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Here's Your 'Ewwww' Crime of the Day
Here's Your
'Ewwww' Crime
of the Day

Here's Your 'Ewwww' Crime of the Day

Mississippi cop charged after allegedly making prisoner lick urine-coated floor

(Newser) - Holding cells aren't known for their luxe accommodations, but one prisoner reportedly had an especially gross stay during his temporary detention in a Mississippi jail. Court files show that police officer Michael Christian Green has been charged with one federal count of deprivation of rights under color of law,...

Hundreds of Inmates Escape as Gangs Raid Prison in Haiti

Post from inside said people were being killed in their cells

(Newser) - At least three people have been killed and hundreds of inmates have fled Haiti's main prison after armed gangs stormed it overnight. The jailbreak marks a new low in Haiti's downward spiral of violence. Gangs are asserting greater control on the capital while embattled Prime Minister Ariel Henry...

Russian Activist Imprisoned, Says 'I Don't Regret Anything'

Oleg Orlov, 70, of human rights group Memorial is hit with 2.5 years behind bars in Russia

(Newser) - A veteran human rights campaigner who criticized the war in Ukraine was convicted Tuesday by a Moscow court of "repeatedly discrediting" the Russian military and sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. Oleg Orlov, 70, co-chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights group Memorial, had rejected the case...

US Food Chain Rides Heavily on Backs of Prison Labor
US Food Chain Rides Heavily
on Backs of Prison Labor

US Food Chain Rides Heavily on Backs of Prison Labor

Major companies are making bank off forced labor: AP

(Newser) - In a sweeping two-year investigation, the AP found that goods linked to the forced labor of US prisoners wind up in the supply chains of a dizzying array of products, from Frosted Flakes cereal and Ball Park hot dogs to Gold Medal flour and Coca-Cola beverages. They're on the...

Lawsuit: Inmate's Body Was Missing His Heart

It's 'part of a pattern,' says attorney for family suing Alabama's prison system

(Newser) - The bodies of two men who died while incarcerated in Alabama's prison system were missing their hearts or other organs when returned to their families, a federal lawsuit alleges. The family of Brandon Clay Dotson, who died in a state prison in November, filed a federal lawsuit last month...

Honk for These New Prison Guards in Brazil

Vigilant geese replace dogs at the Penitentiary Complex near Florianopolis

(Newser) - Who needs guard dogs when you have guard geese? Perhaps not as intimidating as a dog with bared teeth, a gaggle of the vigilant, honking birds have replaced canines as guards at a prison in Brazil's southern state of Santa Catarina, Reuters reports. "We have electronic surveillance, in-person...

Solitary Confinement Is No More in NYC

NYC Mayor Eric Adams vows to veto City Council's ban on practice some call akin to torture

(Newser) - Lawmakers on Wednesday banned most instances of solitary confinement in New York City, over the protests of the city's mayor. The City Council's 39-7 vote greenlit the ban, which allows for inmates to be placed in isolation for "deescalation" purposes for no more than four hours at...

Inmates Sue Alabama Over 'Modern-Day Slavery'

Current and former prisoners say the state is illegally profiting from their work

(Newser) - Current and former inmates announced a lawsuit this week challenging Alabama's prison labor program as a type of "modern-day slavery," saying prisoners are forced to work for little or no pay in jobs that benefit government entities or private companies. The class-action lawsuit also accuses the state...

Prisoner Charged With Attacking Kristin Smart's Killer

Paul Flores was hospitalized in August in California

(Newser) - A twice-convicted murderer who allegedly attacked Paul Flores in a California prison in August has now been charged with attempted murder. Jason Richard Budrow, 43, is also charged with counts involving crimes by a prisoner and possessing a weapon, as well as enhancements for great bodily injury, the AP reports....

Prosecutors: Inmate Stabbed Chauvin 22 Times

FBI agents say John Turscak first said he chose Black Friday for the attack as a message

(Newser) - An incarcerated former gang member and FBI informant was charged Friday with attempted murder in the stabbing last week of ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin at a federal prison in Arizona. John Turscak stabbed Chauvin 22 times at the Federal Correctional Institution in Tucson and said he would have killed...

Report: SBF Is Using Fish as Currency in Prison

'The mack currency system is far more stable than crypto'

(Newser) - As he awaits sentencing for seven felonies connected to the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried has learned to use a different kind of currency. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that Bankman-Fried, like other inmates at Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center, has been using pouches of mackerel as...

America's Last Prison Ship Is Closing

800-bed floating lockup arrived in NYC in 1992

(Newser) - Kenneth Williams spent his whole life in Brooklyn, but it wasn't until a night in 2018 when he crossed a narrow footbridge in shackles, that he learned about New York City's last floating jail. He remembers the murky East River water below him, the stench of mold, and...

Massive Operation Clears Out Prison Run by Inmates

Venezuela's Tocoron prison had its own zoo, nightclub

(Newser) - Venezuela's government has congratulated security forces on clearing out a "center of conspiracy and crime"—the notorious Tocoron prison. The BBC reports that 11,000 security personnel took part in the clearing of the prison, which had been run by inmates for years and functioned more as...

El Chapo Would Like Judge to Grant Him a Favor

He wants to have his wife, kids visit

(Newser) - Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman would like to see his wife, once her own prison sentence is up. The Mexican drug lord is serving a life sentence plus 30 years at a Colorado supermax prison (where, he said earlier this year , he is experiencing "psychological torment") and, in...

An Island Prison Colony Might Return in the West

Honduras plans to build what would be the only active such facility

(Newser) - Honduras plans to build the only island prison colony in the Western Hemisphere and send its most-feared gangsters there, reports the AP . Honduras' progressive president once promised to address gang violence through systemic reforms to governance and the criminal justice system. Now, President Xiomara Castro plans to build an isolated...

Larry Nassar Reportedly Stabbed in Prison

Disgraced sports doctor sexually abused young gymnasts

(Newser) - Disgraced sports doctor Larry Nassar , who was convicted of sexually abusing female gymnasts, was stabbed multiple times during an altercation with another incarcerated person at a federal prison in Florida, reports the AP . Two people familiar with the matter said the attack happened Sunday at United States Penitentiary Coleman in...

Report: Ghislaine Maxwell Is the 'Prison Karen'

She's said to have made more than 400 complaints while behind bars

(Newser) - In the appeal of her conviction for helping Jeffrey Epstein traffic and sexually abuse underage girls, Ghislaine Maxwell complained of "inhumane" conditions inside the low-security prison in which she's serving a 20-year sentence. Now, a source is revealing more about what she finds so cruel, including standard-issue pillows...

Elizabeth Holmes Has Her Prison Start Date

Convicted Theranos founder must report to the Bureau of Prisons by May 30

(Newser) - On Tuesday, Elizabeth Holmes' bid to remain free while she appeals her fraud conviction was rebuffed . On Wednesday, the disgraced Theranos founder received the reporting date to begin her 11-year sentence: May 30, per Judge Edward Davila, who also presided over her trial. CNN Business reports that Davila agreed to...

Texas Makes Largest Jail Death Settlement in Its History

Inmate Holly Barlow-Austin was denied HIV medication, lived 'in constant pain': lawsuit

(Newser) - The family of a female inmate in Texas who was allegedly denied HIV medication before dying has been awarded $7 million in what's reported to be the largest known jail-related death settlement in state history. Holly Barlow-Austin died in a hospital on June 17, 2019, after two months inside...

Rapper MoneySign Suede Killed in California Prison

Lawyer says 22-year-old was stabbed in the neck

(Newser) - Rapper MoneySign Suede has died after he was stabbed in a shower at a California prison, authorities and his attorney said. The 22-year-old rapper from Huntington Park, whose real name was Jaime Brugada Valdez, was found in the shower area of the Correctional Training Facility in Soledad shortly before 10pm...

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