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Blast Traps Mexican Miners
 Blast Traps Mexican Miners 

Blast Traps Mexican Miners

3 killed, 11 missing after blast in northern Mexico coal mine

(Newser) - A massive blast at a coal mine in northern Mexico killed three miners and left at least 14 men trapped underground. Rescuers are working through the night and Chilean experts are on the way to assist, CNN reports. Authorities warn that the blast was so powerful that they don't...

Epic Floods Close Australia's Coal Mines

Waters causing 'catastrophic damage' to transportation system

(Newser) - The nearly biblical flood that’s washed over Queensland, Australia, is causing massive damage—including the closure of 75% of its coal mines, which supply most of Asia’s steel mills. “That’s a massive impact on the international markets,” observed Premier Anna Bligh in a TV interview....

Third Explosion Shakes New Zealand Mine

Prime minister plans memorial service for 29 lost miners

(Newser) - A third explosion has rattled the New Zealand coal mine where 29 workers were lost this week, the Wall Street Journal reports. The latest blast was the smallest and “isn't likely to impede any work out there,” police said. Prime minister John Key today announced a Dec. 2...

New Zealand Mourns 29 Lost Miners

But mine should reopen, civic leaders say

(Newser) - As New Zealand mourns the 29 miners lost in Tuesday’s second explosion , civic leaders are already calling for the mine to be reopened. "A big part of our economy on the west coast is coal and, yes, we want our men back down the mine working,” says...

Second Blast Hits NZ Mine, All Miners Believed Dead

'We are now going into recovery mode'

(Newser) - A second huge blast has hit the New Zealand coal mine where 29 miners are missing and authorities say it would have been impossible for anybody to survive. "We are now going into recovery mode," a police superintendent said. High levels of toxic gases thwarted rescue attempts after...

New Zealand Mine Explosion Leaves 32 Missing

 27 Missing After NZ Mine Blast 

27 Missing After NZ Mine Blast

1 killed in explosion at South Island coal mine

(Newser) - One person is dead and at least 27 are unaccounted for after an underground explosion at a coal mine on New Zealand's South Island. An electrician sent to investigate a power outage discovered a loader driver who had been blown off his machine nearly a mile into the mine shaft,...

Chinese Mine Blast Kills 20, Traps 17

Gas-filled mine fraught with danger for rescuers

(Newser) - It's a good time to not be a miner: Mere days after Chile pulled off its rescue, Chinese officials are fighting perilous conditions to rescue 17 miners trapped underground after an explosion in a coal mine that killed at least 20. Gas levels nearing 40% inside the mine and the...

Mine Regulators Under FBI Investigation

Mine Safety and Health officials may have been bribed

(Newser) - The FBI has launched a criminal investigation of the Mine Safety and Health Administration in connection with the Upper Big Branch mine disaster, and the agency is looking into allegations regulators took bribes from Massey Energy, sources tell NPR . Massey, which owned the mine, is also under investigation for criminal...

2 Miners Dead in Kentucky
 2 Miners Dead in Kentucky 

2 Miners Dead in Kentucky

Roof collapses at mine with history of violations

(Newser) - A rescue team found a second Kentucky miner dead today after a roof collapse at coal mine with a long history of safety problems. The two miners, ages 27 and 28, were killed in an accident at the Dotiki Mine near Providence in western Kentucky. They were operating what's known...

Feds Run Surprise Inspections on 57 Coal Mines

For some reason, they're worried they might be dangerous

(Newser) - Nearly 60 problem coal mines have been hit with surprise inspections aimed at preventing another explosion like the one that killed 29 miners in West Virginia, the nation's chief mine safety regulator said yesterday. The raids targeted 57 mines with a history of violations, the Mine Safety and Health Administration...

Last 4 Miners Found Dead
 Last 4 Miners Found Dead 

Last 4 Miners Found Dead

Death toll makes explosion worst coal-mining disaster in 40 years

(Newser) - Dashing hopes that they had survived the massive explosion that killed 25 of their colleagues, four coal miners were found dead early this morning in a mine in Montcoal, W. Va., making Monday's incident the worst coal-mining disaster in over a generation. The head of the Mine Safety and Health...

Coal Mines Blow Off Safety Fines

US operations have almost $90m in unpaid

(Newser) - US coal mining operations have racked up plenty of safety regulations in recent years, but they simply haven’t bothered to pay thee resulting fines. Of the $113 million in major penalties the federal government has dished out over the past 3 years, coal companies have paid just $8 million,...

Coal Mine Rescuers Have to Retreat Again

They may have to use cameras to check refuge chamber

(Newser) - Officials say rescue teams have had to pull out again from the coal mine in West Virginia where four miners are missing. Federal mine safety official Kevin Stricklin said rescuers were headed to a refuge chamber where they hoped to find the missing miners, but they saw signs of fire...

Mine Rescue Crew Has to Turn Back

Dangerous gases force delay in mission

(Newser) - Dangerous gases forced rescue crews to temporarily abandon the search today for four coal miners missing since Monday's explosion. Rescuers had been working their way through the Upper Big Branch mine by rail car and on foot, but they had to turn back because of an explosive mix of gases...

Mine Had 50 Safety Violations Last Month Alone

West Virginia site has spotty record on ventilation

(Newser) - The West Virginia mine where an explosion killed at least 25 men has a checkered safety record, with more than 50 violations last month and 3 deaths since 1998. The violations include ventilation issues, which may be relevant if speculation about a methane explosion proves true, notes Andrea Stone at...

Miner's Family: He Knew the Risks

Family honors Benny Willingham, one of the 25 killed in mine blast

(Newser) - The family of one of the 25 men killed in Monday's coal mine explosion in West Virginia says he went to work every day fully aware of the risks. "He thanked the Lord for watching over him in the mines for over 30 years," the sister of 62-year-old...

25 Dead in West Virginia Mine Explosion

Blast is worst mine disaster in US in 25 years

(Newser) - At least 25 coal miners were killed and 4 still missing in a West Virginia explosion that marked the worst US mine disaster since 1984. Some 21 were injured in the late afternoon explosion at Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch mine, 30 miles south of Charleston, reports AP . The mine...

Chinese Mine Explosion Kills 42, Traps 66

Gas buildup cited for blast at state-run mine

(Newser) - A gas explosion tore through a state-run coal mine in northern China on Saturday, killing 42 people and leaving 66 others trapped underground as rescuers worked hastily to save them. More than 500 people were working in the Xinxing mine in Heilongjiang province at the time of the 2:30am...

Chinese Mine Explosion Kills 35
 Chinese Mine Explosion Kills 35 

Chinese Mine Explosion Kills 35

Rescuers scramble to save victims in Pingdingshan City explosion

(Newser) - An explosion at an illegal coal mine killed 35 miners in central China's Henan province today and left another 44 men trapped, the government said. The mine's owners have been placed under police surveillance and the company's bank accounts have been frozen after an initial investigation found that the mine...

China Landslide Kills 34, Traps Hundreds

Rescuers search for survivors after mud sweeps through Shanxi valley

(Newser) - Rescuers are frantically searching through rubble for survivors of a landslide in northern China that killed at least 34 people, the AP reports. Hundreds are feared missing after a reservoir of mining waste collapsed in the northern province of Shanxi, sending a wall of thick sludge sweeping through a valley...

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