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Stephen Baldwin: Alec's Trump Impersonation Not 'Very Funny'

We need to be taking this election seriously, he says

(Newser) - Blood is not thicker than politics, at least when it comes to Stephen Baldwin's opinion of brother Alec Baldwin's Saturday Night Live gig. Alec, of course, has been playing Donald Trump on SNL , and Stephen, an avowed Trump supporter , is not impressed. "He’s got the voice...

10 Celebs Who've Had Big Time Tax Troubles

The latest: Mary J. Blige

(Newser) - Just because you're rich and famous doesn't mean you always bother to pay your tax bill. HLN lists 10 celebrities who've gotten in serious money trouble with Uncle Sam:
  • New Jersey just hit Mary J. Blige with a tax lien of more than $900,000. She was

Stephen Baldwin Charged With Tax Evasion

New York state says he owes $350K

(Newser) - The youngest Baldwin brother is in trouble with the tax man. Stephen, 46, got arrested and charged with tax evasion today, reports the Daily News . New York state says he owes $350,000 for the years 2008-10. Baldwin was released on his own recognizance but is due back in court...

14 Celebs Who Saved the Day
 14 Celebs Who Saved the Day 

14 Celebs Who Saved the Day

Brad Pitt stops a trampling; Johnny Depp halts a mugging

(Newser) - Stephen Baldwin joined the ranks of celebrity Good Samaritans last weekend, when a girl collapsed near him in a New York City bar and started convulsing. Baldwin realized she was having an epileptic seizure, held her hand, and prayed until help arrived. The Week rounds up 13 other celebrities who...

Kevin Costner Beats Baldwin Lawsuit

Jury rejects $17M fraud claim over BP deal

(Newser) - It was aquaboy vs. Stephen Baldwin, and aquaboy won. A federal jury last evening tossed out a claim by Baldwin and a friend that Costner and a business partner duped them by keeping them in the dark about a multimillion-dollar deal between Costner's company, Ocean Therapy Solutions, and the...

Baldwin vs. Baldwin for NYC Mayor?

Stephen might run against Alec, he reveals

(Newser) - The 2013 New York City mayoral race just got very, very interesting: If Alec Baldwin does indeed run , younger and arguably much weirder brother Stephen may just run against him. He said as much in a recent interview with conservative talk show host Alex Jones picked up by Gothamist . "...

Screw Stephen Baldwin— Restore Joss Whedon
 Screw Stephen Baldwin— 
 Restore Joss Whedon 
Parody Dept.

Screw Stephen Baldwin— Restore Joss Whedon

Come on, 'Dollhouse' wasn't that bad!

(Newser) - Remember that goofy campaign to donate money to Stephen Baldwin because he was a Job-like Christian? A comedy outfit called the Big Honkin' thought it was pretty dumb, too, and has a better idea: How about restoring Joss Whedon? No, he's not broke or anything, but man, his shows get...

Stephen Baldwin Needs Your Money to Spread the Gospel and Not Be Bankrupt - Stephen Baldwin - Gawker
 Stephen Baldwin 
 Is Broke! Donate Now! 
because he loves jesus!

Stephen Baldwin Is Broke! Donate Now!

Bankrupt star needs our help, website contends

(Newser) - Stephen Baldwin—the Baldwin brother whose, er, hefty résumé includes playing Barney Rubble in The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas—is bankrupt. He’s also a born-again Christian. And because of that, his supporters have come up with an innovative way to restore him to his former glory: We should...

Stephen Baldwin Declares Bankruptcy

(Newser) - Stephen Baldwin has declared bankruptcy after grappling unsuccessfully with millions of dollars of debt, reports AP. The actor owes $1.2 million in mortgages on a New York property, $1 million in back taxes and $700,000 in credit card debt, according to documents filed yesterday in a New York...

Baldwin House Going Up for Auction

(Newser) - The house of financially challenged actor Stephen Baldwin is going up for auction later this month, the Lower Hudson Journal News reports. The I'm a Celebrity—Get Me Out of Here! star paid $515,000 for the New York state property 12 years ago, but he and wife Kennya have...

Born-Again Actor Leads Charge into Iraq

Commentators cry foul over evangelical care packages

(Newser) - A ventriloquist and a born-again movie star are among those headed for Iraq to entertain US soldiers and fold them into the arms of the Lord, writes Max Blumenthal in the Nation. All well and good, but this version of the Almighty, delivered by the likes of Stephen Baldwin, is...

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