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Enes Kanter Celebrates Citizenship With New Name

Celtics center is now Enes Kanter Freedom

(Newser) - Enes Kanter became an American citizen Monday—and the Turkish-born Boston Celtics center celebrated his new citizenship with a new name. Hank Fetic, the 29-year-old's manager, told the AP Monday that Kanter's name change to Enes Kanter Freedom would happen at the same time as the citizenship ceremony....

NBA's Enes Kanter Slams LeBron With Shoe Statement

Celtics center speaks out on human rights violations in China

(Newser) - He spoke out on Tibet and got Celtics games blacked out in China, now Enes Kanter has some words for NBA 'King' LeBron James--on his shoes. The Boston Celtics center used his kicks to make a bold statement at Friday night's game against the LA Lakers. In a...

NBA Player's Video Ticks Off China
NBA Player
Slams China,
and Fallout
Is Immediate
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NBA Player Slams China, and Fallout Is Immediate

Celtics games are blacked out after Enes Kanter speaks out on Tibet

(Newser) - The NBA's already-iffy relations with China are being tested with another controversy over free speech. In this case, Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter called Chinese leader Xi Jinping a "brutal dictator" and voiced his support for Tibet in a tweeted video , reports Reuters . In response, China has blacked...

3 Stories