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Old Uranium Mines Still Haunt the Navajo

Retired Navajo miners suffer from high lung-cancer rates

(Newser) - During the Cold War, Navajos worked in uranium mines in the Southwest—which helped the US build atomic bombs and compete with the Soviets. Now those ex-miners are getting lung cancer at 29 times the rate of other Navajos, while their grown children become ill fairly often and their grandchildren...

Radiation Leak Blamed on 'Kitty Litter'

'It was a dumb idea,' scientist says

(Newser) - A scientist who used to work at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad, New Mexico, thinks he knows what caused the mysterious radiation leak that has shuttered the plant: kitty litter. Authorities revealed Monday that the evidence indicated that nuclear waste barrels had melted thanks to a chemical reaction...

Student: College Denied Me Entry Over Religion

Brandon Jenkins says community college discriminated against him

(Newser) - A prospective student at a community college in Baltimore says his outspoken religious beliefs ruined his application—so he's suing the school and its president, Opposing Views reports. Brandon Jenkins interviewed for the Community College of Baltimore County's radiation therapy program, and was asked, "What is the...

Where's All the Nuclear Waste We Dumped in the Ocean?

Wall Street Journal raises questions decades later

(Newser) - The US dumped vast quantities of nuclear material off its coasts between 1946 and 1970—more than 110,000 containers, says one official count. Today, the whereabouts of many of those 55-gallon drums and other containers is a big question mark, the Wall Street Journal reports. "Many were not...

6 Hospitalized After Mexico Radioactive Truck Theft
6 Busted in Mexico Radioactive Truck Theft

6 Busted in Mexico Radioactive Truck Theft

They're hospitalized, tested for exposure

(Newser) - Six people have been arrested in the theft of a truck carrying radioactive material in Mexico, an official tells the AP . All were admitted to a hospital in Pachuca, central Mexico, where they're being tested for radiation exposure. Another official says all six are dizzy and showing skin irritation,...

Radiation May Not Kill You, but Fear of It Might
Radiation May Not Kill You, but Fear of It Might

Radiation May Not Kill You, but Fear of It Might

David Ropeik: Our dread of nuclear accidents exceeds the facts

(Newser) - Seems like there's a new story every week about a new radioactive leak or accident at Japan's shuttered Fukushima nuclear plant. The headlines may sound terrifying, but David Ropeik in the New York Times points out that scientists have said repeatedly that the radiation has been relatively harmless...

Now Overrunning Fukushima: Wild Boars

Disaster led to population explosion, farmers complain

(Newser) - Ravenous wild boars are making life even tougher for farmers affected by the Fukushima disaster, the Japan Times finds. The government has lifted planting bans in part of the affected regions, but farmers are finding their crops devoured by the boars—even after electric fences have been put in place....

Fukushima Alert Level Gets First Upgrade Since 2011

Meaning it's at its highest since the meltdown

(Newser) - With Fukushima's radioactive leak now leakier , Japan's nuclear agency plans to up the alert level of the problem from a one to a three, reports the BBC —that's from an "anomaly" to a "serious incident," per the UN's International Nuclear and Radiological...

Fukushima Has Massive Leak of Contaminated Water

And Japan is considering an ice wall to fix it

(Newser) - The Fukushima Dai-ichi nightmare just got even more nightmarish. A storage tank at the devastated nuclear plant has sprung a leak, spilling out roughly 300 tons of contaminated water, Reuters reports. And by contaminated, we mean that standing within a couple feet of it for an hour would give a...

Tons of Fukushima's Tainted Water Entering Pacific

And we literally mean tons, some 300 a day

(Newser) - Things have gone from bad to worse to this at Fukushima: A government official says roughly 300 tons of contaminated water are leaking from the crippled nuclear plant into the Pacific each day. The New York Times paints a mental picture: That's enough to fill one Olympic-sized pool per...

Fukushima Leak Finally Declared Reality

TEPCO admits radioactive water likely seeped into the sea

(Newser) - More than two years after disaster struck the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, TEPCO has confirmed what pretty much everybody thought: radioactive water that leaked from the wrecked reactors is believed to have seeped into the underground water system, TEPCO officials finally admitted today at a regular news conference. Japan's...

Breast Cancer Radiation Raises Heart Risk
Breast Cancer Radiation Raises Heart Risk

Breast Cancer Radiation Raises Heart Risk

But study's author says the benefits outweigh dangers

(Newser) - A new study looks at the heart dangers posed by radiation in breast cancer treatment, but despite the 2,168-woman, 43-year survey, the meaning of the results comes down to who you ask. "This is a major concern," one oncologist tells USA Today , while a cardiologist warns that...

Arafat's Remains Exhumed in Secretive Operation

Poison probe to test late leader's bone samples

(Newser) - Yasser Arafat was exhumed from his West Bank grave today as experts seek clues in the Palestinian leader's 2004 death in Paris, the AP reports. France opened a murder investigation earlier this year amid reports that highly radioactive polonium was found on his personal effects . French, Swiss, and Russian...

Mars Radiation? Astronauts Could Handle It

Curiosity rover shows Mars radiation near space station levels

(Newser) - One of the bigger sticking points in the quest to send humans to Mars has been the potentially deadly radiation levels they would experience. But new information gathered by the Curiosity rover shows that radiation levels on Mars are much milder than feared—about the same as those in low...

TSA Removes X-Ray Scanners at Busy Airports
 TSA Removes X-Ray 
 Scanners at Busy Airports 

TSA Removes X-Ray Scanners at Busy Airports

Because of speed, not privacy or health worries

(Newser) - Those often reviled body scanners at airports should pose less of a burden to travelers—unless they happen to frequent small airports. Over the past few weeks, officials have "quietly" removed the X-ray machines from major airports including Boston's Logan and Chicago's O'Hare, shipped them off...

France Opens Arafat Murder Investigation

Widow asks for inquiry over poisoning report

(Newser) - France has opened a murder investigation into the death of Yasir Arafat, at the request of his widow, Suha Arafat, sources tell the AFP . The move follows reports that Arafat, who died in Paris in 2004, was poisoned to death with radioactive polonium. A Swiss radiology lab said last week...

Fukushima Fallout: Scads of Mutant Butterflies

Radiation link clear, scientists say, and it's only the beginning

(Newser) - The radiation that poured out of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactor last year looks like it's doing a number on Japan's animal populations, researchers warn, after discovering rampant mutations among butterflies. Scientists collected 144 adult pale grass blue butterflies—which would have been overwintering as larvae during the...

Kucinich Wants Warning Labels on Cell Phones

Congressman introduces law regarding radiation dangers

(Newser) - If Dennis Kucinich has his way, your next cell phone could come with a warning label informing you that it may expose you to radiation. The congressman introduced a federal law yesterday called the Cell Phone Right to Know Act, which would require the warning labels, create a research program...

Kids&#39; CT Scans Boost Cancer Risk
 Kids' CT Scans 
 Boost Cancer Risk 

study says

Kids' CT Scans Boost Cancer Risk

But in many cases, 'benefits outweigh risks': researcher

(Newser) - The radiation from CT scans can increase a child's risk of brain cancer and leukemia, a study finds, with risk increasing along with the amount of radiation. The radiation in two or three CT scans triples brain cancer risk for a kid under 15, while five to 10 scans...

Girls' Cancer Treatments Hike Breast Cancer Risk

...by as much as 7 times

(Newser) - The powerful therapies used to treat cancer in girls drastically increase their odds of suffering breast cancer as adults—by as much as six or seven times, a study finds. For most women, the odds of getting breast cancer by age 50 are about 4%. Among women who received chest...

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