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LA's Mayor Had a Frightening Sunday Morning

Police arrested burglary suspect after break-in at home of Karen Bass; she and her family are fine

(Newser) - The mayor of Los Angeles is safe after an early morning break-in at her home over the weekend. "Around 6:40am this morning an individual smashed a window to gain entry into the Getty House while occupied," a Sunday statement from the LAPD noted, referring to Karen Bass'...

Up to $30M Stolen From LA Cash Storage Facility
$30M LA Heist Wasn't
Detected Until Next Day

$30M LA Heist Wasn't Detected Until Next Day

Police say thieves broke into money storage facility

(Newser) - Thieves stole as much $30 million in an Easter Sunday burglary at a Los Angeles money storage facility in one of the largest cash heists in city history, police said Wednesday. The burglary occurred Sunday night at an unnamed facility in the Sylmar area of the San Fernando Valley where...

Thief's Hole in the Floor Wasn't Big Enough, and It Cost Him

UK police catch museum thief who had to leave behind large chalice, with his DNA on it

(Newser) - A UK thief gets points for ingenuity for cutting a hole into a museum floor that enabled him to steal silver antiques. However, he also gets two years in jail because he didn't make the hole quite big enough: He had to leave behind a chalice too large to...

One of These 'Mannequins' Is Not Like the Others

Warsaw police nab alleged thief who robbed shopping mall after posing as dummy

(Newser) - Polish cops say they've nabbed an alleged thief who stayed late at shopping malls, at one point concealing himself as a mannequin in a store window. Authorities released a photo of the unnamed 22-year-old standing still, with an outstretched arm holding a shopping bag, in front of a row...

Police: Thieves Took Off With $1.6M of Distributor's Booze

Warrant says thousands of cases of liquor were crammed into tractor trailers in Florida on July 8

(Newser) - Republic National Distributing Company bills itself as "one of the nation's leading wholesale beverage alcohol distributors," a description that may have caught the eye of a band of burglars in Florida. CNN reports that an investigation is now in progress after thieves crammed upward of $1.6...

At an Apple Store, a Brazen $500K Burglary

Burglars cut a hole in a bathroom wall of neighboring store at Washington state mall

(Newser) - Some Washington state criminals have apparently been watching a little too much Ocean's Eleven. As KOMO reports, police are still searching for burglars who burgled their way into an Apple Store in a most unusual way. The culprits cut through the bathroom wall of Seattle Coffee Gear in Alderwood...

Under the Tree at De Niro's, Police Say, Was a Thief

Officers report catching burglar bagging up the gifts

(Newser) - New York City police said they caught a burglar stealing the gifts under Robert De Niro's Christmas tree on Monday. The actor was home at the time but not on the same floor as the thief, CNN reports, and they didn't interact. Police said officers spotted Shanice Aviles...

As Home Burned, a Text: 'Hope Your House Is Okay'

A jealous Senaida Soto set beau's house on fire after woman answered his phone, Texas police say

(Newser) - Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially in Texas. Police say a 23-year-old woman was arrested Monday and arrested for arson after she allegedly set her lover's home on fire after becoming enraged that another woman answered his phone, reports Gray News . The Bexar County Sheriff's...

Here's a Novel Idea for a First Date

Tennessee couple allegedly broke into church to play the piano

(Newser) - Technically, a young couple in Hendersonville, Tenn., didn’t really "break in" to a church, even though they've admitted to doing so. As surveillance video shows, the door to the Indian Lake Peninsula Church was actually unlocked. Police say the two were on their first date, and they...

Another Arrest for The Flash Star Ezra Miller

Actor is charged with felony burglary in Vermont

(Newser) - Actor Ezra Miller has been charged with felony burglary in Stamford, Vermont, the latest in a string of incidents involving the embattled star of The Flash. In a report Monday, Vermont State Police said they responded to a burglary complaint in Stamford on May 1 and found several bottles of...

Cops: Burglar Returned to Crime Scene for His Keys

Man broke into doughnut company's corporate offices in California

(Newser) - A Northern California burglar returned to the scene of the crime this weekend after he forgot his keys inside a doughnut company's corporate office. The thief stole some petty cash from Johnny Doughnuts' office in the San Francisco Bay Area on Saturday night, police said. In another twist, he...

Cops: Teens Broke Into $8M Mansion for Party, Boxing Match
Cops: Teens Broke Into
$8M Mansion for Wild Party
in case you missed it

Cops: Teens Broke Into $8M Mansion for Wild Party

They set up a boxing ring in foyer of Florida home, police say

(Newser) - Police in Florida are trying to track down teenagers who broke into an $8 million mansion for a wild party that included a boxing match in the foyer. The Walton County Sheriff's Office says up to 200 young people were at the party in Santa Rosa Beach, which was...

Cops: Vince Carter's Wife, Kids Hid During Burglary

Cash, guns were found outside Atlanta home

(Newser) - Former NBA star Vince Carter's wife called 911 and hid in a bedroom closet with her two children when burglars broke into their home Sunday night, according to a police incident report . Police say Sondi Carter heard "loud noises" from the front of the gated home in Atlanta'...

'Brazen Crime of Disrespect and Hate' at Brooklyn Church

Thieves made off with $2M relic, beheaded angel statues

(Newser) - Police say someone busted into the altar at a New York City church, stole a $2 million gold relic, and removed the head from a statue of an angel at some point late last week. The incident happened between 6:30pm Thursday and 4pm Saturday at St. Augustine’s Roman...

Sheriff's Deputy Stole From Dead People

Steve Hortz pleads guilty to burglary, grand theft in Yorba Linda, Calif.

(Newser) - Update: A former sheriff's deputy in California has pleaded guilty to stealing from the homes of dead people. Steve Hortz, a 12-year veteran of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, found the body of a man who died of natural causes at a Yorba Linda home in July 2020...

'Extremely Embarrassed' Burglar Gives Homeowners $200

Caught in the act, cops say man left behind 'reimbursement' for residents

(Newser) - An alleged burglar who apparently had his finger on the pulse of how much residential windows cost left a surprise payment behind after breaking into a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Deseret News reports that a couple there came home Sunday afternoon after a weekend away and found...

Louisiana Judge Admits Using Racial Slur at Home
La. Judge Resigns
Over Her 'Hurtful Words'

La. Judge Resigns Over Her 'Hurtful Words'

Michelle Odinet had been caught on video saying n-word, comparing Black people to roaches

(Newser) - Update: A Louisiana judge caught on video saying the n-word has resigned. Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet had already taken an unpaid leave of absence after the clip of her using the racial slur—recorded as she watched surveillance footage of an attempted burglary outside her home—circulated online...

Woman Infiltrates High School to Find Insta Followers: Cops

Audrey Francisquini, 28, is accused of posing as student, handing out pamphlets in Fla. high school

(Newser) - In 21 Jump Street, undercover cops snuck into a high school to bust up crime. In an incident out of Florida, a woman is accused of sneaking into a high school to commit crimes—and, apparently, to get the word out about her Instagram page. According to an arrest report...

After Months of No Progress, Arrests in 'Heinous' Denver Case

3 teen boys face murder charges after house fire that killed family of 5

(Newser) - Three teenage boys have been arrested in the Denver house fire that killed a family of five in August, after months without progress . Authorities say the two 16-year-olds and a 15-year-old face 28 criminal counts, including first-degree murder, attempted murder with extreme indifference, arson, and burglary, per the New York ...

Cops: Florida Burglar Was Killed by Falling Window

Jonathan Hernandez was pinned and strangled, deputies say

(Newser) - A luckless burglar was killed mid-crime by a falling window, according to the Lee County Sheriff's Office in southwest Florida. Police say 32-year-old Jonathan Hernandez died when the window of a Lehigh Acres home he was breaking into fell on his neck as he climbed through it, pinning and...

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