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After Injury Update, Trump Rips Project 2025 in Return to Trail

GOP nominee appears with running mate at Michigan rally

(Newser) - Donald Trump went back on the campaign trail Saturday, in his first rally since the attempt on his life in Pennsylvania. The Michigan event also marked his first appearance outside the Republican National Convention with JD Vance, the running mate crowned by the delegates this week in Milwaukee. Trump mocked...

Takeaways From Trump's RNC Speech
Takeaways From
Trump's RNC Speech

Takeaways From Trump's RNC Speech

It had a gripping start, but soon became a standard Trump speech, analysts say

(Newser) - Donald Trump broke his own record for the longest televised presidential acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday night and analysts say it was a tale of two speeches: A gripping and emotional recounting of Saturday's assassination attempt, followed by a more conventional rally speech. The former president...

Trump Sets New Record With His Acceptance Speech

Former president spoke for 95 minutes

(Newser) - Donald Trump accepted his party's presidential nomination for the third time on Thursday and gave a speech written in the days after the attempt on his life. His was the longest televised presidential acceptance speech ever, at one hour and 33 minutes, ending at 11:05pm CT. The previous...

Surprise RNC Moment: Hulk Hogan Rips Shirt Off

He is among the speakers including Eric Trump to precede the former president

(Newser) - It's not every convention speaker who rips his shirt off, but not every convention speaker is professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. The 70-year-old Hogan drove the GOP crowd into a frenzy Thursday night by ripping off his shirt to reveal a tanktop featuring Donald Trump and running mate JD Vance,...

Newsom Slams Musk: 'You Bent the Knee'
Musk Swap

Newsom, Musk Swap 'Knee' Insults

California governor criticizes billionaire after decision to uproot HQs of SpaceX and X

(Newser) - California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Elon Musk don't appear to be on speaking terms at the moment, but they are on tweeted-insult terms.
  • "You bent the knee," Newsom wrote of Musk's new embrace of Donald Trump, reports the Hill . Accompanying the tweet was a 2022 post

In RNC Speech, JD Vance Gets Personal
In RNC Speech,
JD Vance Gets Personal

In RNC Speech, JD Vance Gets Personal

'I will be a vice president who never forgets where he came from'

(Newser) - Introducing himself to the nation after being tapped as Donald Trump's running mate, JD Vance used his Wednesday night address to the Republican National Convention to share the story of his hardscrabble upbringing and make the case that his party best understands the challenges facing struggling Americans. In his...

Conway at RNC: Trump Has Major Cred on Women

She, Greg Abbott, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and others make their cases for Trump

(Newser) - Wednesday night will be running mate JD Vance's chance to make a splash with a prime-time speech at the Republican National Convention, but some notable figures have preceded him:
  • Kellyanne Conway: The former White House counselor to Donald Trump hailed him as a strong supporter of women. In her

A Different Republican Party Will Come Out of Convention
Republican Party Is
Changing, Consciously

Republican Party Is Changing, Consciously

Conservatism is under attack, leaders and analysts say, as leaders adjust positions

(Newser) - The Republican National Convention in Milwaukee this week is not just a celebration or a crowning of the party's presidential ticket. It's a realignment. Republican positions are no longer standard conservative down the line; the party is turning toward economic populism, for instance, Politico reports. And longstanding relationships...

Trump Sneakers Are Back, Now With Shooting Photo

Only 5K of the 'FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT High Tops' are being made; they sell for $299

(Newser) - A company is now selling $299 sneakers showing an image of Donald Trump with streaks of blood on his cheek and pumping his fist in the air after he was the target of an assassination attempt in Pennsylvania, reports the AP . The white high tops are being sold as "...

First Trump Family Member Speaks at RNC

Lara Trump closes Tuesday night's events

(Newser) - The first Trump family member took the stage on day 2 of the Republican National Convention Tuesday. Lara Trump, wife of Donald Trump's son Eric and one of two new co-chairs of the Republican National Committee, delivered the night's closing remarks, the New York Times reports. The theme...

Haley, DeSantis Make Their Cases for Trump

'You don't have to agree with Trump 100% of the time to vote for him,' says Haley

(Newser) - Some big names defeated by Donald Trump as he rolled to the GOP nomination took the stage at the GOP convention Tuesday night to back him.
  • Nikki Haley: "You don't have to agree with Trump 100% of the time to vote for him," the former UN ambassador

Wife of JD Vance Also Enters the Spotlight
JD Vance's Wife Seen
as a 'Political Cipher'
the rundown

JD Vance's Wife Seen as a 'Political Cipher'

Usha Vance worked for a 'radically progressive' law firm until this week

(Newser) - Donald Trump's selection of JD Vance as his running mate has brought attention to Vance's wife, Usha, as well. Some highlights of bios moving about the 38-year-old attorney:
  • Leery: In an interview with Fox News last month when her husband was on the short list, Usha Vance talked

Elon Musk May End Up as Biggest Donor in 2024 Race

Wall Street Journal reports he is committing $45M a month to Trump

(Newser) - Elon Musk isn't just backing Donald Trump with an endorsement and a one-off donation . The Wall Street Journal reports that the billionaire is committing $45 million a month to see Trump back in office. Musk—the world's richest person by the reckoning of Forbes with $252 billion—is...

Vance Brings Youth, Broad Agreement With Trump
What JD Vance Brings
to the GOP Ticket
the rundown

What JD Vance Brings to the GOP Ticket

Trump's VP pick could help with swing states, though maybe not with moderates

(Newser) - Donald Trump did not follow the advice from some Republicans to pick a running mate who would have made the presidential ticket more diverse—or one with less strident rhetoric than the former president's who might appeal to non-MAGA voters. There's not much daylight between Sen. JD Vance...

Trump Met With RFK Jr. to Seek Endorsement, Sources Say

But Kennedy is pushing back on that narrative

(Newser) - Donald Trump met with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Monday morning to discuss whether the independent candidate might endorse the Republican for president, sources tell Politico . "Yes, Mr. Kennedy met with President Trump today to discuss national unity, and he hopes to meet with leaders of the Democratic Party as...

FBI Trying to Access Gunman's Phone
FBI Gains Access to
Gunman's Phone

FBI Gains Access to Gunman's Phone

Authorities say Trump shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks appears to have acted alone

(Newser) - The FBI has gained access to the phone belonging to the 20-year-old who opened fire on a Trump rally Saturday, according to a statement issued by the bureau Monday. "FBI technical specialists successfully gained access to Thomas Matthew Crooks' phone, and they continue to analyze his electronic devices,"...

Lt. Gov Who Said 'Some Folks Need Killing' Speaks at RNC

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson kept things less controversial in his convention speech

(Newser) - North Carolina's lieutenant governor (and the Republican nominee to be the state's next governor ) Mark Robinson was one of the opening speakers Monday night at the Republican National Convention, and his inclusion drew quite a bit of attention given his past "incendiary" comments, per the AP...

Marjorie Taylor Greene at RNC: 'God's Hand' Saved Trump

Congresswoman notes the 'somber' yet 'celebratory' moment

(Newser) - Among the speakers Monday on the first night of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee was Marjorie Taylor Greene, who declared her gratitude to God for saving Donald Trump during the shooting at his Saturday rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. "Two days ago, evil came for the man we admire...

Trump Appears at RNC With a Bandaged Ear

Former president did not address Republican National Convention

(Newser) - Two days after surviving an apparent attempted assassination , former President Donald Trump appeared triumphantly at the Republican National Convention's opening night with a bandage over his right ear, the latest compelling scene in a presidential campaign already defined by dramatic turns, the AP reports. GOP delegates cheered wildly when...

Biden: 'Bull's-Eye' Comment About Trump Was a Mistake

NBC says president's interview will be broadcast unedited

(Newser) - President Biden told NBC News in an interview airing Monday night that it was a "mistake" to say he wanted to put a "bull's-eye" on Donald Trump, but he argued that the rhetoric coming from his Republican opponent has been more incendiary. The president said he was...

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