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City Told Guy to Build a Fence to Cover His Boat. He Did This
City Told Guy to Build a Fence
to Cover His Boat. He Did This

City Told Guy to Build a Fence to Cover His Boat. He Did This

Etienne Constable strikes back with fence painted to look like the boat Seaside wanted him to cover up

(Newser) - The city of Seaside, California, wanted Etienne Constable to put up a fence to block the unsightly vista of his boat parked in his driveway. So Constable, who says "I'm not a rule-breaker," dutifully put up a fence—and then cheekily had a neighbor paint the unsightly...

Cops: TikTok Challenge Drove Teens to Act Like Kool-Aid Man

Kids busted for crashing through residents' fences on Long Island

(Newser) - Another day, another stupid TikTok challenge. This time it involves a group of Long Island teens who allegedly decided to emulate the Kool-Aid Man's move of busting through walls —except in their case, they're accused of kicking down local fences. Fox News reports that Suffolk County police...

White House Fence Jumper Found Dangling, Arrested Again

Marci Anderson Wahl really wants to talk to President Trump

(Newser) - Marci Anderson Wahl, a persistent but apparently not particularly dangerous White House fence jumper, was arrested early Sunday after scaling a section of the fence near the Treasury Building, the Secret Service says. This was the third arrest in less than a week for the 38-year-old resident of Everett, Wash....

Secret Service: We're Making WH Fence 'Taller, Stronger'

Donald Trump one of the first to weigh in on plans to raise fence by 5 feet

(Newser) - If you build it, they won't come. That's what the Secret Service is hoping its new plan to raise the White House fence by 5 feet will mean, the latest effort, after a lot of red tape , to stop people from trying to jump it, NBC Washington reports....

Fence Jumper Causes White House Lockdown

Obama family was inside, celebrating Thanksgiving

(Newser) - A man who apparently intended to interrupt the Obama's family's Thanksgiving hopped the White House fence wrapped in a US flag Thursday afternoon but he didn't get far. The intruder, identified by NBC as Joseph Caputo, was arrested by Secret Service agents soon after he jumped the...

Wanted: New, 'Politically Correct' White House Fence

But competing agencies are slowing down the project

(Newser) - Think the White House needs a fence that's less amenable to jumpers? So does the Secret Service, which has had agents hurtling themselves at fences for months to see which is hardest to climb over, the New York Times reports. But the main issue holding up a better fence...

White House Cans the 'Danged' Fence
White House
Cans the 'Danged' Fence

White House Cans the 'Danged' Fence

Napolitano says no 'one-size-fits-all' solution for border

(Newser) - After four years, about a billion bucks, and lots of yelling on both sides ("Complete the danged fence," anyone?), the White House is officially canning the US-Mexico border fence, reports the AP. Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano made the long-expected announcement yesterday, saying that there's no "one-size-fits-all" fix...

Watch Out, Sarah: Wasilla Might Take You Down

Her 'everywoman' image can't take the hit

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is doomed, warns Gawker , and it's her Wasilla brethren, not the Democrats, who are could take her down. Sure, the fence she built around her home will shield her family from the prying eyes of the "lamestream" media, writes Adrian Chen. But the problem isn't the press—...

Palin Builds Fence to Block Snoopy Writer's View
 Palin Builds Fence to 
 Block Snoopy Writer's View 

Palin Builds Fence to Block Snoopy Writer's View

Says she needs to protect her family

(Newser) - When Sarah Palin's would-be unauthorized biographer, Joe McGinniss, moved in next door , the Palin family made a not-so neighborly move: They built a great big fence. The former governor tells AP she needs to protect her family's privacy. Why, she asks on Facebook, would McGinniss need to look at "...

Forget MySpace—Neighbors Should Work on Our Space

One man tries to build community ... through sleepovers

(Newser) - Feeling a disquieting disconnect, author Peter Lovenheim recounts his attempt to weave a neighborhood—one sleepover at a time. Americans interact with their neighbors less than ever, Lovenheim writes in the New York Times; by some estimates, the decline has been underway since 1950. So Lovenheim decided to get to...

Mexico Calls for Eco-Friendly Border Fence

Environment minister warns US against proceeding with plan

(Newser) - Citing environmental concerns, Mexico is calling on the US to revise its plan to expand border fences. The current layout threatens fragile ecosystems in the Sonora Desert area and could wipe out endangered species like the Mexican black bear, a new report shows. Mexico is ready to take the US...

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