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'Sheer Coincidence' Body of Missing Climber Was Found

William Stampfl died in a 2002 avalanche on Huascaran in the Andes

(Newser) - On Tuesday, the world learned that the body of a long-missing American climber had been found on the highest mountain in Peru. William Stampfl's children learned the body of their father, who was caught in an avalanche on Huascaran in 2002 at age 58, in late June. "It...

Woman Swept to Sea Rescued 37 Hours Later, 50 Miles Away

Chinese national was swimming on Japanese beach Monday when she got pulled out

(Newser) - A Chinese woman who was swept out to sea while swimming at a Japanese beach was rescued 37 hours later after drifting in a swimming ring more than 50 miles in the Pacific Ocean, officials said Thursday. Japan's coast guard launched a search for the woman, identified only as...

Fishermen Rescue 38 Dogs From Middle of Lake

Insurance agents out for a day on Mississippi's Grenada Lake made the surprising find

(Newser) - Two friends from Arkansas and Tennessee recently decided to meet up in neighboring Mississippi for a day of fishing, but what they ended up pulling into their boat had more fur than gills and fins. WMC and Fox News report that Brad Carlisle and Bob Gist, both State Farm insurance...

As Tide Rose, Stranded Man Made a Plea for 'HELP'

California kite surfer rescued near Santa Cruz after spelling out message in rocks

(Newser) - A California kite surfer who found himself stranded on a narrow stretch of beach between a rising ocean and towering cliffs was rescued Sunday after using nearby rocks to spell out "HELP." The man became trapped on Davenport Landing Beach, northwest of Santa Cruz, amid challenging weather conditions,...

4 Hostages Rescued in a 'Miraculous Triumph'

Israel says they're in good condition after 'complex' operation in Nuseirat

(Newser) - Israel said Saturday it rescued four hostages who were kidnapped in a Hamas-led attack on Oct. 7. The army said it rescued Noa Argamani, 25; Almog Meir, 21; Andrey Kozlov, 27; and Shlomi Ziv, 40, in a complex special daytime operation, per the AP . The hostages, who were said to...

Horses Needed a Rescue After Unfortunate Shortcut

They found themselves stuck in the mud for more than 7 hours

(Newser) - "Horses are known for getting themselves into trouble, they are curious by nature," says the head of a Connecticut horse rescue and rehabilitation center. That characterization certainly applies to Damascus and Beau. The two horses took an unfortunate "shortcut" between a pasture and a barn on a...

As Croc Attacked Woman, Her Twin Sprang Into Action

UK's Georgia Laurie will receive King's Gallantry Medal for saving her twin sister in Mexican river

(Newser) - A UK woman will receive a special honor from King Charles III for saving her twin sister from a crocodile attack a few years ago during a trip to Mexico. CBS News reports that the King's Gallantry Medal , conferred to civilians "for acts of exemplary bravery," will...

Stranded at 'Stinky Bay?' UK Rescuers Can Find You Now

Official database adds local nicknames to make sure everyone is on the same page

(Newser) - Folks having an emergency at Crazy Mary's Hole may get a more rapid response via a new tool for UK emergency services that helps identify locations by their nicknames. The Guardian reports that 9,000 locations—like cliffs, caves, sandbanks, and buildings—that have local monikers you probably won'...

As a Highway Collapsed, 'I Just Wanted to Stop the Vehicles'

Driver in China is being lauded for using his truck to prevent more cars from tumbling down the hill

(Newser) - A Chinese truck driver was praised in local media Saturday for parking his vehicle across a highway and preventing more cars from tumbling down a slope after a section of the road in the country's mountainous south collapsed and killed at least 48 people. Wang Xiangnan was driving Wednesday...

Rescues, Evacuations Follow Texas Floods

"It is not your typical river flood,' official warns

(Newser) - Officials in Houston are urging residents to prepare for worsening flooding after heavy rains that have led to high-water rescues and mandatory evacuation orders. "This threat is ongoing, and it's going to get worse. It is not your typical river flood," Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, the...

Turkey Saves 174 in Cable Cars
174 Rescued From Cable Cars

174 Rescued From Cable Cars

One person was killed when a pod hit a pole and passengers fell out in Turkey

(Newser) - The last of 174 people stranded in cable cars high above a mountain in southern Turkey were brought to safety Saturday, nearly 23 hours after one pod hit a pole and burst open, killing one person and injuring seven when they plummeted to the rocks below. Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya...

3 Rescued From Remote Atoll Thanks to Their 'Ingenuity'

Rescue came after US Navy aircraft spotted 'HELP' message spelled out in palm leaves on the beach

(Newser) - In a search area covering more than 100,000 square miles in the remote Pacific, the 31-acre atoll was a needle in a haystack. Still, authorities discovered the three men stranded for days on the uninhabited island thanks to their ingenuity—spelled out in palm fronds. The men in their...

Rescue of Goat From High on Bridge Nearly Goes Very Wrong

'Forget a solar eclipse. We were on goat watch'

(Newser) - "Forget a solar eclipse. We were on goat watch," Tori Fugate of the KC Pet Project says of a Monday mountain goat rescue in Kansas City, Missouri. An escaped mountain goat that appeared to be stuck on bridge support pillars was rescued without broken bones, but it was...

Clock Is Ticking on Rescue of This Stranded Young Orca

Killer whale calf is stuck in lagoon off Vancouver Island, Canada, with its food supply dwindling

(Newser) - Plans are underway to rescue a stranded killer whale calf out of a remote tidal lagoon off northern Vancouver Island in an effort to reunite the young female orca with its extended family, Canadian authorities said Wednesday, per the AP .
  • Stranded: Rescuers have been unable to coax the young whale,

On 4th Day, a Break for Family Stuck in Flooded Outback

Rescuers reach group of 7, including a celebrated artist and member of nomadic family

(Newser) - "Bush savvy" though they are, fears for a family of seven lost in the Australian outback had mounted Wednesday with what was initially no sign of the group for a fourth day. Three elderly people and four children ages 7 to 17 had set out in two vehicles around...

Man Stranded on Cliffside for 2 Days After Crash

California man told rescuers he swerved to avoid some deer

(Newser) - The California Highway Patrol says it rescued a man who had been stranded on a cliffside for two days after he swerved to avoid some deer. In a Facebook post , the CHP's Coastal Division Air Operations Unit said it received a request Tuesday to search an area of coastline...

See the Moment Deputies Find 5-Year-Old Lost in Swamp

Outcome could 'have been much different,' says Florida sheriff

(Newser) - Florida police helped deliver a happy ending to a terrifying situation that began Monday evening when a 5-year-old girl with autism walked away from her home near Tampa. "The panic starts to kick in," Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister tells ABC News of the moment parents realized the...

Hiker Who Was Rescued After 11-Hour Ordeal Admits Bad Decisions
Hiker Who Was
Rescued After
11-Hour Ordeal:
I Made Bad Decisions

Hiker Who Was Rescued After 11-Hour Ordeal: I Made Bad Decisions

Cole Matthes says he was 'underprepared' for hike on New Hampshire peak

(Newser) - As temperatures plunged on New Hampshire's Mount Washington and ferocious winds made it near impossible to see, hiker Cole Matthes began to drift away from the trail. Then he hit a patch of snow-covered ice and slid hundreds of feet down a ravine. His fall Saturday sparked a rescue...

Piglet Thrown Around 'Like a Nerf Football' Saved at Parade

Piglet rescued by Good Samaritan who saw him tossed back and forth at NOLA Mardi Gras event

(Newser) - A baby pig is now in need of its forever home, after a Good Samaritan rescued him from a cruel game of sorts at a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. reports that a bystander was recently attending the Lenten celebration in the Big Easy when they spotted...

128 Days After Kidnapping, an 'Impressive Rescue Operation'

Israeli forces say they rescued 2 hostages in Rafah in gunfire-ridden raid on Hamas

(Newser) - Two more hostages taken during the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel are home. Israeli forces said Monday morning that they rescued Fernando Simon Marman, 60, and Louis Har, 70, during an overnight raid in Rafah, amid Israeli airstrikes against the city in southern Gaza, reports CNN . According to the...

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