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James Patterson Drops a New True-Crime Series

Author is launching 'very special' 3-part series on Fox Nation streaming service

(Newser) - James Patterson is launching a true-crime series on the streaming service Fox Nation. Unsolved With James Patterson, hosted by the bestselling author, premieres Monday and will air in three segments. According to Fox Nation, Patterson's series will include a trio of unsolved homicide cases: the death of a Louisiana...

True-Crime Podcasters Insist They 'Honor' Victims. It's a Lie

Annie Nichol, sister of the murdered Polly Klaas, slams the genre

(Newser) - If you're into true crime, you're not alone, as evidenced by the plethora of podcasts, books, and programs dedicated to the topic. One person who doesn't love this "obsession" with the genre: Annie Nichol, the sister of murder victim Polly Klaas, a 12-year-old Californian who was...

She Turned to Podcasters Over Sister's Killing. It Ended Badly
She Turned to Podcasters Over
Sister's Killing. It Ended Badly
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She Turned to Podcasters Over Sister's Killing. It Ended Badly

The 'New York Times' looks at how families can be retraumatized by online sleuthing

(Newser) - Liz Flatt was 8 when her sister, Debbie Sue Williamson, was murdered in 1975. The cold case continued to haunt her into adulthood, so in 2016, she decided to make a new push to get the crime solved. The years that followed brought her to CrimeCon, where she met George...

True Crime Fan Who Killed 'Out of Curiosity' Learns Fate
True Crime Fan Who Killed
'Out of Curiosity' Learns Fate
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True Crime Fan Who Killed 'Out of Curiosity' Learns Fate

Jung Yoo-jung of South Korea sentenced to life in prison for murder of tutor

(Newser) - A young fan of the true crime genre who admitted to brutally murdering a stranger "out of curiosity" was sentenced to life in prison in South Korea on Friday. Jung Yoo-jung, 23, was arrested in June after the taxi driver she hired reported seeing her dump a blood-soaked suitcase...

2 Podcast Fans Help Right a Decades-Old Wrong

They brought 'Crime Junkie' case to husband's dad, who was chief of police in Odessa, Texas

(Newser) - In some ways, the exoneration of James Reyos in Odessa, Texas, has a familiar ring to it. A reexamination of evidence from a decades-old murder convinced the state's highest court to clear him earlier this month, as the Texas Monthly recounts. But the story has a unique twist: Reyos,...

The Long Journey Into Who Killed Ocean City's Fudge King
Writer May Have Cracked
Ocean City Cold Case

Writer May Have Cracked Ocean City Cold Case

Ocean City's 'Fudge King,' Harry Anglemyer, was murdered in 1964

(Newser) - Who killed New Jersey's Fudge King? That's the question writer Tom Donaghy grappled with for several years, detailing the twisty true-crime account in Atavist Magazine . As a kid visiting the Jersey Shore, Donaghy was a frequent visitor of the Copper Kettle, a fudge shop that wiped out all...

Her Name Was Unique. The Dangers She Faced Were 'Common'

'Washington Post' looks back on coverage of murdered mom, what everyone got wrong

(Newser) - When Monica Hesse was a young reporter, she covered the story of Unique Harris, a 24-year-old single mom of two young boys who vanished from her DC apartment in October 2010, while she was hosting a sleepover for her kids and their 9-year-old cousin. It was a case that went...

He Found Secrets Under the Water. Then Came an Accusation

The 'New Yorker' profiles salvage diver Jared Leisek and his viral YouTube channel

(Newser) - Some tales of mysterious disappearances have taken an unexpected turn after family and friends seeking answers discovered "Adventures with Purpose" (AWP). Oregon-based salvage diver Jared Leisek initially filmed himself finding things like iPhones in lakes and rivers but stumbled into his mission in late 2019 thanks to a viral...

Suit: Netflix Insinuated I Was a 'Stone-Cold Killer'
Netflix Used a Man's Photo in
Movie. He's Not Happy About It
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Netflix Used a Man's Photo in Movie. He's Not Happy About It

Taylor Hazlewood says streaming platform stole his photo from Instagram, insinuated he was a killer

(Newser) - The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker , a documentary on Netflix, debuted earlier this year, detailing the rise and fall of Caleb McGillvary, a Canadian who once went viral after helping an assault victim, then was later convicted of murder in an unrelated case. But it was the photo of a completely...

Relatives of Killers, Victims Connect in Odd Forum

Decades later, they find each other in comments section of defunct podcast: 'New Yorker'

(Newser) - In one sense, it's a true-crime story, and a morbidly fascinating one at that. And, yes, a podcast factors into the tale. But the story told by Ryan Katz in the New Yorker offers a remarkable twist—he lays out how people tied to a series of grisly murders...

True-Crime Genre Is Out of Control
Genre Is
Out of Control

True-Crime Genre Is Out of Control

Emma Berquist, a crime victim herself, writes that podcasts are making women paranoid

(Newser) - The murder rate is way down over the last 20 years or so, and most people who do get killed are men. You wouldn't know from the voluminous true-crime podcast genre. Show after show, often hosted by women, offer grisly recaps of cases with female victims. All of which...

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