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Boeing Is Struggling to Get Astronauts Home

Starliner astronauts will now return at least 8 days late

(Newser) - Ground Control had news for Captains Butch and Suni this week. Their return from the International Space Station, initially scheduled for June 18 and later pushed back to June 22, has been delayed until June 26. Their return on Boeing's Starliner spacecraft has been held up by the same...

After More Drama, Astronauts Arrive for 'a Little Dance Party'
Astronauts Reach Space Station

Astronauts Reach Space Station

Thruster problems delay docking

(Newser) - Boeing's new capsule arrived at the International Space Station on Thursday, delayed by last-minute thruster trouble that almost derailed the docking for this first test flight with astronauts. The 260-mile-high linkup over the Indian Ocean culminated more than a day of continuing drama for Boeing's astronaut flight debut...

Boeing's Starliner Finally Gets Off the Ground

Launches NASA astronauts for the first time after years of delays

(Newser) - Boeing launched astronauts for the first time on Wednesday, reports the AP , belatedly joining SpaceX as a second taxi service for NASA. A pair of NASA test pilots blasted off aboard Boeing's Starliner capsule for the International Space Station, the first to fly the new spacecraft. The trip by...

Boeing Starliner Launch Scrubbed With Minutes to Go

One computer wasn't working properly, United Launch Alliance boss says

(Newser) - A computer called off Boeing's first astronaut flight on Saturday with 3 minutes, 50 seconds on the countdown clock. The cause was computer trouble, the AP reports. Crews in Cape Canaveral, Florida, then went to work to shut down safely and remove astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams, who...

Boeing Starliner Launch Delayed Indefinitely

Multiple issues with spacecraft have been detected since May 6 launch was scrubbed

(Newser) - After years of delays, the first crewed flight of Boeing's Starliner capsule was called off within two hours of its launch time earlier this month. It was rescheduled multiple times, but the latest launch date, May 25, has now been called off and NASA doesn't have a new...

Boeing Ready for Test Flight to ISS With Astronauts on Board
Why Boeing's
Astronaut Launch
Was Called Off

Why Boeing's Astronaut Launch Was Called Off

Buzzing valve raised concerns Monday night

(Newser) - Boeing's first astronaut launch was called off because of a valve problem on the rocket Monday night. The two NASA test pilots had just strapped into Boeing's Starliner capsule for a flight to the International Space Station when the countdown was halted, just two hours before the planned...

Boeing Launches Starliner Capsule on Test Do-Over
Boeing's Starliner
Makes It Home

Boeing's Starliner Makes It Home

'On a scale of one to 10, I think I’d give it a 15'

(Newser) - Update: Boeing moved a giant step closer to being able to send astronauts to space on Wednesday with the successful return of its Starliner spacecraft—which had a spacesuit-clad mannequin aboard. After spending five days at the International Space Station, the spacecraft detached from its port and touched down in...

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