistress to Debate

He invited Gennifer Flowers because Clinton invited Mark Cuban

(Newser) - For the moment it appears the woman who had an affair with Bill Clinton will be front-and-center during Monday's debate at Donald Trump's invitation, BuzzFeed reports. It started with the Clinton campaign inviting Bizarro-Trump Mark Cuban to the presidential debate at Hoffstra University. TPM quotes a Clinton aide...

Some GOPers Apparently Asked Mark Cuban to Run Against Trump

'Bluster and volume, combined with substance'

(Newser) - It seems a handful of dissatisfied Republicans have decided to go the fight-fire-with-fire route when it comes to the 2016 presidential election, attempting to recruit Mark Cuban to run as an independent. The Washington Post reports a group of Republicans, including Mitt Romney, has been reaching out to prospective third-party...

Mark Cuban Apologizes to Trayvon Martin's Family

Mavericks owner under fire for racially charged comments

(Newser) - Here's a sign that your disquisition on race didn't go very well: You wind up apologizing to Trayvon Martin's family. That's the position Mark Cuban found himself in yesterday, after a perhaps-too-candid talk at Inc. magazine 's GrowCo conference the day prior. Asked about the...

Success Stories: What They Did in Their 20s

Mark Cuban, Howard Schultz, Tim Allen, and others

(Newser) - Did all successful people spend their 20s studying, scrimping, and struggling their way to the American dream? Some, yes—but others were in jail or working retail, as Business Insider reveals in a roundup of what today's success stories were doing in their 20s:
  • Investment shark and Dallas Mavericks

Good Luck Finding a New CEO, Yahoo
 Good Luck Finding a New CEO, Yahoo 

Good Luck Finding a New CEO, Yahoo

The job has been something of a career death trap: Analysis

(Newser) - Yahoo’s dismissal of Carol Bartz has left Peter Lauria of Reuters with a question: “Why would anyone want to be Yahoo’s CEO?” The place has become a career death trap, with past CEOs like Bartz, Jerry Yang, and Terry Semel emerging with bruised reputations. “They are...

Charlie Sheen Smooches Jimmy Kimmel

Manic actor pops up on talk show

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen apparently always has his mind on foreplay. That must be why he planted a lingering kiss on the lips of a very surprised Jimmy Kimmel. Sheen busted onto Kimmel's show last night, to the delight of the audience, and remarked that the talk show host has "very...

Charlie Sheen Finds New Network? Actor in Talks With Mark Cuban and HDNet
 Sheen Finds New Network? 

Sheen Finds New Network?

Mark Cuban in talks with actor for HDNet show, says they'll 'try to figure it out'

(Newser) - Can't get enough of Charlie Sheen and his winning outlook on life? Well, you're in luck: Sheen is in talks with Mark Cuban to do something on HDNet, the billionaire's cable network. Talk show, reality show, or a program featuring tiger blood ... the details have not been worked out, but...

Mark Cuban Wants to Pay to Investigate... Mark Cuban

But SEC isn't exactly jumping at the offer

(Newser) - Mark Cuban has so much money he wants to help the poor SEC pay for an investigation of, well, Mark Cuban. Accused of insider trading for his deal, Cuban figures that the slow-reading SEC attorneys will take eight months to wade through all the paperwork. So Cuban offered...

PATRICK REQUEST Is Facebook the new internet and how soon before Microsoft tries to buy it ? « blog maverick
Facebook Has a Bullseye
on Its Back
Mark Cuban

Facebook Has a Bullseye on Its Back

Google and Apple will try to kill it, Microsoft to buy it

(Newser) - Mark Cuban has some good news and some bad news for Facebook. Good news: It's the “new internet,” our go-to place for at-work entertainment. “Everything that the net was 5 or more years ago, Facebook is today,” the entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks' owner writes on his...

I'm Fat, but No Idiot: Consumers Will Pay for News
 I'm Fat, but No Idiot: 
 Consumers Will Pay for News 
cuban to wolff:

I'm Fat, but No Idiot: Consumers Will Pay for News

(Newser) - Media maverick (and Mavericks owner) Mark Cuban mixes it up with Newser's Michael Wolff, laying out his argument that consumers should and will pay for online content if it's packaged in a new way. Allowing as how he's fat, but hardly an idiot (as per Wolff's column yesterday, see link...

Mark Cuban Takes His Ref Gripes to Twitter

Favoritism for JR Smith? Read all about it on Mavs owner's feed

(Newser) - When Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has disagreed with referees in the past, he's tended to gripe, shout, or bellow—and pay the resulting fines. But now he's also tweeting, notes Chris Matyszczyk on Cuban posted a complaint about a no-call on a Nuggets player: "how...

New Economic Saviors: Marc Cuban and You

(Newser) - Marc Cuban has some ideas about how to get the nation out of this financial mess, and they have a lot to do with—no surprise—Marc Cuban. The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks says entrepreneurs can lead the way, so he's soliciting business plans at his blog, the...

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