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Long COVID Is Really Long—and Enigmatic

Health experts are flummoxed by diagnosing, treating this type of illness

(Newser) - In her two years of battling COVID-19, Lindsay Polega has been referred to, in order: an immunologist, cardiologist, nephrologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, then the immunologist again. Still, she's dealing with a list of symptoms including chest pain, hypertensive spikes, and hand numbness. Scrolling on her cellphone has caused vertigo, and...

Research Likens COVID's Effect on Brain to Aging From 50 to 70

Severity of the illness appears linked to degree of decline

(Newser) - Researchers have found that the effects of long COVID can include starting a cognitive decline comparable to the person aging mentally 20 years. The UK study 's senior author said the severity of the decline is tied to the seriousness of the person's illness, the Guardian reports. The...

Knowing What Long COVID Can Do, Kaine Backs Research

Senate bill would expand treatment options and understanding

(Newser) - Not much is understood about long COVID or its causes; it doesn't even have an official name yet. A new Senate bill is intended to increase research, treatment options, and understanding about the phenomenon, which one of the sponsors knows something about. Sen. Tim Kaine came down with COVID-19...

Risk of Heart Problems Spikes After COVID
Another Nasty Side Effect
of COVID Rears Its Head

Another Nasty Side Effect of COVID Rears Its Head

Millions potentially affected by heart problems as researchers warn of strained health systems

(Newser) - People who've been infected with COVID-19 are at a "substantial" risk for cardiovascular diseases up to a year after infection, according to a study of US veterans, 99.7% of whom were unvaccinated. The study analyzed health data for 153,000 veterans who were infected up to January...

New Research Points to Some Long COVID Clues
New Research Points to
Some Long COVID Clues
new studies

New Research Points to Some Long COVID Clues

If the early findings are backed up, it could better inform treatment

(Newser) - Two new studies are offering clues on who might get long COVID. The first, published Tuesday in Cell , followed 209 COVID patients for up to three months after their initial diagnosis. Roughly a third of them reported having at least three long COVID symptoms (fatigue, brain fog, altered sense of...

It Was the 'Most Terrifying Deterioration of a Human'

Nick Güthe writes of wife Heidi Ferrer's suicide after suffering from long COVID

(Newser) - In May 2021, screenwriter Heidi Ferrer took her own life after a 13-month battle with long COVID. Her husband Nick Güthe says her symptoms were vicious, among them internal chest cavity vibrations so extreme she was unable to sleep. She finally came to her husband with a request: Were...

Queen Joins Those Finding ‘Christmas Can Be Hard’

Elizabeth says she'll still find joy in holiday after her husband's death

(Newser) - In her Christmas address to her subjects, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II had a message for those who, like her, suffered a loss in the past year. "Although it's a time of great happiness and good cheer for many, Christmas can be hard for those who have lost...

Her Death With Long COVID Illustrates a Medical Dilemma

Were Heidi Ferrer's organs safe to donate?

(Newser) - When 50-year-old Heidi Ferrer died after battling COVID for more than a year, husband Nick Guthe wanted to donate her body to science. However, the hospital overruled him because Ferrer had signed up to become an organ donor. That made little sense to him, Guthe tells the New York Times ...

Who Gets Long COVID? More Than You May Think, Scientists Say

New study suggests more than half of those diagnosed still have symptoms months later

(Newser) - The World Health Organization recently published an official definition for long COVID—when people don't fully recover from COVID and continue to suffer from various symptoms for weeks or months after they're once again negative—and a study now estimates how many long-haulers there actually may be. Nearly...

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