Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 2024

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RFK Jr. Sends Sorry Text to Sex Assault Accuser

'I have no memory of this incident but I apologize sincerely,' he wrote to ex-nanny Eliza Cooney

(Newser) - A bombshell allegation in a recent Vanity Fair article that accuses Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of a 1998 sexual assault has been roundly dismissed by the independent presidential candidate, who declared on a podcast after the story released, "I am not a church boy. ... I am who I am....

Inside the Kennedy Scramble to Manage the RFK Jr. Crisis

As a rogue Kennedy threatens the family legacy, Vanity Fair questions how far their loyalty will go

(Newser) - With roots in elected office dating back to the 1800s, the Kennedys have long been called American royalty. Despite scandal and tragedy following the family over generations—so much so, a supposed family curse shrouds their mystique—the powerful reputation that comes with the name has remained. Writing at Vanity ...

RFK Jr. Weighs In (Again) on 9/11
RFK Jr. Weighs In
(Again) on 9/11

RFK Jr. Weighs In (Again) on 9/11

Independent presidential candidate says 'I won't take sides' on terror attack, vows 'transparency'

(Newser) - In his current position as the most popular independent candidate of Election 2024, Robert F. Kennedy is trying to woo moderates on both sides of the aisle—and, perhaps, 9/11 truthers. On Friday, Kennedy posted an eyebrow-raising statement online, making a promise to those still not convinced on how the...

RFK Jr. After Sexual Assault Allegation: I'm No 'Church Boy'

Presidential candidate brushes off Vanity Fair article

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is responding to allegations of sexual harassment and assault from a former nanny, and the third-party presidential candidate doesn't sound too concerned. The details:
  • The allegations: Eliza Cooney, who worked as a live-in nanny for RFK Jr. and his then-wife in 1998 when she was

Moderation Was Strict in RFK Jr.'s Solo Debate

He was kept to same time limit as Biden, Trump

(Newser) - Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wasn't on the stage when President Biden and Donald Trump debated in Atlanta on Thursday night—though given the very poor reviews of his performance, Biden might have welcomed the distraction. Instead, Kennedy was on the other side of the country, taking part...

RFK Jr. Says He's Holding the 'Real Debate'

Candidate plans to answer same questions as Biden, Trump while CNN event is underway

(Newser) - While President Biden and Donald Trump are debating Thursday night, an independent candidate excluded from the CNN-hosted debate will be holding his own event. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaign says he will be responding to the same questions as Biden and Trump in real time in an event...

RFK Jr. Unlikely to Qualify for CNN Debate
CNN: RFK Jr. Hasn't
Qualified for Debate

CNN: RFK Jr. Hasn't Qualified for Debate

Independent candidate ran out of time to qualify; only Biden, Trump will take the stage

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will not be taking part in next week's debate, CNN confirmed after the candidate missed the deadline to qualify. The network said "the debate qualification window closed at 12:00:01am" on Thursday, and President Biden and Donald Trump were the only candidates to...

RFK's Running Mate Donates Another $8M to Campaign
RFK's Running Mate Adds $8M

RFK's Running Mate Adds $8M

Nicole Shanahan's gift will cover cost of trying to get ticket on state ballots

(Newser) - The latest infusion of cash could take the sting out of being left out of the presidential debates for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. His running mate announced Wednesday night that she has kicked in another $8 million to the campaign, the New York Times reports. Nicole Shanahan drew laughter with...

RFK Jr. Complains About Being Excluded From Debates
RFK Jr. Is Feeling Left Out

RFK Jr. Is Feeling Left Out

Candidate accuses Biden, Trump of colluding to keep him out of debates

(Newser) - There hasn't been a presidential debate with three candidates onstage since Ross Perot debated Bill Clinton and George HW Bush in 1992—and it doesn't look like there will be one in 2024. President Biden and Donald Trump have agreed to hold two debates , and independent candidate Robert...

RFK Jr.: I Could Win Debate With a '6-Worm Handicap'

He challenges Biden, Trump

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. may have lost part of his brain to a parasitic worm, but he still believes he could easily win a presidential debate. "I offer to eat 5 more brain worms and still beat President Trump and President Biden in a debate," the candidate said...

RFK Jr.: About That Worm That Ate My Brain...

Candidate denies lasting effects as 'NYT' exposes various previously unknown health issues

(Newser) - At age 70, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has touted himself as "the model of virility" up against older, less robust rivals, per MSNBC . All the while, he's been keeping mum on his claim that, as the New York Times reports, a worm ate part of...

With RFK Jr. In the Mix, One of These Candidates Takes a Hit

New NBC News poll shows Donald Trump suffers from third-party bid more than President Biden

(Newser) - Various polls and pundits have been supporting the narrative that third-party presidential runs in the upcoming election, especially the one by independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., will prove more harmful to President Biden's reelection bid than former President Trump's. A new survey seems to be finding just...

RFK Jr. Responds to His Family Endorsing Biden

'I love my family, either way,' presidential candidate says

(Newser) - Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Sunday acknowledged endorsements from more than a dozen of his relatives who are backing Democratic President Biden, noting that he feels no ill will over the family political divide, the AP reports. "Some of them don't like the fact that I'...

RFK Jr. Campaign Staffer Fired After Controversial Video

Rita Palma said defeating Biden was her 'No. 1 priority'

(Newser) - A staffer for Robert F. Kennedy Jr's presidential campaign has been fired after she was caught on video outlining a plan for supporters of her candidate and Donald Trump to come together with the purpose of defeating President Biden. The video of Rita Palma, which was uploaded to YouTube...

RFK Jr. Flips Again on Jan. 6: 'I Will Right Any Wrongs'

Presidential contender had earlier walked back a campaign email on 'J6 activists'

(Newser) - Last week, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaign walked back an email they'd sent in which the independent presidential candidate referred to "J6 activists sitting in a Washington DC jail cell stripped of their Constitutional liberties." The team blamed the insertion of that sentence on a...

RFK Jr. Campaign Backs Away From Email on 'J6 Activists'

Team now disavows fundraising email that deems inmates 'stripped of their Constitutional liberties'

(Newser) - Donald Trump has made no bones about publicly supporting individuals incarcerated for the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol . Now, the campaign of another 2024 presidential contender is walking back its own assessment of the jailed rioters in a fundraising email.
  • The email: The campaign of independent candidate Robert

Who's Worse for Democracy, Biden or Trump? RFK Jr. Picks

Independent POTUS candidate claims Biden is first president to use feds 'to censor political speech'

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. obviously thinks he's a better man for the Oval Office than either of his two main competitors, President Biden and former President Trump, but he made it clear during an appearance this week on CNN that he thinks one of his political foes looms more...

RFK Jr. Hopes to Gain Traction With VP Pick
RFK Jr. Makes
His VP Pick

RFK Jr. Makes His VP Pick

Kennedy selects Silicon Valley lawyer and investor Nicole Shanahan

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. did indeed pick attorney and entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan to be his 2024 running mate, reports CNN . Kennedy announced his pick at a rally in Oakland, California, on Tuesday. Shanahan has never before run for office. "Nicole and I both left the Democratic Party," Kennedy...

RFK Jr.'s Family Has Their Candidate, and It's Not Him

Extended Kennedy clan takes St. Paddy's Day photo with President Biden, sans RFK Jr.

(Newser) - Even if no one else votes for you, you can usually at least count on your own family to pull the lever for you on Election Day. That's no guarantee for RFK Jr., who doesn't exactly have the support for his Oval Office run from many in his...

Report: Aaron Rodgers Spews Sandy Hook Conspiracies
Report: Aaron Rodgers
Is a Sandy Hook Truther

Report: Aaron Rodgers Is a Sandy Hook Truther

CNN journalist describes conversation with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s potential running mate

(Newser) - This file has been updated with Rodgers' comment. One of two leading contenders for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s running mate, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, could provide a boost to the long-shot presidential bid. Or he could do the opposite, as CNN reports that Rodgers has "...

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