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Rolling Stones Drop 'Brown Sugar' From Set List
After 50 Years, Rolling Stones
Stop Playing Controversial Hit
in case you missed it

After 50 Years, Rolling Stones Stop Playing Controversial Hit

'Brown Sugar' was criticized for 'glorifying slavery'

(Newser) - After 50 years, the Rolling Stones have dropped one of their biggest—and most controversial—songs from their set list. With its references to slavery, mentions of whipping, and lyrics like "How come you taste so good, just like a Black girl should," 1971 hit "Brown Sugar"...

Stones Play First Show Without Charlie Watts

Band launches tour by playing tribute to the late drummer

(Newser) - With the stage empty, a drumbeat began Sunday night in St. Louis. Large photos were projected of the members of the Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and a smiling Charlie Watts, the drummer who died last month . At that, the band came onstage and played "Street...

Rolling Stones' First New Song in Years Is a Fitting One

'Living In a Ghost Town' is first original release in 8 years

(Newser) - The Rolling Stones have just dropped their first original song in eight years. And Mick Jagger, for one, thinks "Living In a Ghost Town" perfectly suits these strange times. (Listen to it here .) Indeed the headline on the AP story about the song suggests it may become an...

Long Battle Over a Famous Song Is Finally Over

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards relinquish royalties over 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' by the Verve

(Newser) - You've surely heard the song " Bitter Sweet Symphony ," which made stars of the band the Verve in the 1990s. What you may not have known is that the song has since been embroiled in a copyright dispute involving none other than Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of...

Keith Richards Has Given Up Liquor
Keith Richards Has
Given Up Liquor

Keith Richards Has Given Up Liquor

'It was interesting to play sober,' he says

(Newser) - Keith Richards and Jack Daniels are no longer one of rock music's most famous pairings. The famously hard-partying Rolling Stone tells Rolling Stone that he has almost completely quit drinking and has given up hard liquor entirely. "It's been about a year now," says Richards, who...

Keith Richards: Disregard My Jagger Vasectomy Joke

Rolling Stones bandmate walks back advice to get a snip

(Newser) - The lads probably never saw this coming when they formed a band back in 1962: Keith Richards just had to apologize to Mick Jagger over a vasectomy joke. It seems the Rolling Stones guitarist got a little flippant in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal in regard to...

Anita Pallenberg Had a Hell of a Life

Model, actor, Rolling Stones muse, mother to Keith Richards' kids dies at 73

(Newser) - An actor and model who dated two of the Rolling Stones (and is rumored to have had an affair with a third) died Tuesday in a hospital in England, the New York Times reports. Anita Pallenberg was 73; a cause of death was not given. Pallenberg was perhaps best known...

Keith Richards Slams Pretty Much Everyone

 Keith Richards 
 Slams Pretty Much 
new interview

Keith Richards Slams Pretty Much Everyone

'Rolling Stones' guitarist has words for rock and roll, metal, rap...

(Newser) - Keith Richards, tell us what you really think. The Rolling Stones guitarist didn't hold back during a recent interview with the New York Daily News :
  • On rock and roll (presumably, rock and roll not played by the Rolling Stones): "It sounds like a dull thud to me. For

Keith Richards: Sgt. Pepper Was 'Mishmash of Rubbish'

Much like Satanic Majesties , he says

(Newser) - Surviving members of the Beatles, you now have beef with the Rolling Stones—or at least with Keith Richards, who disses 1967's landmark Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in an interview with Esquire .
  • "The Beatles sounded great when they were the Beatles," he says. "

Keith Richards Writing Book for Kids

'Gus & Me' celebrates his grandfather

(Newser) - Keith Richards is 70 now and a grandfather five times over, so maybe the idea of the Stones' guitarist writing a kids' book isn't as jarring as it once might have been. Richards is writing an homage to his own grandfather in Gus & Me: The Story of My ...

12 Stars Who’ve Insured Body Parts

Heidi Klum's legs: $2.2M

(Newser) - When you're a celebrity, certain body parts may be a bit more valuable to you than they are to a normal person. So why not insure them? The Frisky rounds up a dozen stars who have done just that:
  • Troy Polamalu: The NFL star's famous hair landed him

Stones Rock Secret $20 Paris Show

Mick Jagger and co. 'warm up' for big London, NYC concerts

(Newser) - To see the Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary shows in London and New York, fans are shelling out at least $150 per ticket—but a lucky few hundred got to see a $20 "warm-up" gig in Paris yesterday. The band tweeted that tickets would be sold hours before the doors...

Rocking at 50: Stones to Tour Again

Mick Jagger and the gang announce 4 dates in US, UK

(Newser) - You can't always get what you want—but if your desire is to attend a Rolling Stones concert this might be your lucky day. The legendary band said today it would return to the stage this year with four concerts in Britain and the US. The shows will take...

Rolling Stones Mark 50 Years Since First Gig

Band still meeting for rehearsals, Keith says

(Newser) - They may have gathered a little moss, but they're still around: The Rolling Stones played their first gig 50 years ago today at London's Marquee Club, notes the Hollywood Reporter . Their first hit, a cover of Chuck Berry's "Come On," came a year later. To...

Keith Richards Wins Distinguished Memoir Prize

Bill Clinton introduces Mailer Prize-winning Rolling Stone

(Newser) - In a scene that would have made a lot of people in the '60s think they were tripping, Keith Richards stood before a highbrow crowd at a Manhattan hotel last night to accept the Mailer Prize for Distinguished Biography. The Rolling Stones guitarist joked, chuckled, and swore as he...

McCartney: Rolling Stones Envied Us

All the Beatles could sing, he points out, but Stones relied on Jagger

(Newser) - Who’s on top in the epic Rolling Stones-Beatles rivalry? According to possibly-biased Paul McCartney, even the Stones agreed that the Beatles were better in at least one way. “I talked to Keith Richards recently … well, a couple of years ago, and his take on it was: ‘...

Keith Richards' Kid Busted for Drugs, Graffiti

Theodora Richards, 25, arrested for writing on NYC convent wall: cops

(Newser) - Theodora Richards is in trouble with the law, although she's got a long way to go before she can match her dad's arrest record. The 25-year-old daughter of Keith Richards and Patti Hansen appeared in court in New York City yesterday on drug and graffiti charges, reports the BBC . The...

Chivalry Isn't Dead: It Lives in ... Keith Richards

Maureen Dowd likes the rock star's treatment of women

(Newser) - In the midst of what she sees as a lousy—in fact, downright misogynistic—year for women, Maureen Dowd finds salvation in an unlikely source: Keith Richards. His "chivalrous voice" comes through in his new autobiography, in which he recalls the teenage groupies who threw themselves at the group...

Keith Richards Belittles Jagger's ... Manhood

Mick's got a 'tiny todger,' strummer writes in new book

(Newser) - Size does matter ... as evidenced by the ever-larger rift cracking open between Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. Richards claims in his new autobiography, Life, that the strutting Stone isn't the most well endowed guy on the block. But what he lacks downstairs he makes up for in ego, claims Richards,...

50th-Anniversary Tour Will Be Rolling Stones' Last

60-something musicians want to go out on top

(Newser) - The Rolling Stones are planning a 50th-anniversary tour that will also serve as a farewell tour, the Daily Mail reports. "They want to bow out on top of their game, and not short-change their fans," a source says of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood—...

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