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Pennsylvania Primaries Set Up Tough Senate Fight

Biden, Trump scored wins in battleground state

(Newser) - Tuesday was primary day in Pennsylvania and, to nobody's surprise, the AP called the Democratic and Republican races for President Biden and Donald Trump soon after polls closed at 8pm. Both men have locked up their nominations and major rivals have dropped out, though they still campaigned in the...

With RFK Jr. In the Mix, One of These Candidates Takes a Hit

New NBC News poll shows Donald Trump suffers from third-party bid more than President Biden

(Newser) - Various polls and pundits have been supporting the narrative that third-party presidential runs in the upcoming election, especially the one by independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., will prove more harmful to President Biden's reelection bid than former President Trump's. A new survey seems to be finding just...

RFK Jr. Responds to His Family Endorsing Biden

'I love my family, either way,' presidential candidate says

(Newser) - Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Sunday acknowledged endorsements from more than a dozen of his relatives who are backing Democratic President Biden, noting that he feels no ill will over the family political divide, the AP reports. "Some of them don't like the fact that I'...

Kennedys Endorse Biden Over One of Their Own

RFK Jr. makes Michigan ballot for November

(Newser) - Members of his extended family have largely shunned Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s presidential campaign, calling it dangerous, and been supportive of President Biden's reelection. But they made their endorsement official and emphatic on Thursday, Politico reports, appearing with Biden on Thursday in Philadelphia. "We want to...

Poll Finds Concern on Climate Change Rising

Awareness of Inflation Reduction Act's green provisions isn't high, possibly a problem for Biden

(Newser) - Like many Americans, Ron Theusch is becoming more worried about climate change. A resident of Alden, Minnesota, Theusch has noticed increasingly dry and mild winters punctuated by short periods of severe cold—symptoms of a warming planet. As he thinks about that, future generations are on his mind, the AP...

Poll: Biden Basically Has Caught Trump

Gap that was 5 points in February has narrowed to 1

(Newser) - President Biden has improved his standing in a major presidential campaign poll, essentially evening the race with Donald Trump. The New York Times-Siena College poll has Trump up 46% to 45%, well within the margin of error of 3.3%, after having a 48%-43% lead in late February. It seems...

Ohio Will Need to Tweak Its Law to Get Biden on the Ballot

Otherwise he could miss the deadline, the state's election office says

(Newser) - President Biden could be left off the ballot in Ohio this fall unless the state's Republican-dominated legislature creates an exception to the ballot deadline or the Democratic Party moves up its convention, according to the office that oversees the state's elections. Ohio's deadline to certify presidential candidates...

Biden Campaign Has Huge Month
Biden Campaign
Has Huge Month

Biden Campaign Has Huge Month

A $90M haul in March extends cash lead over Trump, who projects a big haul at Florida event

(Newser) - President Biden's campaign reported Saturday that it raised $90 million in March, widening his financial lead over Donald Trump. For the quarter, that lifted Biden to a total of $187 million, per the Hill . His campaign now has $192 million in cash on hand, which it said is a...

Who's Worse for Democracy, Biden or Trump? RFK Jr. Picks

Independent POTUS candidate claims Biden is first president to use feds 'to censor political speech'

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. obviously thinks he's a better man for the Oval Office than either of his two main competitors, President Biden and former President Trump, but he made it clear during an appearance this week on CNN that he thinks one of his political foes looms more...

Wisconsin Democrats See Changes as Helping Biden

Wisconsin Republican doesn't buy theory that competitive legislative races will boost presidential turnout

(Newser) - Wisconsin's presidential primary Tuesday clears the way for a general election campaign that Democrats see as an opportunity unlike any in recent state history. New legislative districts adopted last month erase Republican advantages that gave the GOP dominance of the Wisconsin Assembly even as Democrats won 14 of the...

Obama, Clinton, Celebs Help Biden Raise a Record $26M

Former presidents, other big names took part in fancy NYC event

(Newser) - The glitzy New York City fundraiser featuring Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and a host of other big names hauled in a record-setting $26 million-plus for President Biden's reelection campaign Thursday night, the AP reports. The mood at Radio City Music Hall was electric as Obama praised Biden's willingness...

Biden-Trump Poll 'Way Too Close to Call'

Analyst says national poll shows things are about as close as they can get

(Newser) - A new national poll reveals a presidential race that is "about as close as it can get," a polling analyst says. The Quinnipiac University poll shows President Biden edging Donald Trump 48% to 45% when the poll asked about just those two candidates. However, when the question expanded...

RFK Jr.'s Family Has Their Candidate, and It's Not Him

Extended Kennedy clan takes St. Paddy's Day photo with President Biden, sans RFK Jr.

(Newser) - Even if no one else votes for you, you can usually at least count on your own family to pull the lever for you on Election Day. That's no guarantee for RFK Jr., who doesn't exactly have the support for his Oval Office run from many in his...

Georgia Seals It for President Biden
Georgia Seals It
for President Biden

Georgia Seals It for President Biden

He's now the presumptive nominee after primary wins in Georgia, Mississippi, Washington state

(Newser) - This story has been updated with new developments. President Biden, facing no serious opposition, clinched the Democratic nomination Tuesday with a victory in Georgia's primary. The AP called the race for Biden soon after polls closed at 7pm Eastern. CBS News projects that the state's delegates will give...

Biden Can Stage a 'Comeback,' If He Can Sell It Better

Ezra Klein looks at what the president has to do to get his accomplishments to resonate with Americans

(Newser) - President Biden's "fiery" State of the Union address on Thursday left an impression on many, including Ezra Klein, who writes at the New York Times that "if the Joe Biden who showed up ... last week is the Joe Biden who shows up for the rest of the...

New Biden Ad Tackles Age Issue Head-On

Campaign spot touts president's age as an advantage, leaning into his experience

(Newser) - Let's be blunt: We know Joe Biden is up there in years, you know it, and most voters know it . Now, the 81-year-old president running for a second term is addressing the age issue head-on in a new ad meant to soothe concerns that he doesn't have the...

Biden's 'Uncommitted' Problem Is Growing
Biden's 'Uncommitted'
Problem Is Growing
the rundown

Biden's 'Uncommitted' Problem Is Growing

Minnesota in particular registered a sizable protest vote over his support of Israel on Super Tuesday

(Newser) - If President Biden thought Michigan's sizable "uncommitted" protest vote in the state's primary last month was a fluke, he learned otherwise on Super Tuesday. In Minnesota, for example, about 19% of voters checked the "uncommitted" option, largely in protest of Biden's support of Israel in...

The First Super Tuesday Results Start Coming In
Trump and Biden Romp, but
Haley Scores Vermont Upset
super tuesday

Trump and Biden Romp, but Haley Scores Vermont Upset

The president also lost a contest: in American Samoa

(Newser) - The biggest day so far of the 2024 election is largely in the books, even if the suspense was lackluster. Former President Trump and President Biden racked up multiple Super Tuesday victories, while Nikki Haley has managed a single upset victory in Vermont. Biden was the victim of an upset...

Trump Repeats Familiar 'Falsehoods' in Super Tuesday Speech
Trump at Mar-a-Lago:
'This Was an Amazing Night'
super tuesday

Trump at Mar-a-Lago: 'This Was an Amazing Night'

Trump ripped Biden, Biden ripped Trump, Haley said little

(Newser) - After dominating Republican contests on Super Tuesday, Donald Trump attended a packed victory party at his Mar-a-Lago estate, the AP reports. Among those attending were staff and supporters, including the rapper Forgiato Blow and former North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn. The crowd erupted as Fox News, playing on screens around...

Biden Loses in ... American Samoa?
Loses in ...
super tuesday

Biden Loses in ... American Samoa

Entrepreneur Jason Palmer defeats him in the territory's caucuses

(Newser) - President Biden didn't make it through Super Tuesday without a defeat—though it wasn't a place on the radar of many pundits. Entrepreneur Jason Palmer defeated him in the Democratic caucuses in the US territory of American Samoa, the AP reports. Palmer scored 51 votes to Biden's...

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