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NYT Goes After Worldle, Which Sounds Just a Bit Like Wordle

Owner of word game files legal challenge to similar-sounding geography-themed online game

(Newser) - Played any Worldle lately? Not Wordle (we got you, didn't we)—Worldle, a geography-themed game whose name is so close to the famous online word-based game that the owner of the latter is now going after the former. The BBC reports that the New York Times, which scooped up...

New York Times Battles Wordle Clones

Developers say their games are at risk of being taken down

(Newser) - The New York Times is fighting off Wordle "clones"—arguing that numerous games inspired by the mega-popular word-guessing game infringe on its copyright protections, the AP reports. Hundreds of copycats have emerged since Wordle skyrocketed to internet fame less than three years ago. And now the Times, which...

Spotify Ditches a Wordle Cousin
Spotify Ditches
a Wordle Cousin

Spotify Ditches a Wordle Cousin

Platform drops Heardle, a song-guessing contest that uses a similar format

(Newser) - Heardle, the name-that-tune game inspired by the Wordle craze, is being dropped by Spotify less than a year after the music-streaming giant acquired it. “After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to say goodbye to Heardle," Spotify said Saturday in a statement, per the AP . First...

Wordle Is About a Third as Popular as It Once Was

But NYT is still 'pleased'

(Newser) - There's no arguing Wordle was a massive phenomenon when its creator, Josh Wardle, sold it to the New York Times for somewhere in the low seven figures last year. As a society, however, we no longer seem to be quite as obsessed with it as we were back when...

Here's What We All Googled in 2022
Here's What We
All Googled in 2022

Here's What We All Googled in 2022

'Wordle' was most popular trending search on search engine this year

(Newser) - Google is out with the words and terms that Americans hunted for the most in 2022, and "Wordle," which is having a moment elsewhere Thursday , topped the list. "Every year, we look back at the moments, people, and trends that sparked our collective curiosity," the company...

Dictionary's Word of the Year Angered Wordle Players

British players weren't familiar with 'homer'

(Newser) - The Cambridge Dictionary's word of the year is one that infuriated British players of Wordle who knew it only as the name of an ancient Greek poet—or Bart Simpson's dad. The dictionary says "homer" saw the biggest search spike of the year, with some 79,000...

Coming in October: Wordle in Board Game Form

Introducing Wordle: The Party Game

(Newser) - If you've ever found yourself wishing there was a way to play Wordle in physical, rather than digital, form, get excited. The New York Times, which now owns the uber-popular online word game, is partnering with Hasbro on "Wordle: The Party Game," coming out Oct. 1. A...

New York Times Subs Out Original Wordle Answer
New York Times Ditches
Original Wordle Solution
spoiler alert

New York Times Ditches Original Wordle Solution

Newspaper says Monday's answer was unintentionally controversial

(Newser) - There was some confusion in the world of Wordle on Monday, because the New York Times subbed out the original answer as unintentionally controversial. However, the fix didn't take for everyone, meaning two different results were in play, reports GameRant . Spoiler alert: For those who don't want to...

Kamala Harris Uses One Word Every Day: NOTES

It's the VP's starter word for Wordle

(Newser) - Kamala Harris mentioned recently that she regularly plays Wordle, which prompted the Ringer to dig in. In an interview, the vice president revealed that she uses the same starter word every day—NOTES. It's "a healthy mix of consonants and vowels, and a lot of words come with...

Bot Settles on Best Opening Word in Wordle

Try 'crane'

(Newser) - The tip will make sense for those who play Wordle , not so much for the uninitiated. Start with "crane." That turns out to be the best opening word in the popular puzzle, in which players get six tries to guess the five-letter solution, according to a new tool...

When Mom Didn't Send Wordle Score, She Called the Cops

Denyse Holt rescued after 21 hours held captive in her Illinois home

(Newser) - A 80-year-old Illinois woman woke at 1am Sunday to find a naked and bloodied man threatening her with a pair of scissors. It was the start of a 21-hour ordeal that thankfully ended after the woman's daughter—concerned that her mother hadn't forwarded her Wordle score for the...

New York Times Buys Wordle
New York Times Buys Wordle

New York Times Buys Wordle

Company says deal was in the 'low seven figures'

(Newser) - Wordle, the word game that rose to dizzying heights of popularity after creator Jason Wardle shared it with the public a few months ago, now belongs to the New York Times. In a tweet Monday, Wardle, a programmer who made the game for partner Palak Shah, said the game had...

Wordle Is Taking Over the World
Wordle Is
Taking Over
the World

Wordle Is Taking Over the World

Ad-free word game is a massive online hit

(Newser) - Last year, New York-based programmer Josh Wardle created a game for his partner Palak Shah, a big fan of crosswords and other word games. Fast-forward a few months, and Wordle is taking over the world. The free online game, in which users have six chances to guess a five-letter word,...

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