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FTX Is Taking Bankman-Fried's Parents to Court

Lawsuit seeking to claw back funds alleges Bankman, Fried 'ignored bright red flags'

(Newser) - Joe Bankman and Barbara Fried are being sued by the company their son used to run. FTX filed a lawsuit against the couple late Monday, seeking to reclaim funds it claims were "fraudulently transferred and misappropriated" by Sam Bankman-Fried's parents, CNN reports. The lawsuit filed in a Delaware...

Lawyer: SBF Is Living on Bread, Water, PB

Vegan is having a hard time behind bars, lawyer says

(Newser) - Sam Bankman-Fried is living entirely on bread, water, and occasionally peanut butter, according to a lawyer for the FTX founder. Bankman-Fried was earlier this month ordered to spend the time leading up to his October fraud trial in a Brooklyn jail rather than at his parents' house in Palo Alto,...

Judge Orders SBF Jailed Until Fraud Trial Begins

Sam Bankman-Fried tried to intimidate a potential witness, court rules

(Newser) - Accused of attempting to intimidate a witness, Sam Bankman-Fried was ordered Friday to await his fraud trial in jail rather than in his parents' home. US District Judge Lewis Kaplan made his decision after prosecutors told the Manhattan court the founder of FTX had acted to intimidate a witness. "...

Suit: SBF Had Eye on Buying Money-Laundering Haven

FTX founder wanted to scoop up island nation of Nauru, build bunker for the apocalypse, per suit

(Newser) - Sam Bankman-Fried likely had a lot of plans for the billions of dollars once in his digital wallet, but one that hasn't been talked about yet was his idea to scoop up an island nation, build a bunker for himself and other elites in his movement, and ride...

More Bad News for SBF
More Bad News
for SBF

More Bad News for SBF

FTX founder has been indicted on charges of bribing Chinese officials to unlock $1B in crypto

(Newser) - If indictments were worth money, Sam Bankman-Fried might be accumulating enough of them to fix the failure of FTX . Feds on Tuesday announced that they've indicted the erstwhile 31-year-old billionaire on charges of conspiring to bribe Chinese government officials to unlock some $1 billion in cryptocurrency held by his...

Bankman-Fried Faces More Charges, Time

Potential prison sentence for conviction on all counts reaches 155 years

(Newser) - FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was hit with new fraud charges when an updated indictment was unsealed Thursday in Manhattan federal court. Prosecutors accuse him of cheating thousands of investors out of billions of dollars while casting himself as a trustworthy "savior of the cryptocurrency industry"—an image boosted...

Bankman-Fried's Bond Co-Signers Revealed

They're both tied to Stanford

(Newser) - Sam Bankman-Fried's $250 million bail deal was secured with help from scholars at Stanford, where his parents work as law professors. Court documents released Wednesday reveal Larry Kramer, dean emeritus at Stanford Law School, and Stanford computer scientist Andreas Paepcke joined Bankman-Fried's parents as guarantors of one of...

FTX Would Like Its Donations Back, Please

Vaporized crypto exchange wants something on the order of $93M returned by Feb. 28

(Newser) - In the election cycle just past, then-wunderkind crypto gazillionaire Sam Bankman-Fried and his FTX cronies opened up their wallets and showered candidates with cash in what CoinDesk calls "a monumental influence campaign that crossed party lines." Now that FTX is bankrupt, and SBF's wallet is pretty much...

SBF's Lawyers Say Parents Are Now Targets

Lawyers want names redacted on court documents related to FTX founder's bail

(Newser) - FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried pleaded not guilty in Manhattan federal court Tuesday to charges that he cheated investors and looted customer deposits on his cryptocurrency trading platform. Bankman-Fried, 30, is accused of illegally diverting massive sums of customer money from FTX to make lavish real estate purchases, donate money to...

Former SBF Partner in Court: 'I Knew It Was Wrong'

Caroline Ellison is cooperating in case against former business and romantic partner

(Newser) - One of the key parts of the case against disgraced crypto entrepreneur Sam Bankman-Fried may come from a former business and romantic partner. Caroline Ellison, 28, told a federal judge this week that she knew the way they were shifting money around was illegal, reports the Wall Street Journal . SBF...

With Parents' Help, SBF Will Be Freed on $250M Bond

Bankman-Fried must remain at home of parents in California

(Newser) - Sam Brinkman-Fried will be able to prep for his fraud trial from his parents' home in California rather than a jail cell. A judge in New York on Thursday agreed to let the 30-year-old go free on $250 million bond, reports the Wall Street Journal . Parents Joseph Bankman and Barbara...

2 of SBF's Pals Secretly Pleaded Guilty

Meanwhile, Sam Bankman-Fried has been extradited to US

(Newser) - Two of Sam Bankman-Fried's top associates secretly pleaded guilty to criminal charges in the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX and are cooperating with investigators, a federal prosecutor announced Wednesday as the digital coin entrepreneur was being flown in FBI custody to the US from the Bahamas, the AP...

After Chaotic Day, Lawyer Says SBF Won't Fight Extradition
Sam Bankman-Fried Says
He Consents to Extradition

Sam Bankman-Fried Says He Consents to Extradition

He could be taken from Bahamas to NYC as soon as Wednesday afternoon

(Newser) - Sam Bankman-Fried has agreed to be extradited from the Bahamas to face federal charges and could be in New York as soon as Wednesday afternoon. "Yes, I do wish to waive my right to such formal extradition proceedings," the FTX founder told a judge in Nassau Wednesday, per...

SBF's Current Prison Home Is Pretty 'Grim'

Bankman-Fried, in Bahamas prison notorious for bad conditions, may agree to extradition to US

(Newser) - Both Reuters and the New York Times report that fallen crypto exec Sam Bankman-Fried is expected to stop fighting extradition to the US from the Bahamas. In his initial court appearance on Tuesday, SBF declared that he would not waive his right to challenge extradition. But the 30-year-old—who faces...

SBF May Have Ruined the Disheveled CEO Look
SBF May Have Ruined
the Disheveled CEO Look

SBF May Have Ruined the Disheveled CEO Look

It now sends a disturbing message, writes 'NYT' fashion critic Vanessa Friedman

(Newser) - The financial misdeeds of fallen crypto wunderkind Sam Bankman-Fried are being dissected everywhere. In the New York Times , fashion critic Vanessa Friedman explores an entirely different angle to the story, suggesting that SBF's demise might also spell the demise, finally, of the "schlubby" fashion style of tech CEOs....

Bankman-Fried Charged in 'One of the Biggest Frauds' in US History

Charges could send FTX founder to prison for decades

(Newser) - "This is one of the biggest financial frauds in American history," Damian Williams, US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, said Tuesday, announcing multiple charges against FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried. The former CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange faces eight charges including fraud, conspiracy to commit money...

Demise of Bankman-Fried Is Dragging Down Parents, Too

Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried taught for years at Stanford Law

(Newser) - The last month has brought a stunning reversal of fortune for 30-year-old Sam Bankman-Fried . And as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal report, his renowned parents are very much caught up in the downward spiral. SBF, of course, is the former CEO of the collapsed crypto exchange...

Before Arrest, SBF Had Epic First Line Prepped for Congress

Bankman-Fried of collapsed FTX fund planned to use an f-bomb in his mea culpa

(Newser) - In an interview on Monday, Sam Bankman-Fried declared, "I don't think I will be arrested." Hours later, the former CEO of the collapsed crypto exchange FTX was proved wrong . Authorities in the Bahamas took the 30-year-old into custody at the request of US officials. The details:
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Bankman-Fried Arrested in Bahamas
FTX Founder
Arrested in

FTX Founder Arrested in Bahamas

Sam Bankman-Fried was picked up at US request after prosecutors filed an indictment

(Newser) - Sam Bankman-Fried, who is under criminal investigation in both places over the collapse of the crypto firm he founded, was arrested Monday in the Bahamas after an indictment was filed against him in the US. The announcement was made by US Attorney Damian Williams, who said the US government had...

Sam Bankman-Fried: OK, I'll Talk to Congress

Ex-CEO of failed FTX set to appear Tuesday in front of House Committee on Financial Services

(Newser) - Sam Bankman-Fried has been talking to the media about the collapse of his FTX cryptocurrency firm, and now he says he's willing to talk to Congress, too. CNBC reports that Bankman-Fried announced as much Friday in a series of tweets , writing that he'll be at the Tuesday morning...

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