Trump New York fraud trial

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Trump's Bond Gets New Conditions
Trump's Bond
Gets New

Trump's Bond Gets New Conditions

Prosecutors wanted controls added to protect money placed in account

(Newser) - Donald Trump's $175 million bond, which he had to post to pursue an appeal in his civil fraud case, received a few new conditions on Monday after prosecutors raised questions about the company that issued it. New York Judge Arthur Engoron accepted the bond, which will protect Trump from...

Former Trump CFO Pleads Guilty to Perjury
Former Trump CFO
Gets Second Jail Term

Former Trump CFO Gets Second Jail Term

Allen Weisselberg will serve 5 months in prison for perjury in his boss' civil fraud trial

(Newser) - Allen Weisselberg, a retired executive in Donald Trump's real estate empire, received his expected sentence of five months in jail Wednesday for lying under oath during the civil fraud lawsuit brought against Trump in New York. Weisselberg pleaded guilty last month to two counts of perjury in connection with...

Meet the Man Who Financed Trump's $175M Bond

California auto loan billionaire Don Hankey: 'This is what we do'

(Newser) - A Donald financed the $175 million appeals bond to stay the $464 million judgment in former President Trump's New York civil fraud case, but it wasn't Donald Trump. California billionaire Don Hankey of Knight Specialty Insurance, who made a fortune selling high-interest auto loans to people with poor...

Trump Puts Up $175M Bond, Prevents Seizure of Assets

Move comes as he appeals his loss in New York civil fraud trial

(Newser) - Donald Trump posted a $175 million bond on Monday in his New York civil fraud case , halting collection of the more than $454 million he owes and preventing the state from seizing his assets . The bond Trump is posting with the court now is essentially a placeholder, meant to guarantee...

Trump Catches a Big Break Over Bond in Fraud Case

Former president must come up with $175M instead of nearly $500M

(Newser) - Donald Trump received some unexpectedly good news from an appellate court on Monday, reports the New York Times : Instead of having to come up with nearly $500 million for a bond in his civil fraud case , the former president must instead post a significantly smaller bond of $175 million within...

Trump's Payment Deadline Arrives

Trump's Payment Deadline Arrives

If he fails to secure huge bond Monday, New York attorney general could start seizing assets

(Newser) - Monday is a potentially big day in the legal travails of former President Trump. If he doesn't put up a bond of nearly $500 million, New York Attorney General Letitia James could start seizing his assets .
  • Time's up: James gave Trump a 30-day grace period to pay up

New York Takes a Step Toward Seizing Trump Property

State filing could mean Westchester County property is a target for seizure

(Newser) - The New York attorney general's office may have found something in Donald Trump's real estate portfolio it likes. New state filings in Westchester County could be a sign that it's moving toward seizing Seven Springs, Trump's golf course and private estate north of Manhattan, CNN reports. If...

Trump Offers to Pay $100M Bond in Fraud Case
Judge Rejects Trump's
Offer of $100M Bond

Judge Rejects Trump's Offer of $100M Bond

Appeals court judge says Trump needs to put up bond to cover full judgment in fraud case

(Newser) - An appeals court judge has rejected Donald Trump's request to be allowed to put up a bond for just $100 million instead of the full judgment against him in his New York trial. Judge Anil Singh of New York ruled that to stop enforcement of the penalty, which comes...

Engoron Refuses to Delay $364M Trump Judgment

Ruling in NY fraud case was finalized Thursday

(Newser) - A request from Donald Trump's lawyers to delay finalizing the $364 million ruling against the former president and co-defendants in his New York fraud case was shot down Thursday by the judge who presided over the trial. New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron signed the judgment Thursday afternoon,...

NY AG: Trump Better Pay Up, or We'll Seize His Properties

Letitia James specifically names the Trump Building on Wall Street

(Newser) - New York Attorney General Letitia James isn't worried that former President Trump might not be able to cover the $355 million judgment delivered in his civil business fraud trial. "If he does not have funds to pay off the judgment, then we will seek judgment enforcement mechanisms in...

Judge Orders Trump to Pay $364M in Fraud Trial

Former president also barred from running company for 3 years

(Newser) - Donald Trump received what the New York Times describes as a "crushing defeat" in a New York courtroom on Friday in his fraud trial :
  • Judge Arthur Engoron ordered him to pay $364 million after finding that Trump and his business falsely inflated his wealth and real estate values to

Trump Could Be Hit With Massive Fine Today

Ruling is expected in NY civil fraud case

(Newser) - Court officials in New York say that barring unforeseen circumstances, Judge Arthur Engoron will issue his ruling Friday in former President Trump's civil fraud trial. Trump could be hit with a verdict of hundreds of millions of dollars in another legal setback the day after another judge set a...

Ruling in Trump Fraud Trial Delayed

Sources say prosecutors are weighing perjury charge against former Trump Organization CFO

(Newser) - After Donald Trump's civil fraud trial in New York concluded, Judge Arthur Engoron said he would try to rule by Jan. 31, but we're now into February with no ruling. Alfred Baker, a spokesperson for New York's Office of Court Administration, says a ruling is now expected...

Trump to Court: 'Sir, This Is a Fraud on Me'

Former president is given a few minutes to address the courtroom in civil trial

(Newser) - In a surprise development, Donald Trump was given a chance Thursday to briefly address the court on the final day of his civil fraud trial in New York—and he quickly criticized both the New York attorney general and the judge in the case.
  • "We have a situation where

On Last Day of Trump's Fraud Trial, a Bomb Threat

Swatting incident at judge's home fails to delay closing arguments

(Newser) - Police responded to a bomb threat at the Long Island home of the judge presiding over former President Donald Trump's civil fraud case on Thursday, hours before closing arguments were to begin. It's unclear if Judge Arthur Engoron was home when a Nassau County bomb squad responded around...

Judge Yanks Permission: Trump Can't Deliver Closing Argument

Attorneys said Trump wouldn't agree to limitations in civil fraud trial

(Newser) - Donald Trump won't make his own closing argument in his New York civil business fraud trial after his lawyers objected to the judge's insistence that the former president would stick to "relevant" matters. Judge Arthur Engoron rescinded permission on Wednesday, a day ahead of closing arguments in...

James Asks Fraud Trial Judge to Make Trump Pay $370M

Filing calls for former president to be barred from running a business in New York

(Newser) - The New York attorney general's office has made its recommendation for penalties Donald Trump and Trump Organization executives should pay for what it called "myriad deceptive schemes" to inflate his financial worth. A state brief filed Friday calls for Trump to pay a nearly $370 million penalty and...

In Reversal, Trump Decides Not to Testify Again

Former president won't take the stand for the defense in New York civil fraud trial

(Newser) - Former President Trump was originally set to testify Monday in his civil fraud trial, but Sunday afternoon he posted to Truth Social that he would not be, adding, "ALREADY TESTIFIED TO EVERYTHING & HAVE NOTHING MORE TO SAY." Prior to the 180, he was to be the last...

Trump Sets in Motion Fight That May Go to Supreme Court

Separately, he shows up at his New York fraud trial

(Newser) - Thursday saw notable developments in two of Donald Trump's trials:
  • An appeal: Trump is appealing a ruling that he is not immune from criminal prosecution on charges that he plotted to overturn the results of the 2020 election, per the AP . Lawyers for Trump filed a notice of appeal

Court Reimposes Gag Order in Trump's NY Fraud Trial

He's banned from disparaging court staff again

(Newser) - Donald Trump has been consistently disparaging court personnel in his New York civil fraud case, including law clerk Allison Greenfield, since a gag order was lifted two weeks ago—but it's now back in place. A New York appeals court has reinstated the order imposed by Judge Arthur Engoron...

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