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Rachel Dolezal Is Back, With New Name, New Controversy

Former NAACP chief in Spokane was fired as Arizona teacher over OnlyFans account

(Newser) - It's 2015 all over again: Donald Trump is running for president, and Rachel Dolezal is back in the headlines. All had been quiet from the former chief of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington, who stepped down from her post in June of that year after it was discovered she'...

Murky New Area of Law: Moonlighting in Adult Content

Teachers have been fired, but do they have legal recourse? The AP explores

(Newser) - At a small rural Missouri high school, two English teachers shared a secret: Both were posting adult content on OnlyFans, the subscription-based website known for sexually explicit content. The site and others like it provide an opportunity for those willing to dabble in pornography to earn extra money—sometimes lots...

Nick Kyrgios to Show His 'Intimate Side' on OnlyFans

Tennis star will not post sexually explicit content, however

(Newser) - It's no wonder Nick Kyrgios is looking for ways to branch out. The 2022 Wimbledon runner-up has been battling injuries this year while playing in only one official singles match, per the AP . But few expected him to jump to OnlyFans, a content subscription service largely known for sexually...

Caught in Payment Dispute, an OIympian Takes Off His Clothes

Mexican diver Diego Balleza has started an OnlyFans to help pay for Olympic training

(Newser) - As a prominent 10-meter diver, Diego Balleza is used to wearing small swimsuits that show off his body. Now, desperate due to a lack of financial resources ahead of next year's Paris Olympics, the Mexican is making a leap to a different platform in which he also wears few...

Cops: Man Broke Into Model's Home, Filmed Her as She Slept

Investigators say Mauricio Damian Guerrero hid in New Hampshire woman's attic

(Newser) - A man obsessed with a model he had contacted on the OnlyFans adult website appears to have spent a significant amount of time hiding in her attic, investigators say. Pennsylvania man Mauricio Damian Guerrero, 20, was arrested last month after the woman reported seeing somebody standing in the hallway of...

Wiped From Facebook, Vienna's Nude Art Moves to OnlyFans

City's tourism board speaks out on social media censorship

(Newser) - Have you checked out the Vienna tourism board's hot new account on adults-only OnlyFans? It's full of nudity, though of the century-old artistic kind. As the Guardian reports, Vienna museums have come up against bans and other forms of censure after sharing nude artworks on more traditional social...

OnlyFans' Creators Are 'Violated,' Not Empowered
Call OnlyFans
What It Is—a 'Pimp'

Call OnlyFans What It Is—a 'Pimp'

Lawyer Catherine MacKinnon says creators on the site are 'violated,' not empowered

(Newser) - When OnlyFans announced a ban on explicit content , the ACLU warned it was stigmatizing sex work, "making workers less safe." The subscription site's decision to reverse the ban was therefore applauded on many fronts. But not by Catherine MacKinnon. "It is the sex industry that makes...

OnlyFans Secures 'Assurances,' Suspends Its Content Ban

Sexually explicit content will still be permitted on site

(Newser) - The ban that spurred outrage is no more. OnlyFans on Wednesday announced that it's reversing its proposal to bar sexually explicit material. Last Thursday, OnlyFans said the change was needed due to limitations imposed by "banking partners and payout providers," and on Tuesday, CEO Tim Stokely called...

OnlyFans' New Ban Shocks the Internet

Sexually explicit content will no longer be allowed starting in October

(Newser) - OnlyFans will ban sexually explicit content starting in October, an announcement that led to quite a few tweets like this one from George Takei : "Overheard: Only Fans to ban sexually explicit videos. In other news, McDonald’s will stop selling burgers and fries and will only serve salads."...

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