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Google Says Bye-Bye to Bard, Hello to Gemini

Company retires its chatbot, releases an AI-driven upgrade that doubles as a digital assistant

(Newser) - There's a new chatbot/digital assistant in town, and it comes all in one package. In a "Siri meets ChatGPT" move, Google has retired its Bard chatbot and launched in its place the Gemini smartphone app, an artificial intelligence-driven tool announced Thursday that's now available to English speakers...

Google's AI Chatbot Delivers Wrong Answer in Demo

Bard flubbed question on James Webb Space Telescope

(Newser) - If AI chatbots could feel embarrassment, Google's Bard might be blushing. In a demo tweeted Monday by Google ahead of a launch event, Bard confidently delivered a wrong answer, the Telegraph reports. In response to the query, "What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I...

Google Unveils Rival 'Bard' to ChatGPT

Company hopes to keep up in the AI race

(Newser) - ChatGPT has been making headlines lately, but now it's going to have to share that media real estate: On Monday, Google owner Alphabet announced its new chatbot service, Bard, as well as plans to pump more artificial intelligence into its search functions and open up some of its AI...

3 Stories