Ruby Franke

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Disturbing Details of YouTuber Ruby Franke's Child Abuse Revealed

Franke herself chronicled the abuse of her children

(Newser) - The malnourished and badly bruised son of a parenting advice YouTuber politely asks a neighbor to take him to the nearest police station in newly released video from the day his mother and her business partner were arrested on child abuse charges in southern Utah. The 12-year-old son of Ruby...

YouTuber Franke: Partner Created 'Distorted Sense of Morality'
Ruby Franke
for Child Abuse

YouTuber Ruby Franke Sentenced for Child Abuse

She and Jodi Hildebrandt will serve at least 4 years in prison, and as many as 60

(Newser) - YouTube celeb Ruby Franke and business partner Jodi Hildebrandt were each sentenced Tuesday to serve at least four years and as many as 60 years in prison over child abuse charges, reports the Hill . Each received four terms of 1 to 15 years to be served consecutively, with the Utah...

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