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'Overwhelming Evidence' That Cuomo Harassed

Investigators combed through thousands of pages of evidence

(Newser) - There’s "overwhelming evidence" that former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo engaged in sexual harassment. The impeachment investigation also found that Cuomo used state employees to work on his memoir and "was not fully transparent regarding the number of nursing home residents who died as a result of...

In Interview Transcripts, a 'Pugilistic and Paranoid' Cuomo

NY AG Letitia James releases transcripts from probe into sex harassment claims against ex-gov

(Newser) - The 515-page transcript from an 11-hour interview with former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been released, and it shows an alternately defiant and aloof interviewee who denies the sexual harassment accusations against him. The documentation of the July 17 conversation between Cuomo and Joon Kim and Anne Clark, the...

Touching Complaint Names Cuomo
Names Cuomo

Touching Complaint Names Cuomo

Filing accuses former governor of Class A misdemeanor at the Executive Mansion last year

(Newser) - A criminal complaint was filed Thursday against former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, saying he forcibly touched a woman at the state's Executive Mansion in December 2020. The filing in Albany City Court did not name the woman, the New York Times reports. The complaint says Cuomo did "...

Chris Cuomo's Ex-Boss Reveals He Groped Her Butt

TV journalist Shelley Ross says CNN host must 'journalistically repent'

(Newser) - Sexual harassment allegations derailed the career of one Cuomo . A new allegation threatens to do the same to another. In a New York Times essay, Chris Cuomo's former boss at ABC News says the CNN host sexually harassed her in 2005 when both attended a colleague's going-away party...

Cuomo's Legal Woes Could Cost Taxpayers Millions

New governor can decide whether state will continue to pay Cuomo's lawyers

(Newser) - Resigning from office probably didn’t end former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s legal problems, and no matter what happens next, taxpayers are likely to wind up with a hefty bill, the AP reports. The state has already agreed to pay up to $9.5 million to lawyers representing and investigating...

Time's Up CEO Resigns After Cuomo Scandal

Tina Tchen had resisted calls to step down for weeks

(Newser) - Time's Up CEO and president Tina Tchen resigned Thursday in the wake of revelations that leaders of the sexual harassment victims’ advocacy group advised former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration after he was accused of sexual misconduct. In a statement posted to Twitter , Tchen—the former chief...

Hochul: Truth Is New York Saw Another 12K COVID Deaths

She ups New York's total from the 43K deaths Cuomo reported as of Monday

(Newser) - New York Gov. Kathy Hochul promised more government transparency on her first day in office, and her administration quickly delivered it by acknowledging nearly 12,000 more deaths in the state from COVID-19 than had been publicized by her predecessor, Andrew Cuomo. New York now reports nearly 55,400 people...

Cuomo Just Lost His Emmy
Cuomo Just Lost His Emmy

Cuomo Just Lost His Emmy

Award granted for COVID briefings was rescinded hours after he left office

(Newser) - Andrew Cuomo is now an ex-governor—and an ex-Emmy winner. The former New York governor, who resigned amid sexual harassment allegations, has been stripped of the award he was granted last year , reports Politico . The move was announced by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences hours after Cuomo...

Driver in Infamous Robbery Gains a Last-Minute Pardon
Driver in Infamous Robbery
May Go Free After 40 Years
the rundown

Driver in Infamous Robbery May Go Free After 40 Years

Outgoing Gov. Andrew Cuomo granted clemency to Brink's getaway driver David Gilbert

(Newser) - Andrew Cuomo granted clemency to half a dozen people in his final hours in office Monday night, none more controversial than that of David Gilbert. The 76-year-old was a getaway driver in an infamous 1981 robbery of a Brink's armored car that left two police officers and a security...

History-Maker Officially Ends a Troubled Cuomo Era

New York's first female governor Kathy Hochul officially took over from Andrew Cuomo at midnight

(Newser) - Kathy Hochul became the first female governor of New York at the stroke of midnight Tuesday, taking control of a state government desperate to get back to business after months of distractions over sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo, the AP reports. The Democrat from western New York was sworn...

One Last 'Quirk' From Cuomo: a 'Late-Night Ascension'

Few New Yorkers will see governor-to-be Kathy Hochul's historic moment

(Newser) - An aide to outgoing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said out loud Monday what a lot of people surely already were thinking: The 63-year-old is done with elected politics once his resignation takes effect at midnight. "He is exploring a number of options, but has no interest in running...

Andrew Cuomo Fends Off One Last Controversy

Outgoing governor under fire over report he left his dog behind at mansion

(Newser) - Monday is Andrew Cuomo's final day as the governor of New York state, but he's not escaping without one last batch of negative headlines. The Albany Times Union reports that Cuomo left his dog behind at the governor's mansion after moving in with his sister in Westchester...

Cuomo Files for $50K Retirement Benefits

Governor's resignation takes effect Tuesday

(Newser) - Down to his last few days in office, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has applied for New York retirement benefits. Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul will become governor on Tuesday, and Cuomo's benefits will kick in Sept. 1, the Hill reports. He announced his resignation earlier this month after an investigation found...

Chris Cuomo Comments on Andrew Cuomo

CNN host says he advised his brother to resign in the end

(Newser) - CNN host Chris Cuomo addressed his brother Andrew's scandal Monday night for what he said would be the final time. "I did advise my brother to resign when the time came," Cuomo said, noting he never thought that would be something he'd have to do. Cuomo...

State Lawmakers Stop Cuomo Impeachment Investigation

Assembly's lawyers say only someone still in office can be removed

(Newser) - The New York state Assembly will suspend its impeachment investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo once he steps down, the chamber's top Democrat said Friday. Cuomo announced his resignation on Tuesday over sexual harassment allegations, after he faced increasing pressure to resign or risk being ousted by the Democratic-controlled Legislature...

Biden: Cuomo Did a 'Hell of a Job' on Many Issues

'That's why it's so sad,' president says

(Newser) - One of the nation's most prominent Democratic governors announced his resignation Tuesday—and President Biden had some unexpected praise for him. When asked to assess New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's time in office, Biden said he had done a "hell of a job," Politico reports. "...

Cuomo &#39;Ran Out of Moves&#39;
Resignation Marks
Stunning Downfall for Cuomo

Resignation Marks Stunning Downfall for Cuomo

NY governor 'ran out of moves'

(Newser) - It's being called one of the most stunning downfalls in recent American political history: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has resigned in disgrace, a week after state AG Letitia James said a report had concluded that the Democrat sexually harassed 11 women . With the state Assembly moving toward impeachment...

Andrew Cuomo Is Resigning
Andrew Cuomo 
Resigns as Governor

Andrew Cuomo Resigns as Governor

But New York leader says he still views damning report as politically biased

(Newser) - A political surprise out of New York state on Tuesday: Andrew Cuomo called a news conference and announced that he's resigning as governor amid his sexual harassment scandal . "Given the circumstances, the best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back...

Ronan Farrow&#39;s New Target: Andrew Cuomo
Ronan Farrow: Phone Call
by Cuomo Raises Legal Issues
the rundown

Ronan Farrow: Phone Call by Cuomo Raises Legal Issues

Governor called White House in 2014 to complain about a federal prosecutor

(Newser) - The potential trouble for Andrew Cuomo keeps mounting . The latest arrives via an investigative piece about the New York governor by Ronan Farrow in the New Yorker . Farrow doesn't recount more allegations of sexual harassment, however. Instead, he reports that Cuomo made a highly improper, possibly illegal call to...

Time's Up Leader Quits Over Cuomo Ties

Report found Roberta Kaplan advised governor in effort to discredit accuser

(Newser) - Time’s Up leader Roberta Kaplan resigned Monday over fallout from her work advising Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration when the first allegations of sexual harassment were made against him last year. Kaplan cited her work counseling the administration last winter and her more recent legal work representing Melissa DeRosa,...

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