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Oldest US WWII Vet Celebrates 112th With Drive-By Party

New Orleans honors Lawrence Brooks with music and a parade

(Newser) - A Louisiana man who is the oldest living World War II veteran in the United States has marked his 112th birthday. Lawrence Brooks celebrated Sunday with a drive-by party at his New Orleans home hosted by the National World War II Museum, The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate reported. He also...

5 Die in New Orleans' Senior Apartments

City forms teams to search hot buildings after some residents were trapped

(Newser) - Officials in New Orleans are thoroughly inspecting senior living apartments in the city in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida after finding people living in buildings without working generators, trapping residents in wheelchairs in dark, sweltering upper floors. Five people died in the private buildings Sunday, and hundreds have already been...

New Orleans Swelters in Hurricane's Aftermath

Residents are under a heat advisory, and there's no power for air-con

(Newser) - In New Orleans, the levees held during Hurricane Ida—but the entire city was left without power, as were hundreds of thousands of homes elsewhere in Louisiana and Mississippi, and those without generators will now have to swelter in dangerous heat without air-con. The National Weather Service issued a heat...

Images Emerge of Ida&#39;s Damage
Images Emerge
of Ida's Damage

Images Emerge of Ida's Damage

Hurricane 'came in and did everything that was advertised, unfortunately'

(Newser) - Hurricane Ida "came in and did everything that was advertised, unfortunately," Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said Monday as images of damage caused by one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to hit the US mainland emerged. Rescuers set out in hundreds of boats and helicopters to reach...

Al Roker Defends His Hurricane Coverage

Viewers say 67-year-old is too old to be out in such storms, and he responds, 'try to keep up'

(Newser) - One of the reporters out in the storm as Ida pummeled Louisiana on Sunday was 67-year-old weatherman Al Roker. As Mashable notes, social media clips of Roker, including one from NBC all but boasting that he was being "pummeled by waves" as the storm bore down on New Orleans,...

All of New Orleans Loses Power as Ida Rolls Through

Power is out as hurricane is downgraded to a tropical storm

(Newser) - The entire city of New Orleans was without power Monday morning thanks to Hurricane Ida. The weather system is now over Mississippi, having been downgraded to a tropical storm 16 hours after making landfall in Louisiana, reports the AP . Despite the downgrade, storm surges, winds, and heavy rain pose a...

Hurricane Ida Storm Surge Will Be 'Unsurvivable'

Now a category 4 as Gulf Coast landfall imminent

(Newser) - As predicted, Hurricane Ida has strengthened to a devastating category 4 storm as it makes its inevitable march toward the Gulf Coast early Sunday, the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's landfall. Per CNN , the storm now has sustained winds of 150mph, which puts it just under a catastrophic category...

New Orleans Prepares for a Major Hurricane

Ida makes landfall in Cuba and is forecast to reach Louisiana on Sunday

(Newser) - Now a hurricane, Ida made landfall in Cuba on Friday and was on track to cross the Gulf and hit Louisiana hard Sunday as a Category 3 storm. "The forecast track has it headed straight towards New Orleans. Not good," said a senior scientist with the Climate Service,...

'Ida Certainly Has the Potential to Be Very Bad'

Louisiana declares emergency as tropical storm approaches

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Ida prompted a hurricane watch for New Orleans and an emergency declaration for the state of Louisiana as it pushed across the Caribbean toward an anticipated strike on Cuba Friday. Ida could be near major hurricane strength by the time it reaches the northern Gulf Coast, which forecasters...

DHS Seizes 'Low-Quality' Fake Vaccination Cards

Sellers advertise bogus documents openly online

(Newser) - On Thursday, New Orleans announced that anyone wanting to enter a bar, restaurant, gym, or concert will have to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or a recent negative coronavirus test, WDSU reports. On Friday, customs officers said they had intercepted a shipment of fake cards on their way to...

10 Most, Least Stressed US Cities
10 Most, Least
Stressed US Cities

10 Most, Least Stressed US Cities

Per WalletHub, Cleveland needs a chill pill, while S. Burlington in Vermont is kicking back just fine

(Newser) - It's been a tough 16 months, and stress levels have been high—though in some cities across the country, that stress has been tougher to contend with than in others. WalletHub wanted to see which places have been dealing with things best (and which not so much), so it...

Vaxxed and Ready to Relax? These US Cities Are Waiting

San Francisco tops LawnStarter's list of best places for the vaccinated to enjoy summer vacation

(Newser) - Summer is here, and if you're cautiously starting to reemerge from the pandemic, you may wonder if it's possible to contemplate some well-deserved holiday time. LawnStarter answers that question for the fully vaccinated with its ranking of US cities ideal for "vaxcations." The site looked at...

He Stole 2 Shirts From Saks, Spent 20 Years in Prison

Guy Frank was sentenced as a multiple offender

(Newser) - Guy Frank walked out of a Saks Fifth Avenue with two shirts he hadn't paid for in September 2000. On Friday, he walked out of a New Orleans prison a free man, having served 20 years for the crime. WDSU reports an arm of the Innocence Project New Orleans...

Suit: For Months, Cop Gained Teen's Trust. Then He Raped Her

Complaint filed by mom says Rodney Vicknair was officer originally sent to take girl for a rape exam

(Newser) - A New Orleans cop is now a former one after accusations that he groomed and raped a 14-year-old girl he'd taken for a rape evaluation. The allegations against Rodney Vicknair are detailed in a lawsuit by the teen's mother, which says that Vicknair was the police officer dispatched...

&#39;Morally Compromised&#39; J&amp;J Vaccine Shunned by NOLA Archdiocese
'Moral Concerns' Hover
Over J&J Vaccine
in case you missed it

'Moral Concerns' Hover Over J&J Vaccine

Archdiocese of New Orleans, Diocese of Baton Rouge slam it for using cell lines from abortions

(Newser) - As health experts continue to plead with the public to accept any vaccine currently offered—be it one from Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson —a new wrinkle has emerged for the latter shot in Louisiana. That's because on Friday, the Archdiocese of New Orleans implored Catholics to,...

Officer Working Security at High School Game Killed

It may have stemmed from an argument over masks

(Newser) - A suspect has been arrested in connection with the death of a police officer, who was shot and killed Friday night during a high school basketball game in New Orleans, ABC reports. Martinus Mitchum, a 38-year-old Tulane University police officer, was working security at the game at George Washington Carver...

Mardi Gras Canceled? New Orleans Wasn't Having It

Thousands of house floats have been set up for locals to safely stroll by

(Newser) - Thanks to the pandemic, there won't be any Mardi Gras parades this year in New Orleans—but what there will be is the Krewe of House Floats. That's the name of the initiative created by Megan Boudreaux in November when the city announced the parades had been canceled,...

41 People Test Positive After Swingers Event

'I wouldn’t do it again,' New Orleans organizer says

(Newser) - Bob Hannaford said coronavirus protocols were in place when a swingers event began this month in New Orleans. There were masks, social distancing, and virus and antibody tests. Still, reports, at least 41 of the attendees have tested positive for the coronavirus. "If I could go back...

Mom Walked Her Daughter to School—and Into History

Lucille Bridges, 'a Mother of the Civil Rights Movement,' dies at 86

(Newser) - Lucille Bridges, the mother of civil rights activist Ruby Bridges, who walked with her then-6-year-old daughter past crowds screaming racist slurs as she became the first Black student at her all-white New Orleans elementary school, has died at the age of 86, per the AP . "Today our country lost...

Rare Hurricane Hits Louisiana
Rare Hurricane Strikes the US

Rare Hurricane Strikes the US

Zeta, nearly a Category 3, lands near New Orleans

(Newser) - Hurricane Zeta slammed into storm-weary Louisiana on Wednesday with New Orleans squarely in its path, pelting homes and businesses with rain and howling winds, knocking out power to thousands, and threatening to push up to 9 feet of sea water inland in a Gulf Coast region already pounded by multiple...

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