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Mystery Object That Washed Up on Aussie Beach Identified
Mystery Object
That Washed Up on
Aussie Beach Identified

Mystery Object That Washed Up on Aussie Beach Identified

Australian Space Agency says it's space junk from Indian rocket; India's space group needs to confirm

(Newser) - The mystery of a giant metal object that washed up on an Australian beach may finally be solved. reports that when the "bulky, barnacle-encrusted cylinder" turned up in mid-July on the shores of Green Head, located north of Perth in Western Australia, whispers circulated that it could...

Waste Collectors Kept Playing the Lottery. Finally, a Big Win

11 poverty-stricken women in Indian state of Kerala win $1.2M prize with ticket they chipped in on

(Newser) - A group of 11 women who build public toilets and collect non-biodegradable waste from homes in Parappanangadi, an Indian town in the state of Kerala, typically bring home the equivalent of $3 a day for their efforts. Now, these sanitation workers can relax a little about their bills after hitting...

Fatal Blasts Hit 2 Separate Sites Housing Explosives

9 are dead after explosion at Thai fireworks warehouse; 8 die in firecracker plant blast in India

(Newser) - A large explosion at a fireworks warehouse in southern Thailand on Saturday killed at least nine people and wounded scores, officials said. The governor of the province of Narathiwat, Sanan Pongaksorn, told public broadcaster Thai PBS that at least 115 people were hurt, and that many were in serious condition....

Mass Sit-In Calls for Justice in Mob Assault of Women
Sit-In Protests Women's Assault

Sit-In Protests Women's Assault

Thousands in India demand arrests and official's resignation

(Newser) - Thousands of people, mostly women, held a massive sit-in in India's violence-wracked northeastern state of Manipur on Saturday to demand the immediate arrest of anyone who took part in the harrowing May assault of two women who were paraded around naked and molested by a mob in an attack...

PM: Video of Mob Assaulting Women 'Shamed India'

Modi vows action after mob is filmed bringing two women to field

(Newser) - Disturbing footage out of India shows a group of men sexually assaulting two naked women being led to an empty field, where at least one of the women was gang-raped, according to a police complaint. Footage of the May 4 incident has triggered an uprising in the state of Manipur,...

The Surat Diamond Bourse Is Bigger Than the Pentagon

65K people will work at the office building in India

(Newser) - After 80 years, the Pentagon has lost its crown as the world's largest office building to a diamond center. The Surat Diamond Bourse in India, around 150 miles north of Mumbai, has 7.1 million square feet of floor space, according to its architects, putting it well ahead of...

India Tries Again to Nail Moon Landing

After failed 2019 mission, country launches Chandrayaan-3 with a rover and lander

(Newser) - An Indian spacecraft blazed its way to the far side of the moon Friday in a follow-up mission to its failed effort nearly four years ago to land a rover softly on the lunar surface, the country's space agency said. Chandrayaan-3, the word for "moon craft" in Sanskrit,...

To Congress, Modi Stakes Claim to Democracy

Lawmakers welcome India's prime minister, who doesn't mention criticism

(Newser) - Facing criticism on his US visit over India's record on human rights, press freedom, and crackdowns on dissent, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured Congress in an address Thursday that his nation considers itself "the mother of democracy." Modi received a warm welcome in the House chamber when...

Cops: Hotel Guest Skips Out on Bill After 603 Nights

Police in India say he had help from hotel staffers, owes $70K

(Newser) - A man checked into a ritzy hotel in India on May 30, 2019, and booked his room for one night. More than 600 nights later—on Jan. 22, 2021—the guest identified as Ankush Dutta checked out from the five-star Roseate House in Delhi without paying a cent, reports the...

Rights Concerns Overshadow India PM&#39;s State Visit to US
Biden Welcomes Leader of
World's Most Populous Country

Biden Welcomes Leader of World's Most Populous Country

But human rights concerns have overshadowed India PM's state visit

(Newser) - Some 18 years after the State Department denied him a visa to enter the US, Narendra Modi is in the country for a state visit as prime minister of India. Thousands gathered on the White House South Lawn for a welcoming ceremony Thursday, where President Biden praised a "relationship...

After Heat Kills Dozens, Doctors Issue Warning

They're telling people over 60 in India's Uttar Pradesh to stay indoors during daytime

(Newser) - At least 34 people have died in the past two days as a large swath of the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh swelters under severe heat, officials said Saturday, prompting doctors to advise residents over 60 to stay indoors during the daytime. The dead were all over 60 years...

These Indian Women Married. Then Their Husbands Vanished

Their husbands went overseas without them after taking their vows

(Newser) - For tens of thousands of Indian women, a marriage that seemed too good to be true ended up being exactly that. The New York Times reports on the plight of these women, who marry an Indian man working overseas expecting to then follow him to a better life in countries...

Government Official Orders Dam Drained to Find Lost Phone
Official Fined for Draining
Reservoir to Find Phone
in case you missed it

Official Fined for Draining Reservoir to Find Phone

State irrigation department in India orders Rajesh Vishwas to pay for wasted water

(Newser) - An official in India who drained a reservoir to search for his lost phone has to pay for the water as well as a new phone. Food inspector Rajesh Vishwas, who retrieved his $1,200 Samsung device but found it was unusable, has been fined the equivalent of around $640...

India Blames Deadly Train Crash on Signal Error

Electronic system apparently misfired in derailments that killed more than 300

(Newser) - The derailment in eastern India that killed more than 300 people and injured hundreds was caused by an error in the electronic signaling system, officials said Sunday. Preliminary investigations revealed that a signal was given to the high-speed Coromandel Express to run on the main track line, but the signal...

Dozens Dead, Hundreds Trapped as Indian Trains Derail

Accident happened in Odisha state

(Newser) - Two passenger trains derailed in India on Friday, killing at least 50 people and trapping hundreds of others inside more than a dozen damaged coaches, officials said. About 400 people were injured and taken to hospitals after the accident, which happened nearly 1,000 miles northwest of the capital of...

India Is Pulling Its Biggest Banknote From Circulation

People are scrambling to offload 2,000-rupee notes

(Newser) - A change announced by India's government last week has left shopkeepers across the country short of change. The government is taking the 2,000-rupee bill, India's largest bank note, out of circulation later this year and many citizens, especially those without bank accounts, are scrambling to find businesses...

One of India's Precious Cheetahs Dies in Mating Attempt

3 of the creatures have now died

(Newser) - India's quest to repopulate its land with cheetahs has hit another snag. As CNN reported last month, the country's reintroduction program brought 20 cheetahs from Africa to India as part of an intercontinental effort to revive the big cat population there. But as the New York Times reports,...

Ex-Politician Being Taken From Jail to Hospital Fatally Shot

Ex-Indian lawmaker, alleged mobster Atiq Ahmed, brother were fatally shot Saturday in Uttar Pradesh

(Newser) - A former lawmaker in India, also a convicted criminal who was allegedly a bigwig in a local criminal organization, was shot dead, along with his brother, on live TV over the weekend as they were being escorted by cops to the hospital for a routine checkup. Per Reuters , gunfire rang...

India Milestone Is a 'Big Moment in Human History'

Nation is about to overtake China as most populous nation, if it hasn't already

(Newser) - India will surpass China's population this month. Or maybe in July. Or, perhaps it's happened already? Demographers are unsure exactly when India will take the title as the most populous nation in the world because they're relying on estimates to make their best guess. But they know...

Nasty Plant Fungus Jumps to Human in a First

Indian man fully recovered after silver leaf infection, which is not fully understood

(Newser) - Chondrostereum purpureum is a killer in the world of plants. Better known as silver leaf, the fungus infects woody brush, turning leaves silver as it separates their layers, and is a particular pain for rose growers. It also became a major pain for an Indian man, who's become the...

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