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Gay, Critics Concur: Harvard Hubbub Isn't Just About Her

In 'NYT' op-ed, Gay notes there's a 'broader war to unravel public faith in pillars of American society'

(Newser) - This week, Claudine Gay made the "wrenching but necessary decision" to step down as president of Harvard University, amid backlash on her testimony about antisemitism on campus, as well as accusations of plagiarism . But while she's lost her plum position as the head of an elite Ivy League...

Harvard President Resigns Amid Controversy
Harvard President
Resigns Amid Controversy

Harvard President Resigns Amid Controversy

Claudine Gay is out after plagiarism allegations, handling of antisemitism on campus

(Newser) - Updated with details from Gay's resignation letter. Harvard President Claudine Gay will not keep her job amid controversy after all, reports the Harvard Crimson and the Boston Globe . Gay resigned on Tuesday, per the New York Times . The move comes after she faced accusations of plagiarism in published papers,...

Harvard President Comes Under Fire Again

This time for allegations of plagiarism as House committee investigates Claudine Gay

(Newser) - Harvard President Claudine Gay, lately facing backlash for her congressional testimony addressing antisemitism on campus, is now accused of plagiarism. A CNN investigation found what it says are clear examples of plagiarism in academic papers she has written, including as a PhD candidate at Harvard in the 1990s. "Gay...

Harvard President Will Keep Her Job Amid Backlash

University's governing board backs Claudine Gay after antisemitism controversy

(Newser) - The University of Pennsylvania may have lost its president over her antisemitism testimony, but that's not the case at Harvard. The university's governing board on Tuesday voiced its support for Claudine Gay, reports the Harvard Crimson . Gay, along with the presidents of UPenn and MIT, has been under...

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