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Spy Balloon Sent Data to China on US Internet Link: Officials

Intelligence agencies don't think intelligence was being transmitted

(Newser) - A surveillance balloon that crossed the nation early this year tapped a US company's internet connection to send data back to China, current and former officials said. The communications chiefly concerned navigation, NBC News reports. The balloon was able to transmit high-bandwidth collections of data in short bursts using...

Report: Spy Balloon Was 'Crammed' With US-Made Tech

Investigators believe there's no way it was just a weather balloon, insiders say

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal describes the investigation into the Chinese spy balloon shot down in February as "closely held"—but it has found some officials willing to discuss preliminary findings. The officials say analysis by defense and intelligence agencies has found that the balloon was "crammed with...

China Lashes Out After Biden Calls Xi the 'D-Word'

US president calls Chinese leader Xi Jinping a dictator—remarks Beijing deems 'irresponsible'

(Newser) - Relations between the US and China have been a little rougher than usual since February, when Washington shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon over South Carolina. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's visit to China this month, however, ended up in "constructive" talks, and culminated in a...

US Opts Not to Shoot New Balloon Out of Sky

But military is watching a new mystery object that drifted over Hawaii, is now headed to Mexico

(Newser) - After a mysterious spate of balloon sightings earlier this year, a new entry has made its way into the mix. NBC News reports that the US military has been tailing a new balloon since late last week that drifted over parts of Hawaii, though officials indicate it didn't fly...

China's Balloon Sent Information to Beijing

But what was gathered is still unclear

(Newser) - The Chinese spy balloon shot down by the US over the Atlantic in February was able to send information and photos back to Beijing, reports CNN . An anonymous source tells the news network that the balloon was transmitting the data it gathered in real time, though just what the...

Pentagon Releases Close-Up of Chinese Spy Balloon

U-2 pilot took a photo the day before the craft was shot down

(Newser) - A U-2 pilot flying high above the Chinese spy balloon took a close-up photo of the large white orb just a day before the Air Force shot it down off the South Carolina coast. The photo shows the top of the pilot's helmet inside the U-2 cockpit with the...

Now We May Never Know What Last 3 Objects in Sky Were

US, Canada call off search for debris

(Newser) - The world may never know what the US military shot out of sky in three separate incidents over Alaska , Lake Huron in Michigan, and the Yukon territory in Canada. It's not because the information is top-secret. Instead, the US and Canadian governments have officially given up searching for debris...

Military Wraps Up Balloon Recovery
Chinese Balloon Recovery Ends

Chinese Balloon Recovery Ends

Pieces of other objects shot down probably won't be found, officials say

(Newser) - The US has finished its efforts to recover the remnants of the large balloon that was shot down off the coast of South Carolina, and analysis of the debris so far reinforces conclusions that it was a Chinese spy balloon, US officials said Friday. Officials said Navy, Coast Guard, and...

Biden: Objects Shot Down Likely Weren't Spying

President doesn't definitively identify craft shot down after Chinese balloon

(Newser) - President Biden told the nation Thursday that the three objects the US shot down most recently while flying over North America don't appear to be connected to Chinese spying. The Air Force on Feb. 4 downed a balloon off the coast of South Carolina that apparently was sent by...

White House: Objects Could Have Been 'Totally Benign'

NSC spokesman says there's no sign objects were connected to China's spy program

(Newser) - The White House says three unidentified aerial objects shot down in recent days may have been "totally benign"—although it's hard to confirm anything without any debris to examine. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday that there's no evidence the objects shot down over...

Pilot Made $400K Misfire Shooting at Object in Sky

'The first shot missed,' general admits about attempt over Lake Huron

(Newser) - Four words you don't want to hear in regard to a US fighter pilot launching a missile at a mystery object in the skies above the US: "The first shot missed." On Tuesday, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark A. Milley acknowledged that the first Sidewinder missile fired...

Pentagon Memo Says Object Was 'Metallic Balloon'

Debris from object shot down over Yukon has not been recovered

(Newser) - A Pentagon memo obtained by CNN has more details on one of the "unidentified aerial objects" shot down over the weekend. The memo states the object shot down by a US fighter jet over Canada's Yukon territory on Saturday at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's request was a...

White House: Don't Worry About Aliens

'No indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity with these recent takedowns'

(Newser) - The flying objects shot down over the US and Canada in recent days are still apparently unidentified, but the White House says Americans shouldn't worry about invaders from space. "There is no indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity with these recent takedowns," White House press secretary Karine...

China: We've Spotted 10 US Balloons in Last Year Alone

Accusation comes amid a series of high-altitude shootdowns in American skies

(Newser) - The US has shot down three high-altitude objects in the last three days, and that's not counting the Chinese balloon before that. And while nobody seems quite sure what the latest objects were or where they came from—debris is still being collected—China made a point on Monday...

US Shoots Down Another 'Unidentified Object'

Air Force, National Guard pilots were deployed over Lake Huron

(Newser) - For the fourth time in less than two weeks, the US has shot down an unidentified object flying over North American airspace. A Michigan congresswoman tweeted that it happened over Lake Huron on Sunday. "The object has been downed by pilots from the US Air Force and National Guard,...

Comparison on Shootdowns in Sky: VW Beetle vs. 3 Buses

First balloon much bigger than latter two objects shot down by US military

(Newser) - The US shot down yet another high-altitude object on Sunday afternoon, the third in three days. See here for details.

US Hits Back With Blacklist Over Alleged Spy Balloon

Move comes on same day the US shot down unknown object off coast of northern Alaska

(Newser) - The United States has blacklisted six Chinese entities it said were linked to Beijing's aerospace programs as part of its retaliation over an alleged Chinese spy balloon that traversed US airspace. The economic restrictions announced Friday followed the Biden administration's pledge to consider broader efforts to address Chinese...

US Shoots Down Another 'High-Altitude' Object
US Shoots Down Another
'High-Altitude' Object

US Shoots Down Another 'High-Altitude' Object

This one was over Alaska, though it's not clear yet what it was

(Newser) - The Pentagon shot down an unknown "high-altitude" object flying in US airspace off the coast of Alaska on Friday, White House officials said. The object was flying at about 40,000 feet and posed a “reasonable threat” to the safety of civilian flights, said John Kirby, White House...

Chinese Balloon Had Spy Antennas, Says US
Balloon Had Antennas Able
to Collect Communications
the rundown

Balloon Had Antennas Able to Collect Communications

State Department says the equipment aboard shows it was no weather balloon

(Newser) - More details emerged Thursday about what the downed balloon from China had on board as it floated over the US. And while China continues to insist it was merely a weather balloon, the State Department says the newly released details prove otherwise:
  • The balloon had "multiple antennas to include

China Doubles Down on Weather Balloon Claim

Foreign Ministry spokesperson says US is being 'irresponsible'

(Newser) - American officials said Wednesday that the spy balloon shot down on Saturday was part of a fleet of balloons China is using in a massive surveillance program —but China is continuing to insist it was a wayward weather balloon. At a briefing Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning...

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