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Airline Safety Videos Get a New Ringleader
 Best Airline Safety Video Ever? 

Best Airline Safety Video Ever?

Virgin America winning praise for musical version

(Newser) - Virgin America airline is winning raves for, of all things, its new safety video. It's set to music that is "amazingly—not cringeworthy," opines Wired . The New Republic thinks it's a decent music video in its own right, and IBN Live calls it "genius branding....

Only 4% Survive Fatal US Plane Accidents
Only 4% Survive Fatal
US Plane Accidents

Only 4% Survive Fatal US Plane Accidents

Of such accidents between Jan. 1, 2000, and July 10, 2013

(Newser) - Plane crashes may be on the decline, but your chance of surviving a fatal accident isn't much better than it was in the 1970s, according to a USA Today analysis of Aviation Safety Network data. What its number-crunching found:
  • It looked at fatal accidents worldwide from Jan. 1, 1970

Get Humans Out of the Cockpit
 Get Humans Out of the Cockpit 

Get Humans Out of the Cockpit

Holman Jenkins thinks transportation ought to be automated

(Newser) - When a highly automated train crashed into a Quebec town last weekend, its conductor was not on board . Which raises a few questions, writes Holman Jenkins at the Wall Street Journal . Why couldn't the train tell headquarters it had taken off? Why couldn't headquarters stop it from afar?...

You Are Not Going to Die In a Plane Crash, Period

San Francisco crash only underscores how rare airline fatalities are

(Newser) - Statistically speaking, you are not going to die in a plane crash. "People are understandably troubled by the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214," management science and statistics professor Arnold Barnett writes at CNN , and it is tragic that two teens died. But "it is remarkable that...

FAA Shutting 'Only' 149 Air Traffic Towers

Sequestration forces cuts at small airports

(Newser) - In case you're counting: The FAA is now planning to close 149 air traffic control towers due to sequestration, not 173 as originally reported . And all of the closings will be at small airports, not mid-sized as well, reports the AP . Affected airports will remain open, which leaves pilots...

Boeing Plans to Redesign Dreamliner's Battery

But regulators likely to be wary this time

(Newser) - Boeing executives will head to Washington today to try to convince the FAA that it has figured out how to make its 787 Dreamliner safe to fly again. The planes have been grounded ever since a fire and other incidents that are believed to have been caused by overheating lithium-ion...

You Could Fly Every Day for 122K Years Without Dying
You Could Fly Every Day for 122K Years Without Dying
airline safety report

You Could Fly Every Day for 122K Years Without Dying

Statistically speaking, it would take 123K years of flying to be in fatal crash

(Newser) - Knock on wood, but the US hasn't seen a fatal commercial jetliner crash in exactly four years —a new record. And no stat encapsulates just how safe flying has become more than this one: A US passenger now has a one in 45-million-flights death risk, which statistically means...

Air Travel Has Safest Year Yet
 Air Travel Has Safest Year Yet 

Air Travel Has Safest Year Yet

Fatality rate lowest in the age of jets

(Newser) - A happy milestone in airline safety: This year has been the safest by far since humans started tooling around in jets, reports the Wall Street Journal . Among the numbers it cites from the Aviation Safety Network:
  • Worldwide, 22 fatal crashes had been reported this year as of yesterday, down from

Sanctions Take a Toll on Plane Safety in Iran

With lives at risk, many ask for airline exemption to embargo

(Newser) - Iranian smugglers might be skilled at sneaking Apple gizmos into their heavily embargoed country, but unfortunately Iran's airline industry hasn't had such luck getting the parts it desperately needs, reports the New York Times . After 17 years of US sanctions, Iranian planes are getting so worn and run...

2011 on Track to Be Airlines' Safest Year Ever

But experts warn that we must keep working on safety

(Newser) - Assuming nothing terrible happens between now and Saturday, 2011 will close as the safest year ever for commercial aviation. For every 7.1 million fliers around the globe, there was about one passenger death, which will break the previous record of one per 6.4 million, set in 2004. But...

Riskiest Part of Flight Might Now Be on Ground

With skies safe, officials turn their attention to 'surface threats' on runways

(Newser) - "America's skies are the safest they have ever been," Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told reporters this week, and the stats back him up: Deaths from accidents in US commercial aviation have plummeted over the last 15 years, with none registered at all in 2011. Aviation officials say...

Russia Now World's Most Dangerous Nation to Fly

Series of deadly crashes blamed on lax regulation

(Newser) - Russia is now, mile for mile, the deadliest place in the world to fly, the Wall Street Journal finds. Nine fatal crashes—including one that killed an entire professional hockey team —have claimed a total of 140 lives. While eight of the crashes involved old Soviet-era aircraft, experts say...

Hudson River Hero Sullenberger Lands at CBS

'Sully' to be network's aviation analyst

(Newser) - The pilot who safely brought down that plane in the Hudson River has a new gig as a CBS analyst. The network announced yesterday that Capt. Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger has been named as Aviation and Safety Expert. Sullenberger will provide analysis of aviation safety and contribute to all CBS...

Qantas Crew Peeved by 'Capt. Travolta' Video

Safety video starring John Travolta is 'cringeworthy'

(Newser) - John Travolta's latest leading role isn't going over too well with Qantas airline's crew. The actor, clad in a pilot's uniform, opens the airline's three-minute safety video, announcing, "This is your captain speaking—well, maybe not today." (Click here to watch the video .) He continues, "But...

2 Dead as Russian Jet Loses Engines, Crash Lands

Same Tu-154 plane Polish president died in

(Newser) - A Russian jet that lost two engines at 30,000 feet lost its remaining engine as it crash-landed outside Moscow today, killing two people and injuring another 40, reports the AP. The cause of engine failure was unclear, officials said. The Dagestan Airlines Tu-154 is the same model that crashed...

Qantas: Half of World's A380s Need Engines Replaced

Airbus to seek compensation from Rolls-Royce

(Newser) - The chief of Qantas Airways has chilled the hearts of nervous fliers—and Rolls-Royce shareholders—by saying up to half of the world's fleet of Airbus A380 jumbos using Rolls-Royce engines need to have their engines replaced. The CEO says the engines need to be replaced because of a faulty...

Electric Glitch Triggers New Qantas Flight Emergency

Mechanics poring over 747 after plane is forced to return to Sydney

(Newser) - Less than two weeks after a hair-raising Qantas landing, another of the airline's planes was forced today to return to Sydney's airport because of an electrical problem. Airline spokesmen did not discuss the specifics of the glitch, but mechanics were examining the Boeing 747 that had been bound for Argentina,...

FAA Investigates American After Rocky Landings

Spate of incidents puts airline on the hot seat

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration is stepping up its oversight of American Airlines, looking for a link amid a spate of recent rough landings. Three American jets have had problematic landings in recent weeks, the most dramatic being an incident in Jamaica on Dec. 23, in which a 737 skidded off...

Pilot, Crew Slug It Out on Air India Plane

Fisticuffs erupt over sex harassment complaint by flight attendant

(Newser) - Pilots and crew members on an Air India jet came to blows mid-flight in an argument about sex harassment. Stunned passengers watched grappling staffers spill out of the cockpit into a galley. The fight erupted when a flight attendant complained about harassment by the pilots en route from Pakistan to...

Crash Renews Focus on Developing World's Air Safety

Yemen crash prompts concerns

(Newser) - After yesterday’s Yemeni Airbus crash, international watchdogs are taking a closer look at airline safety in developing countries, Bloomberg reports. The European Union may add Yemen to a list of more than 90 dangerous airlines from around the globe. Regulators in developing countries “tend to be under- supported...

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