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Poland Angers Russia With Name Change

Warsaw now refers to Kaliningrad as Królewiec

(Newser) - Poland has infuriated Russia by renaming the city of Kaliningrad and the surrounding Russian exclave in official documents. A Polish government body said Kaliningrad should be known as Królewiec, its name when it was under Polish rule before 1657, the BBC reports. The city was known as Koenigsberg—Kró...

Czechs Troll Russia With 'Annexation'
Czechs Troll Russia
With 'Annexation'
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Czechs Troll Russia With 'Annexation'

They claim exclave of Kaliningrad is now Czech territory

(Newser) - Russia isn't the only nation in Europe that can claim to have annexed part of another country after an extremely dubious referendum, according to Internet jokesters in the Czech Republic. In posts that went viral this week, Czechs claimed their country had annexed Kaliningrad—a Russian exclave that's...

Moscow Slams EU Nation's Move Against Russian Exclave

Lithuania is banning transit of some sanctioned goods to Kaliningrad

(Newser) - Lithuania on Monday defended its decision to bar rail transit of goods hit by European Union sanctions from Russia to a Russian Baltic Sea exclave, in a move that drew Moscow's strong anger amid high tensions in the region. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said his country was simply...

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